Creating a linky videos is not a difficult task at all! It’s totally possible to create your own linked-vide content with just the right tools. Luckily, there are plenty of free resources available online that can help you get started quickly.

With the rise in popularity of social media sites like YouTube and Facebook, it becomes easier than ever to share experiences and information. People have made their living through creativity so why should you be shy about creating yours?

Linked-vides are one of the most effective forms of marketing for business owners these days. Not only do they provide an easy way to spread knowledge and inspire action, but they also give you direct exposure. You become famous while talking about something you love!

There are many reasons linked-video marketing makes sense, but perhaps the biggest one is cost. Producing a quality video is much less expensive than printing out leaflets or putting up posters.

Many people begin filming tutorials, vlogs, and other related material and then start selling them via YouTube or Patreon. The rest is hard work!

This article will go into more detail on some simple ways to make your first video quickly and easily.

Examples of marketing videos

linkedin marketing videos

Social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn now have large communities that feature discussions and conversations. Content creators create messages and clips to share their knowledge with other people. These are often referred to as “viral” or “lionization” videos because they get spread rapidly within these communities.

Throwing a party is one example of a viral video. People who attended the event talk about it online, spreading its message further. More formal business examples include how Steve Jobs introduced the first ever iPhone in 2009!

These types of social media content can help your business grow. By creating yours, you will attract new followers, increase engagement, and promote your company. Starting from here, you can choose which topics to cover and what formats to use.

Touchpoints in a video marketing campaign

linkedin marketing videos

A touchpoint is an action or activity that produces a reaction, either positive or negative. It can be something you do yourself or something someone else does for you.

A common way to describe a touchpoint is as a call-out. For example, when watching a movie, what makes people watch it beyond just because they wanted to see what kind of film this production was about is if there’s a scene with actor X doing thing Y. You know what brand (or product) X is connected to so you watch their performance – even if it’s only for a few minutes.

With digital media, content is the most important factor in producing reactions. If your target audience doesn’t find your content interesting or engaging, they will move onto the next person who seems more like them.

Content isn’t the only factor, however. The way the content is presented is also crucial. If the tone is casual instead of professional, the perception of the organization behind the content will suffer. Make sure your tone matches that of the company you are trying to reach.

There are three major types of videos used in online advertising: Outreach, advertisement, and testimonial.

Outreach videos are typically cost-effective ways to connect with potential customers. They’re usually filmed at a place or event that the advertiser owns or has access to, and features lots of natural light.

Create marketing videos that address the following topic tips

linkedin marketing videos

Creating linky video advertisements for your business or product can be fun, engaging, and creative. If you are looking to increase exposure and engagement with your audience, creating promotional videos is one of the best ways to do so!

Marketing videos can help get your business noticed more than ever before. Many businesses have already realized this and have made their own marketing videos. You can too if you are willing to put in some time and effort.

There are several different types of videos that people create advertising messages for, but the most common type is probably the “marketing” or direct-sell video. These are typically products or services being marketed towards your potential customers.

With the rise of the internet, indirect sales via social media channels has become very popular. By adding links to related websites and brands, lead generation opportunities can arise. By producing your own content, you will be enhancing your online presence and indirectly promoting yourself and your brand.

Tell your story

A linky video is an online advertisement that features talking, or sometimes even singing, about product/service/findings. These videos are usually very short (a few minutes long at most), but they’re designed to tell someone something – typically about a product or service or both.

With social media platforms like LinkedIn growing in popularity, linking out to other sites for services and products has become common practice. Companies create these links so their followers can find more information or purchase what they’re advertising.

But how successful people use this tool really depends on who you are marketing to and what they want. If you don’t know what your audience wants, then it’s hard to produce engaging content.

That’s why it’s important to understand your audience. Who uses your products and services? What benefits do they look for? What makes them close the deal and buy?

By asking these questions, you’ll be able to give your viewers answers they’re looking for and add value to their lives.

Focus on your audience

linkedin marketing videos

A linky video is great for doing just that – linking out to other resources or products you use professionally, studies or insights into how you can run your business more efficiently, etc.

If your potential client knows anything about you, they’ll likely have already connected you with this information through social media or personal connections. They will know who you are, what you do, and perhaps even a little bit about you.

By creating a linkedin marketing video focused on yourself as a professional, them to find these links and learn more about you, your company, and the work you do — it’s successful marketing!

The way to ensure the success of your linkedin marketing video is by focusing on your audience first. What does your audience want? Why would they be interested in you if you aren’t interesting to them?

Once you have those answers, then you can start brainstorming ways to connect with their needs, ask questions to see where they are right now in their lives, and offer solutions to get them to where they want to go.

Personalize your content

linkedin marketing videos

A linky video is great way to connect with other professionals in your field. But before you start filming, make sure your profile photos are updated, and add at least two more pictures that relate to your career.

In your bio, tell people about yourself and what you’re passionate about. Talk about who you are connected to and why it’s important to them. Mention some of your achievements and things you’re familiar with.

Add links to your social media profiles, website, and products or services you offer. Your linkedin profile picture can be you off-camera, but your headline and body need to show through!

Info such as job titles and responsibilities should also be included. If there’s something you’re particularly proud of, mention it here too.

Focus on your brand

linkedin marketing videos

A linky video is not about you, it’s not designed to promote your product or service. It can be a little tricky at first to determine what your linkedin marketing video should be promoting, but don’t worry!

There are lots of ways to use linkedin to create an audience that is connected to you (or maybe even inspired by you!). Your linkedin profile is a great place to start brainstorming ideas.

Your career, your expertise, and who you are as a person could all play into creating your linkedin profile community.

By starting with “Who I am” and then branching out from there, you will connect with people who feel motivated by those same qualities. Create your linkedin profile so that it inspires action.

Make sure to include things like your educational background, job experiences, professional accomplishments, etc.

Serve your product

linkedin marketing videos

Recent developments in digital marketing include the emergence of interactive videos or “vlogs” as they have come to be known. A vlog is similar to a regular video, but it contains an interactive element that allows users to contribute by commenting and asking questions.

By adding this component to the video, you open up new opportunities to market products and services. You get to show off the features of the product, promote additional goods related to the product, and create a forum for conversations.

Since social media sites like YouTube give users the ability to comment and share content, people can easily discuss their experiences with your product. Your company can use these comments to gather more information about potential customers and strengthen relationships.

There are several reasons why creating engaging business videos is important for linkyedin marketing. To start, most major social networks now require developers to add at least a short description and link to your website under your profile picture and cover photo.

These pictures and descriptions are seen by millions, so making sure to associate yourself with quality products and companies is an excellent way to boost your online presence.

That is not the only reason though. By including some form of content or an explanation of what your product does, people will look you up on linkyedin to see what else you have available.

It also helps spread awareness of your product since others can leave comments and talk about how helpful it was.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.