I have the recipe for this woman in my small town that will do the unthinkable and go back to school to attain her dream of going to work at The Ritz Carlton.

I must admit that I have so much respect for my wife’s cooking. In fact, sometimes, the hardest part of my day is going to the kitchen and leaving her alone.

There is nothing worse than cooking for one.

My wife knows how to buy all the best ingredients and get every detail of cooking right.

We enjoy cooking a lot, every meal we have with our family is a great show; at home, she always invites friends over for dinner as I was the one that had to be brought to the party.

Meaning, I’m not a party person

“You’re not creating if your not first enveloped with passion for your work”

You may be wondering, why do I like cooking a lot?

Maybe because I’m not the best cook but I do enjoy cooking for my family and friends;

I enjoy watching my wife’s face as she enjoys her meal, I enjoy seeing how happy my wife is and how much joy she gets from cooking.

I love hearing the conversation from my wife’s friends.

I love food

So much that I like to say that I ate while in the hospital for months.

I would just eat anything I can get my hands on and it all went down the drain when they put in some water and gave me some food tablets.

I had to go back to the hospital for it. I was very hungry and tired at the same time but with all the food I got, I will not be forgetting in a hurry.

Food is all we need. I sometimes go for days without eating.

My wife knows about this and every time I do, she feels bad and I think it’s because she knows that I love food and she loves me but not because she loves me; she loves me because she wants me to eat to live.

I hope my story will inspire you.

Many things cannot be described in words, but a loving gesture towards your family can be.

That is exactly what this man did when he decided to quit his job and join WhatsApp.

The story of this man, his wife, and their son is very inspiring and will definitely leave you in awe of him.

About the girl

Young woman posing close to waterfall on Bali

The girl is a mother of two and was struggling to make ends meet to take care of her family.

She was struggling to manage the household and make ends meet.

Her husband was working as a driver and was used to spending his free time taking care of his family.

His only wish was to spend more time with his family and not to spend it away from them.

His wife’s impulse

In a very bad shape, the woman came up with an idea.

She decided to quit her job and join WhatsApp so that she can get a few extra hours of spending time with her husband.

This decision of hers was inspired by a previous incident that occurred where her husband was the one that missed out on an opportunity of spending some quality time with his family.

Impressed by her dedication to the cause, the woman decided to support her husband and quit her job so that she could spend more time with her family.

The preparation process

Before joining WhatsApp, the woman had to make some preparations.

She thought that going on an indefinite leave will cost her more than her earning and hence, she decided to take the help of a family member who is well educated and also earns good money.

The woman gave her children

It is a good thing that this woman has given her children a better life.

The woman had taken away their allowance, stopped the school fees from the school, and also took away their belongings.

The woman had bought some new clothes for herself and the children.

What she was unable to do was to give her children a brand new wardrobe and hence, she had to part with her old clothes and those that she was planning to use to give her children a new wardrobe.

A film director helped the family let money

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She also wanted to get money in hand before joining WhatsApp and hence, she had to get some big jobs done.

The film director offered his services and helped her in many ways.

The woman got paid for all her expenses and also got some money for new clothes and the school fees.

The mother-of-two was all set for her big move and she planned on leaving the country.

She was left with no money to take her son on an international trip.

However, her family was able to get some money for the purpose and also give her son a foreign trip.

She went on to make a good life

After her husband joined WhatsApp, he became free to spend more time with his family.

He decided to quit his job and join WhatsApp so that he can make good money so that he can spend more time with his family.

His working days became less and less. He would get up early in the morning, come back late at night, and then sleep late in the morning.

His friends at work told him that he had a lot more free time than he had expected and advised him to go and join WhatsApp.