Finding videos to promote for your business can be fun – or very time consuming! There are many sites that offer free content to create an account, get some credits, and then you have freedom to pick and choose which videos to view and edit.

By creating your own channel, this process is streamlined in one way or another. Now, here are all of the sneaky ways that YouTube video marketing works!

1) The first thing most people do when they start their YouTube journey is add a profile picture and set up some basic information such as contact info and favorites. This seems like a pretty straight forward idea, but it’s actually quite cleverly done.

Your personal details and hobbies are used to determine what kind of content you should search for and upload. By doing so, you will end up promoting yourself more than anything else!

2) Next comes choosing a username and cover image for your channel. Pick unique, catchy names that relate to your field or area of expertise and use either a screenshot from a past performance event or include your name in the title.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure your username includes your last name, your company name, and the wordmark (or main logo).

Steps of video marketing

how youtube video marketing works

One of the most popular ways to use YouTube is for creating videos that contain educational content or how-to information. With these, your audience can watch as you show them how to do something, or learn some key tips or tricks from you.

This is called “viral” marketing because the content spreads itself via sharing. Your followers may make their own copies or spread yours by including links to it.

The hard part is actually putting together the video. There are several tactics you can use to create your video introductions and endings.

In this article, we will discuss three of the biggest types of videos on YouTube and what makes them effective.

Create a video marketing plan

how youtube video marketing works

One of the most important things to know about YouTube is that you don’t actually market directly on the platform. You create content outside the platform and use tools to promote your channel.

This way, you can focus on creating great content and promoting it without having to worry about developing social media accounts or finding ways to get more views and shares for its own site.

By using these services, you give them credit for helping people find and enjoy your content and they in turn pay you back by spreading your message and offering incentives to watch your videos.

There are many such service providers that offer rewards for watching their videos so research some of those out.

Know your audience

how youtube video marketing works

With video marketing, your message can be personal or general depending on who you are targeting and what messages appeal to them. If your target market is business professionals, for example, then creating an educational video about using Office products may not work as well as making a fun product review video.

Content should match your targeted audience’s needs and expectations. What content works best for your targets will vary, so test out different types of videos to see which ones get results!

You can also find your ideal target audiences through social media sites and apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Their profiles tell you something about their lifestyle and what matters to them, which helps determine what would be important to learn from them.

By adding some value in that area, you make your pitch more appealing.

Make a video schedule

how youtube video marketing works

So now that you have your YouTube channel all set up, it’s time to start creating videos! The first thing will be to make a video schedule. This is basically setting times where you will produce content for your channel.

You will want to pick at least one per day to ensure that you don’t go too long without posting something new. Your followers and watchers can easily lose interest if they see the same video posted multiple times within a short amount of time.

So how much content should you put into each video? That depends on what kind of content you want to create. If you are making food or beauty related videos then more contained foods or products may be better so that people can do some exploring around them.

If you are talking about a topic that most people know about then maybe just an excerpt is enough to keep viewers interested.

Prepare your video content

After you have gathered all of your resources, it is time to actually create your videos! The first thing that most people do not consider when creating their YouTube videos is the content itself.

After all, how much effort would it take to make a short film about social media marketing? Or maybe a longer movie about how to be successful in business?

The truth is, making a short informal video does not require very elaborate filming or editing. All you need are your own experiences, examples made by others, and some creativity.

Your should never assume that your audience knows what you want to say before you even speak! Finding out more about your niche can help you come up with interesting ideas for shooting footage and narrating your movie.

Once you have these pre-production preparations done, it is time to find an appropriate platform to publish onto.

Create engaging videos

how youtube video marketing works

The second part of video marketing is creating YouTube videos to promote your business. Creating a video advertisement or promotion can be difficult at first, but soon you will find yourself putting together funny clips and advertisements for your company!

Finding inspiration for ads and commercials can be tricky at times, so here are some tips. This article will talk about how to start filming advertising videos using creativity and stealth editing.

Step one is finding a theme for your ad/commercial. What is the topic of the advert? Is it product related, news related, motivational – anything really. Once you have that, brainstorm different ideas around this and see what fits best.

Now take these ideas and create a story out of them. Starting with ‘I’, then developing characters, setting up scenes and adding in some dialogue. Your audience does not know what happens next, which creates an effect.

Once all of this has been completed, edit the movie down to the most important parts only. Cut out any bits that do not contribute to the storyline or the main message.

This way your viewer gets the same experience as if they were watching the film directly without the use of graphics or other content.

Encourage viewers to click the video link

how youtube video marketing works

A very popular way to use YouTube as an online marketing tool is to advertise for your business or product by creating a video that appeals to your audience.

You can make your own video or find a company or individual who will create a video for you. Either way, the content of the video is important because it will be seen by people searching through videos on the platform.

The most effective videos are ones that appeal to the viewer. They must give enough information so that the viewer does not have to ask questions, but instead learn something new or interesting.

The actor/singer in the song and dance segment may even distract viewer’s attention from the message of the rest of the video! Too much distraction is negative feedback which could potentially hurt your advertising goals.

YouTube allows you to include an easy button (or link) at the end of a video that takes users to another place on the internet. This is called a link out.

Some examples of where you can add this link out include:

Another person’s web page

Another youtube channel



It is recommended that as many sites as possible match up with your brands or businesses’ style. For example, if your department works hard, then adding “work hard” as a link out might help promote that feeling for others.

Use YouTube ads to make money

how youtube video marketing works

A lot of people use social media sites to keep in touch with their friends, share interesting videos or get helpful tips and tricks. By adding an element of business into the mix, you can create your own channel on YouTube and start earning some income.

Launching a business through YouTube comes with its own set of challenges, but it is possible!

The beauty of creating a YouTube channel is that you do not need any formal training to run it. Anyone who uses the internet already has all of the tools they need to begin filming and marketing their channel.

There are several different ways to make money via YouTube including: sponsored videos (where the sponsor pays to be featured during the video), advertising on the site or app, creating additional content like blogs and tutorials, and selling merchandise.

In this article, we will discuss how to promote your youtube channel by creating and placing ads on the platform. We will also talk about why investing time in youtube ad campaigns is one of the best strategies for affiliate marketers.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.