Writing scripts is a helpful tool that every writer should have in their repertoire. A script is a set piece of writing that usually tells a story!

Writing scripts can be for television, movies, or online videos. This article will help you write a script for marketing video!

Scripts are very important pieces of writing that play back pre-written material or conversations. They can be used as introductions or endings to other materials or stories.

Marketing video scripts typically tell a quick story about your product or service. They are often one sentence long, so they do not require too much length.

That does not mean it is easy to write one!

It takes time to hone your ability to create effective scripts. But once you get how to write them, it only take a few minutes to produce something professional.

There are three main components of a video marketing script: Setting up the scene, developing characters, and writing the body.

Provide context

how to write a script for marketing video

A script is not needed unless you are doing something formal with your video.

Writing scripts are helpful when creating videos that require some form of introductions or affirmations. For example, if you were hosting an open house, then a speech would be appropriate.

A marketing video can’t have a dialogue track so a pre-written script isn’t necessary but it is useful to have one ready in case someone else does!

Your script should include enough information to make the audience feel informed and educated. Make sure to add enough detail to keep them listening.

General tips: don’t talk too fast, normalize language, use simple words, and try to avoid using big fancy terms as they may put off non-experts.

Make it clear

how to write a script for marketing video

Most people cannot write, so they spend most of their time trying to be clever or funny. Both of these are great qualities in any article, but if you’re going to advertise something, you should try to be direct and honest.

Directness removes distractions that can prevent your audience from giving your product a chance. For example, if your advertisement is for weight loss tips, then being humorous about how fat you look will not help your chances.

If you have nothing new to say, do not say anything! Simply making an already established argument longer only serves to show how much you know.

Instead, focus on creating an emotional response. If you feel inspired by what someone has said, maybe you will too. Or perhaps you will find another reason why the same thing needs to be done.

Anticipate questions

how to write a script for marketing video

Many screenwriters struggle with writing marketing scripts because they do not know what people will be reading their script like. What if someone does not understand something? Or worse, what if they think the other person is wrong?

As writers, we must learn how to address these issues head-on.

By anticipating potential problems, you can prevent them from happening. This also gives you more time to fix any mistakes or inconsistencies before filming!

For example, when writing your marketing video script, look out for situations where the audience may feel skeptical, offended, or even discriminated against.

You could write about two different things but use one that relates more directly to the movie you are making.

Plan out the script

After you have determined what your video will be about, it is time to start writing your script. The first thing to do is make a note of everything that needs to be said in the video. This includes establishing a tone, narrating an event, telling someone something, asking a question, or making a claim.

Once all these components are in place, then you can begin writing! Try to write one sentence per item before moving onto the next.

Your speech should not longer than three minutes, so try to keep this limit in mind as you write. Use formal business language unless it feels more natural.

Write down all the possible script versions

how to write a script for marketing video

Even if you have no idea what your movie topic is, or even if you don’t know who your audience is! You can still write a marketing video script.

That’s why it’s so important to start by writing a basic version of the script. You can always add more details as you progress with the project.

As we mentioned before, starting from the main points will help you organize your thoughts and give yourself some time to work on the rest of the story.

So, make a list of the key points that relate to your movie topic and then write a short, simple sentence based on each one. For example, if your movie topic is about staying in shape during the winter, a good place to begin would be: ‘Staying in shape during the winter’.

Now, drop these two bullets underneath this new paragraph and rename the second bullet point To Do.

By doing this, you create a back-up plan in case something gets interrupted or lost. This gives you an opportunity to rework or start over without too much stress.

Narrow down your list

how to write a script for marketing video

There’s no need to outline everything from start to finish, nor is there a requirement to include every possible element in the script. In fact, trying to do so can be very distracting and even hinder the writing process!

Instead, choose one or two key points of the video and write a short, descriptive paragraph focused on those points. Then, as you re-write the rest of the video, add additional touches that relate to those points.

This way, you’re not too heavy-handed with your use of bullets, and you keep the content more organized and concise.

Planning out the main points first will help ensure that enough time is given to them while also keeping the paragraphs tight and natural.

Pick your favorite

how to write a script for marketing video

Choosing a script is like choosing your favorite movie! There are so many great scripts out there, you’ll find one that feels perfect for your product or message.

All too often, writers get stuck thinking about what they have to say and how it has to sound. They forget to actually SAY something!

Scripts come in all different lengths and styles. Some very short and concise, while others can run several minutes depending on the length of content.

There are two main reasons why having a good script is important. First, it gives your video more flow and momentum. You want to give people time to read through the script and focus on each line as it comes up.

Second, even though videos are typically less than a minute long, they can still be boring if someone needs to press pause to do other things. If people need to access their phone during filming, for example, then there’s not much you can do except wait.

Having a pre-written script helps mitigate this by giving them some structure and form. People will watch your video more quickly because they know what to expect.

There are plenty of free resources online where you can learn how to write a script.

Create the video

how to write a script for marketing video

After you have your script, it’s time to create your marketing movie! There are several ways to do this, but the best way is by using YouTube. You can use their free tool or paid software to produce quality videos quickly.

There are some great free softwares that people have made very popular like Filmbuff and Videobuddy. Using one of these will likely work well for your business too since they have many free features.

These apps make it easy to edit photos and videos and then upload them onto your YouTube channel. Some even let you add music and settings such as timing!

Photos and videos are both important components to your movie so don’t forget those! Don’t worry about being artistic, just take some nice pictures or finds you had planned to use and update them.

You should also include an introduction and conclusion to your movie. These two parts are usually not longer than a minute each. Make sure to emphasize who the movie is for, what the main points are, and how the audience could benefit from watching it.

If you would rather write your own intro and conclusions, there are plenty of free tools out there to help you do that. Many allow you to publish online content as well which helps spread your message more easily.

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