A video is a powerful way to showcase your business or product. It can be an educational tool, feature set of the product you sell, testimonial, or just plain advertising! The key ingredient in videos is engagement.

Engagement means paying attention to what someone else is saying and responding with statements that are related to them. For example, if the other person says they like the color of your dress, then use that as a topic for your own comment about the matching furniture in your home.

This type of content is referred to as parallel discourse because it creates a conversation that looks similar to how conversations happen in real life.

It is very common to use videos to advertise products. By including details about the product, talking about benefits, and showing comparisons, you will attract new customers who may want to purchase the product.

There are many ways to create engaging videos. You do not need to have professional filming equipment to produce quality footage. There are plenty of free editing apps that contain all of the features needed to make great videos.

With technology being readily available, there is no reason not to experiment.

Plan your video marketing campaign

how to use video marketing to grow your business

A lot of people start filming videos as an easy way to make money, but it is not good business practice. Videos that are just for fun will quickly lose you followers!

If you want to do well with video marketing, then you must have a goal. What is your aim? Is it to create more sales or increase brand recognition?

By having a goal, you can measure your success more easily. If you don’t have a goal, then what are you shooting these weird and crazy videos for? You would probably be better off investing in some Mp3s instead!

Now, let us talk about content. What kind of content should you use in your videos? There are two main types of content you can use: made-up stories or real life examples.

No one has ever watched a video where someone gives a totally fake story, so why would anyone watch yours?! Hahaha.

Using true stories is much better than making things up because they bring in more realism. People like reading books and watching films, therefore using stories written by others works well.

Create your video marketing campaign

how to use video marketing to grow your business

Creating a successful YouTube channel is not easy, but it’s definitely possible for anyone with some basic skills and tools. While you can use professional software to create videos, most people are not. That is totally fine!

There are many free resources available online that contain helpful information and tips to help you start creating content. Many of these sites have you add an account through their site so you do not need to worry about payment or authentication processes.

Some examples of free resources include:

* Google Studios – this site provides you with all the equipment needed to produce engaging YouTube videos
* Lynda.com– a large library of courses including ones for beginners
* ThePowerofYouTube.com- collection of blogs, articles, and strategies to improve your YouTube channel

These sites and apps have fully functioning accounts so you don’t need to worry about paying for individual components. You just need to access them via web browser or mobile app.

To take my own advice, I would recommend starting at the beginner level with YouTube tutorials before moving onto more advanced settings and features. This way you will learn how to use the platform effectively and better understand the possibilities it offers.

Choose the right video marketing medium for you

how to use video marketing to grow your business

There are many ways to use videos to grow your business, and it can be tricky deciding which one is best for you. With the explosion of online media like YouTube, blogs, and social media sites, creating and editing videos has become very accessible.

You do not need special software or expertise to create engaging videos. Many companies now offer free tools that help you edit and produce quality content quickly.

The most important thing to consider when choosing what type of video to make is determine how you will use it. For example, will you upload it yourself? Or will you hire someone else to do it for you? And once it’s done, will you share it yourself? Or are you planning to market through a third-party channel?

It’s great to have fun making funny videos or experimenting with new styles, but remember that engagement is key! If your messages go unheard, people may give up trying to listen.

Develop your video marketing theme

how to use video marketing to grow your business

Now that you have spent time creating your first few videos, it is time to think about what kind of message you want to send with your videos. What will be your video’s theme?

As mentioned before, your business can and should always strive to provide valuable services or products to your audience. But how do you go about doing this if you don’t know what your service offering is yet? You develop your product by figuring out what people are asking for!

By listening to your audience, they will tell you what they need and want. By adding things that they ask for, you can determine what your next step as an entrepreneur should be.

There are two main reasons why having a clear theme makes sense for your business. First, it helps you focus your efforts — if your business has many products, you might get distracted trying to come up with new ideas to launch. A focused theme helps keep you on track in terms of messaging and content.

Second, it gives your audience something to refer back to when watching your videos. They will know what to expect, so they can more easily evaluate whether your messages make sense or not. This also creates consistency, which is important for viewer trust.

If you are struggling to decide your business’s overarching message, no matter what field your business falls into, then consider the opposite side of what your current business does.

Know your audience

how to use video marketing to grow your business

Kiosk mode is one of the most powerful features in Adobe Photoshop, arguably its most popular feature. With this tool, you can create or edit images while in kiosk mode so that it does not have an account attached to it.

You can also add accounts to the image after creating the kiosk mode document, making it easy to update social media profiles, blogs, and so on. This way you do not need to go back and forth between editing and updating accounts!

There are many ways to use kiosk mode in Photoshop. One of my favorite uses for it is as an interactive element in video marketing. Using videos with kiosk modes allows you to include additional content or decorations in the setting of the video.

You could use these elements to showcase products, announce new services, advertise for other businesses, and more.

Make a video marketing plan

how to use video marketing to grow your business

One of the hardest things about videos is that you can kind of pick any genre, anything is acceptable as long as it’s promotional, but still- they can be hard to make unless you have an idea where to focus your efforts.

That’s why it’s so important to know what types of videos are successful for your business!

By creating your own off-the-shelf videos or editing ones that exist, you will save time in the process by not having to create new materials every time you want to promote yourself or your products.

You could also edit other people’s material, just remember to give them credit and link to their site if possible!

Video content is very popular now (obsessed even!), which is great news if you’re trying to grow your business through online means.

Create your videos

how to use video marketing to grow your business

The second part of video marketing is creating or filming your video content. This can be done via camera phone, desktop computer, laptop, or even through an app like YouTube where you create and edit content more easily.

If you are very artistic or have strong writing skills, then writing your content is easy way to film your own videos. If not, there are many free article writers online that you can use to produce quality material.

After filming your content, you need to find a way to spread the word about it. This is called content promotion. There are several ways to do this including posting the video link on social media, publishing articles related to the topic of the video, and promoting the product or service associated with the video (and linking them together).

With all these steps in place, you are well on your way to having an effective video advertising campaign.

Edit your videos

how to use video marketing to grow your business

After you have created your video, it is time to start editing! The first thing you should do is make sure your setting is private before sharing your video with the world.

After that, you can begin editing your video! There are several ways to edit a video. You can use Adobe Photoshop or another graphics software to add inclusives, cut down on content, and/or increase contrast.

You can also use free online tools such as YouTube’s built-in editor or other third party apps to do this.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.