Gone are the days when you could just type up a quick talk and put it online for people to see. With over 3.7 billion users now on social media, creating an engaging video can be a very crowded field.

With so many other content creators out there, it is hard to get noticed unless you have a unique style or voice that sets you apart from the rest. If you do not, then your videos will probably go unseen, and thus, you wasted your time filming them!

Video marketing is a powerful tool that can boost traffic to your site, increase engagement, and produce new leads. When done right, it is also cost-effective and a lot of fun to make.

There are several different types of videos that can be used in video marketing, such as testimonials, how tos, product reviews, introductions, etc. No matter what kind of video you create, they all share one thing: A visual.

That seems simple enough, but some take it one step further by adding storytelling to their video. That is definitely more than just a pretty picture or a few bullets!

In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about using video to market your business. From setting up a YouTube channel to choosing the right length videos, we will look at all the components of successful videos.

Make a marketing video

how to use video marketing effectively

With the explosion of online content, it is easy to get distracted by all that you have to do. Creating new content can be hard at times if you are not constantly producing material.

That is why having a system for creating videos is important. Even better, have a system that does some work for you so you don’t have to worry about it!

There are many ways to create a YouTube-style channel with video. You can use a free tool or software, or you can make your own using one of the several best web hosting sites out there.

Either way, what matters most is that you create meaningful and engaging videos.

Choose the right theme

how to use video marketing effectively

Choosing a video marketing theme is an important first step in developing your YouTube channel or website! When investing in design resources, make sure they are clear and easy to follow.

Not only should you be able to easily find the tools you need, but you should also be able to add new features without too much trouble. This will help ensure your channel stays up-to-date as your style changes.

It’s very common to see people start off using pre-packaged templates before tweaking them to death. While this can sometimes look cool, it is not helpful when you want to quickly produce content for your channel.

Instead, pick one style that looks good and develop from there! Once you have the basics down, you can begin adding additional touches like logos and supporting images.

Plan your video campaign

A great way to use videos in marketing is to create content that people are going to want to see. Yours will be seen by someone, hopefully many someones.

Making a short video with no explanation or content can sometimes work best. Create a funny or interesting scene and add the voice over later.

Avoid boring, known-yielder content unless you have an incredible amount of money to invest. Instead, create engaging content that may not be familiar but still sparks interest.

Your audience will find your videos more readily if you use relevant keywords. When creating your videos, make sure to include those keywords so they get found easily.

Create engaging videos

how to use video marketing effectively

If you want your video marketing campaigns to be successful, you have to create engaging content. This means creating videos that people are interested in watching!

Your potential audience is very busy, so it’s difficult for them to watch TV or surf the web for long periods of time. They will actively look for something new to check out, which is why they’ll visit your YouTube channel or website to see what you’ve got next.

Your goal should be to provide interesting information or entertainment to your viewers, and to do this, you need to add some value.

You can do this by talking about things that most people know, but that still apply to certain individuals, or by offering tips and tricks on how to perform a specific action or achieve a particular goal.

The second way to use video marketing effectively is to teach others. By showing someone else‘s actions, you’ll inspire more people to follow their own steps towards success.

Distribute your videos

how to use video marketing effectively

One of the most important things about video marketing is finding a way to spread your messages out. You can create a separate channel or profile for yourself so that you do not run into content posting limits.

This will allow you to have longer, more in-depth videos without running out of room.

You can also start filming and editing your videos at home before professional help comes in! Many people now use free software such as YouTube to make their videos much easier to produce.

The best way to gain exposure from these videos is through social media. Having a large number of followers will give you some extra boost and credit for having a great video.

Create a YouTube account

how to use video marketing effectively

The next step in video marketing is creating an online channel where you can share your videos. This can be done through an app, website, or both!

If you already have a YouTube account, then transferring your content into your own channel isn’t too difficult. You can simply copy and paste your current videos onto your new channel.

However, if you don’t have one yet, it’s best to create one now.

This will allow you to easily update and manage all of your accounts as well as save time in the long run by not having to re-create a profile every time someone else creates an account.

There are many free YouTube channels out there that anyone can use to begin sharing their knowledge or business.

Create a profile

how to use video marketing effectively

A very popular way to use video marketing is to create a YouTube channel! This can be done as an individual or through a company that offers free YouTube accounts.

Once you have your account, you will need to pick a username and password for yourself (you may want to represent your business using this name instead). Then, you can start creating videos!

Your first video should be about the same topic as this article you read here. It should be a short, entertaining clip with a link to your own website or product. After filming the video, you can edit it down and add your own voice over before publishing.

Now, just keep posting them! With all of these tools, it’s easy to produce a quality video every few days.

Buy a domain name and hosting

how to use video marketing effectively

Now that you have your video creation tool in place, it’s time to pick a domain name and website hosting for your new business.

Choose a short, catchy URL using keywords (search term + your product or service). It should be easy to remember so that people can easily find your content. Many websites offer free domains with their hosting packages, so grab one of those before you invest in your own.

Your web host will probably require you to register as a user first, so do that now! Most importantly, make sure your website is accessible from all devices so that people are able to access you even if they are working, traveling, or somewhere else completely.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.