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Here is the summary, you can safely assume the girl is actually interested in you.

So if she does not call, message or just tell you to go for it, then it’s safe to assume you are not going to get laid on a date with her.

So don’t do it!

There are many ways to tell her that you are not interested, and they are all quite simple.

Do not call/text

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She might have already told you she was busy or something else which prevented her from calling you.

But if you didn’t bother to reply the first time, then you don’t get to be surprised with a second message.

No matter what excuse she is giving, you should avoid the call.

You may think it’s good that she tried to call you, but you really just made her take the time to write to you twice and it’s not really that big a deal.

Do not turn down the date

Every girl loves to have a good time on a first date. Even if you don’t like her, she will try her best to make it up to you.

Take the time to do your research before meeting her, this way you know exactly what to expect on the date.

As soon as you find out that she only loves dark interior places, you know you have no chance with her.

The point is, once you go on a date, she expects you to have fun and if that doesn’t happen, it’s not good. It’s very simple and straightforward.

Turn down a dinner date

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Dinner dates are tricky because when you come to this point you have to decide if you want to go on a dinner date or not.

If you are a guy who likes to talk about things that interest you, then you are not looking for a relationship.

It would be a waste of your time to take her out for a romantic dinner when you can’t get a word in edgewise.

The good thing is, you can always just ask for the bill or something else.

When a girl has a dinner date with you, you can’t just order things on the menu that you don’t like, or maybe you do like her a lot and this is why you want to get along with her, but not to eat with her.

You can just ask for bottled water or a different drink, but you can never eat what she is eating or something that could make her sick.

Never order fish on a first date. The same goes for hot dogs and pizza.

That’s exactly why girls don’t go for that.

If you get a dinner date with a girl and you decide to just stay at your place, that’s okay. You can just watch some Netflix and just talk about something you both like to talk about.

Once in a while she will bring up a topic you both can get into.

If she has to go to a restaurant to meet you, but you still want to meet her, then it is not good to meet her at a restaurant.

If you have decided to only go on a dinner date, then both of you should meet at her house or a Starbucks.

Of course, it is a bit more expensive, but the lack of a restaurant makes you stand out even more.

It gives her the chance to make a good first impression and get to know more about you.

Don’t invite her back to your place

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A dinner date isn’t always for dinner and a movie. It’s most often just two people hanging out together.

So don’t get yourself in a situation that can turn out badly.

Another rule for this kind of data is to not take her home.

If you are a guy who likes to flirt with a girl and the date goes well, then you may ask her for her number.

It’s up to you, whether you want to kiss or not, and if you don’t, that’s fine too.

But make sure you don’t try to go further than that, especially if she has already agreed to your dinner date.

Even if you are pretty sure you won’t feel like going any further after you spend a nice dinner together, don’t do it just because you don’t want to hurt her feelings.

Staying in is also fine

Unless she looks like she is into you and you feel like you can’t stop the conversation at that point, but if she doesn’t seem that into you, then you can ask her to stay in.

You can always go and get some fresh air, or take a walk, but in the end, make sure you don’t get stuck in a rut.

There are lots of girls out there, and a single girl like that is always searching for someone. If she isn’t already in a relationship, she will try to show you her assets.

Coming back to dinner dates, if she looks like she is really into you, and you are not sure you want to let that energy go, then you may kiss her.

If you want to make a real impression, you should make sure you go for the full monty.

Kiss her and the cameras don’t lie.