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First things first, if your eyebrows are different and it’s too much then it’s time to let go.

To get rid of the bad ones you need to first practice with the clippers.

With a little bit of work, you can get rid of the spots, and eventually, the entire look will look even better and feel even more natural.

The goal is to achieve perfection.

You’ll need:

  • Swatch of concealer
  • Bald spot clipper (or a pair of scissors if you have nothing to spare)
  • Swatch of makeup primer (don’t forget to clean the areas of the face you are going to be removing eyebrow hairs from)
  • Red Lip
  • A quick sponge applicator
  • Eye shadow primer

How to remove a red or inflamed eyebrow

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This step is called darkening. It means you need to brighten your eyebrows to make them darker than your skin color.

But, before applying the darkening product, you need to highlight the affected area by using a concealer.

This will prevent other people from noticing that you have dark brows and will therefore make you look more professional.

Follow the steps below to shade your eyebrow area.

Take the concealer with the color you want to shade

Be careful about the shade of your choice and choose a color that’s close to your skin color.

Blend it on the area and then follow with a sponge applicator. Use a sponge to apply some powder.

This will cover the darkened area and make it a little lighter.

Put some more concealer over the powder and then use a brush to push it toward the face to blend the two parts.

Put more powder on the brow area. Wait a few minutes before touching it again.

Here’s another application method for darkening the eyebrow:

With a pair of scissors take a strip of the hair that you want to darken and cut it as close to the brow area as possible.

This will prevent people from noticing that you are lightening your brow.

Take another strip of hair and then, using the same method, cut it as close to the eyebrows as possible.

Be careful not to get it too close. Use the same method and then use a sponge applicator to blend the two pieces. You are done.

How to remove the rest of the red or inflamed eyebrow

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This step is called the second stroke. You are going to remove the rest of the eyebrow hair that has already grown.

If you don’t mind, you can also get rid of the rest of the eyebrow hair. This might be a little difficult and it will be more comfortable for you if you don’t have to do it.

It is easy to get rid of the rest of the red eyebrow hair with just a pair of tweezers. The goal here is to get the natural shape back to the eyebrows.

This can be achieved in two ways. In the first one, you’re going to put some shampoo on your finger and then hold the eyelash that is growing from the eyebrow and pull it towards the forehead.

This will pull the eyebrow hair outwards. If you’re worried about making a mistake with the hair, you can use a small pair of tweezers instead.

Apply a liquid eyeliner (it can be a pencil or any other type of liquid liner) to the unshaded part of the eyebrow.

This will give you a proper shape. Here are a few more tips on how to clean the brow.

How to remove a black eyebrow

This should be done to make sure you always look presentable.

The problem with eyebrow hair is that it can be a major distraction in the morning if it is out of shape.

This can make it look like you have a black eye. Here’s what you need to do.

Take a very small amount of foundation and apply it to the area to remove the eyebrow hair.

Apply your concealer to the rest of the eyebrow to darken it. It will look like the eyebrow is naturally darker.

Follow with some powder and a liner to hide the area. Put some powder on your eyebrow area.

Wait for a few minutes before you touch it again.

How to hide the imperfections with a pencil

This step involves using a makeup pencil to cover the imperfections on the brow area.

This works best if you have a regular shape of your brow. The shape is important for your overall appearance.

You might need to keep it this way for a while so that it grows a little more.

Use a pencil to color the area of the eyebrow that has been damaged. This will provide a shape to the eyebrow hair.

Add a little bit of powder to it and conceal the rest of the area.

Use a pen to fill in the area that you don’t want to look completely bare. Here’s another tip on how to take care of black eyebrows.

Blending the eyebrow

Quick cute eye shadow.

The purpose of this step is to merge the two eyebrows that were not the result of coloring.

To do this you should not press the hair together, but rather wait for them to grow and merge.

This should not take much time.

This is the important part, but it might be a bit time-consuming.

You should wait for the hair to grow a little more and you should use a pencil.

Don’t press it, just draw a line, and then use a dry brush or powder to blend the line.

Tips on removing the white marks

White marks are often caused by accidentally rubbing your eyebrow with the skin of your face.

You can prevent this from happening by moisturizing your eyebrows.

Before using any skincare products, wash your face thoroughly.

This will remove any dirt and make sure your face is clean.

Apply moisturizer and then use clear mascara.