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When a girl you like decides to stay for some time, she’ll almost always try to create an impact in your life.

No matter how strong you are, this girl’s mind will convince you to say goodbye to the relationship you have with your life partner.

It is her love for you, and you can only understand it after a little time and experience.

Let’s figure out how to tell a girl goodbye forever.

It’s okay to be quiet

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In all the drama that happens in your relationships, remember one thing: It’s okay to be quiet.

Women love men who don’t complain and whine. That is because they want you to make things easy for them.

No, they won’t expect you to complain when you don’t want them to come to your family functions.

Yes, you should make it a point to be with your family now and then, but it should be a planned part of your life.

Women want to have you around, but they don’t want you to take all the fun for yourself.

Tell her how you feel

Do you know how to ask her if she likes you?

That’s what you should do if you want to let her know that she is a great girl and she is amazing.

“Do you like me?” will be a question that would get your answer.

And yes, she would want to know how you feel, that’s why this question will work like a charm.

Answer what you can

Did you understand that? It’s okay to be silent for a little while, but still, answer what you can.

Do not hold back from answering a question, just to make a girl feel appreciated.

If you don’t like her, just tell her how you feel. And if she’s with you, tell her that you love her.

Lead the conversation

I know it sounds so obvious, but honestly, you need to lead the conversation.

If you start the conversation, then it automatically makes her the one who will dictate the topic.

But if she is the one leading the conversation, then you’ll never know that she likes you and you’ll never know that she doesn’t like you.

So lead the conversation.

Follow her lead

Man and woman sitting on bench

She’s the one making the first move.

If she’s on the road to saying goodbye to the relationship, then you’ll never know what she wants.

Follow her lead, because she’s the one giving signals to you.

Some girls date for two or three years

Some guys date girls for a year. What is it about that 2-3 year period that makes you wait so long?

You could probably marry a girl tomorrow.

A girl can’t wait to have sex with you and then one month after sex you get up the nerve to tell her you to love her.

What is it you are waiting for? Someone to ask you to marry them?

Or wait for a certain event to occur that makes you believe it is the right time to say “I love you”? Think about this:

Guys with car payments, credit card debt, and no money aren’t waiting for three months for their girlfriend to graduate high school.

They know it’s time to go get a job.

Guys with homes in one state and families in another aren’t waiting for a summer to buy a house in the other state.

They know what’s right for them and they are moving on.

Guys with a long-distance relationship from high school and a long-distance relationship with an ex who is now married and expecting babies aren’t waiting for three months to tell their high school girlfriend how they feel.

They know what’s right for them and they have committed to living the life they are meant to live.

The same logic applies to you and your time with a girl

You know you have to go somewhere else, so why wait for this period of time to pass?

You know there is a new girl in town, right? It’s a great opportunity to talk to her and see if there is any hope for you two.

In this period of time, you are moving forward and forward is the direction you are going to go.

You know this right? So, you shouldn’t sit around and wait for a girl to get married or move to another city before you can tell her how you feel.

Wait for the right time and the new girl will have moved on to something better, right? Like your friend.

If she is your friend, this will take a few months, but you can tell her later, right? No. Now is not the time.

Now is when you have to be upfront about how you feel with a girl.

There will always be a “right time.”

Man kissing woman

This is not the right time. Move on.

You have a girlfriend and you love her. Don’t waste your time.

Don’t wait for what could be. Don’t be afraid to love.

Be willing to risk hurting feelings to express how you feel about her. Don’t think about what you will say, think about what you are going to do.

Be ready. Let it go. Don’t worry about the girl who is in front of you right now.

Wait until she moves. Wait for a while to get her out of your system.

Don’t think about the other girl. When the right moment comes, speak. Say it.

When you love someone, say it. So now you have learned how long to wait before you tell a girl you love her.

You will never be disappointed because the time is always right to tell her how you feel.

Happy Valentines Day.