Starting an online video marketing business is a great way to make money- especially if you are passionate about sharing videos or making your own. With the right strategies, you can create your YouTube channel, start filming, and eventually get lots of views and followers.

It’s easy to forget that creating engaging, interesting videos comes down to creative writing. Writing new content for your videos takes time! The more you do it, the better you get at it.

Writing for other people is probably one of the most difficult things to do in this world. This article will go into some detail as to why this is and how to improve your writing speed.

I hope you enjoy reading these tips as much as I did! If you have any questions or anything you’d like me to add, let me know in the comments below.

Narrow down your list to 1-2 topics

how to start online video marketing

Starting online video marketing doesn’t require an elaborate process or a lot of resources, which is one of the biggest benefits of this medium.

You can start by narrowing down your list of ideas to 1– 2 main areas. Once you have those covered, then you can begin brainstorming and developing concepts within each area.

From there, it’s just a matter of choosing a platform where you can easily share your content and spread your message.

Create a YouTube account

how to start online video marketing

Starting your online video marketing career with the right platform is key! You can create a free YouTube account here. Once you have this, it’s time to start creating videos.

Creating a YouTube channel comes with the option to add an optional subscription which grants you access to more features and tools. This includes being able to upload longer videos as well as manage comments and analytics.

You will also need to pick your category for your channel. The best place to begin is selecting the health and fitness category. That way if people want tips on yoga or weight lifting, you are already sorted!

Once your account is all set up, it’s time to start producing content! There are plenty of ways to do that, so don’t feel like you have to make a long drawn out introduction.

Some great ways to get started include making a short movie related to a particular topic or doing a quick review or experiment using products or services that relate to that field.

Get your website ready

how to start online video marketing

Starting an online video marketing campaign is not like starting any other type of business or marketing strategy. You will need to make sure that your web hosting company allows you to upload videos, that your domain name is easy to recall and identify, and that your social media accounts are active and accessible to the public.

Making yourself at ease with technology can help ensure these things!

Most people start their journey into YouTube marketing by creating a YouTube channel. This gives you the ability to add more features to your account such as comments, likes, and subscriptions. Once everything is set up, you can begin filming and editing your videos.

Editing and producing your own content is another way to get started. There are lots of free editing software applications and platforms that do not require expensive software licenses.

Buy some equipment

how to start online video marketing

Starting an online video marketing company does not require a large budget, but you will need some equipment to produce your videos. Thankfully, you can pick up most of these pieces for less than $1,000!

Most web cameras now are capable of recording high quality footage with ease. Most people use their smartphone as the camera since they have plenty of storage space and it usually has enough RAM to handle editing software.

Smartphones are very affordable these days, making this a good starting place if you are inexperienced in filming videos. There are many free apps that can help you edit your videos down to nothing more than music and the app you choose really doesn’t matter too much.

Some things like computer programs such as Photoshop or Final Cut Pro can be expensive so unfortunately, this is out unless you are already using one of those products. This isn’t a big deal though because you can probably find a similar free program somewhere else.

Plan out your videos

how to start online video marketing

Starting online video marketing doesn’t require an expensive production studio or flashy graphics, but it does require planning. You will need to consider where you want to place advertisements and how best to optimize them for success.

You can create YouTube videos in-house or use a website/app that provides this service for you. The important thing is to have a plan!

Planning out your content before editing and producing your videos helps keep you organized and gives you time to fix any bugs that may arise.

Regularly update your social media accounts related to your business so that people are aware of what you are posting and about who you are as a person.

Record and edit your videos

how to start online video marketing

A second way to make your video marketing efforts more successful is recording and editing your videos. There are many free, low-cost apps and websites that can help you do this, but YouTube has some great tips if you are looking to streamline your production process!

YouTube suggests investing in a good camera with an excellent quality lens. You want to make sure everything looks professional and crisp so people can see themselves in what you are offering.

They also recommend using a laptop or desktop computer for better screen resolution and features than mobile devices like phones and tablets. This will give your viewers a better experience.

You should always check to see if there are any restrictions put forth by Google or Facebook before creating a business channel.

Publish your videos

how to start online video marketing

After you have done your research, prepared your message, and gathered your materials, it is time to actually publish your video!

Now that you know what kind of content you will be creating, it’s time to pick your publishing platform and medium.

You can choose from YouTube, Facebook, or any other type of site that allows you to create an online space. Your publishing platform doesn’t matter as much as what software you use to edit and produce your videos though.

Most people start off using free editing tools before investing in more advanced ones. There are several free editing apps and platforms out there that work just fine!

Publishing your video onto a website gives your audience additional options for viewing and sharing your movie. This is very important because most people these days look at their phones constantly while consuming media, so making your film accessible via different sites is crucial.

Gain your audience

how to start online video marketing

Starting an online video marketing campaign is not like creating a website or picking up the phone and calling people for a business call; you will need some kind of introduction. You can start by filming yourself doing something that proofreads as an advertisement.

This way, your potential viewers see you before they meet you, establishing trust and setting the stage for you to talk about products and services. Your next step should be finding the appropriate balance between being promotional and having natural conversations.

By starting with a more neutral topic, you will gain their attention better and make them feel comfortable to contribute and ask questions. When shooting your videos, try keeping it natural and avoiding fancy camera angles and decorations.

Yourself as a person will also play a big role in how successful your videos are.

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