Together, We’re Home

Obviously, you won’t be able to see your partner in person all the time.

So, it is very important that you at least see each other once in a while.

Even if you can’t meet physically, at least you can stay in touch with each other.

This will boost the relationship.

Make the moment special

Let’s get married

Try to make the phone call and the call alone special. Think about what your partner would like to say and say it.

This will keep the connection alive.

And, if you are not sure about the things your partner would like to say or do, then make a call and ask them.

This will make your relationship strong and memorable.

Make it a surprise

There are times when you get busy with work and you are unable to chat with your partner.

But, this is no reason for you to miss out on something special.

You can plan a date or a trip with your partner and call him or her to show how much you love him or her.

Join Google Voice

Google Voice is a free service that will allow you to connect two different phones with one account.

It will be very convenient to be in touch with your partner from anywhere.

You can either send a voice message to the other number or even be in a different room and have a call with him or her.

Play some games together


Have you ever played any games with your partner?

It can be board games, or trivia games, or even any other games.

Take time to play with him or her, it will make your relationship stronger.

Send handwritten notes

There is no point in sending gifts all the time.

It is nice to send gifts, but it is also nice to send handwritten notes to your partner.

This will keep your bond strong.

Plan a getaway

It’s very important that you try to plan a getaway with your partner at least once a year.

This will keep your relationship alive and maintain the same connection.

The couple in this article is the daughter, Farah, and her father, Khaled

All the family

A little while ago, Khaled became unemployed. He couldn’t find a job because he doesn’t have enough skills.

That’s how he was made fun of.

There was a period when they had no income and they were living in a city where there was no public transportation.

One of their neighbors saw them and invited them to their house to stay with them.

One of the things that they did was watch TV. That’s how Farah saw the popular movie Avatar.

She was very amazed by the movie.

She fell in love with a character named Jake Sully and couldn’t stop watching it. She had a sudden urge to meet him.

She had a boyfriend back home, but he didn’t even notice her.

She had a dream to leave her country and be with him.

She tried to persuade her father to let her visit him.

He didn’t want to do that.

Farah didn’t understand why.

She begged her father to let her go to Australia to see Jake Sully, but her father refused again

That’s when Farah called her mother in Lebanon.

Her mother convinced Khaled to let her go to Australia.

She made up a fake letter from a doctor to convince him.

Khaled agreed to it because he was interested in his daughter’s happiness.

The plan was for Farah to go to Australia, but she arrived in Sydney.

She decided to call Jake Sully and invited him over for a movie night.

She was so eager to show him that she loved him.

The movie had already been over for more than 10 minutes, but she did not want to leave.

At the last second, Jake Sully came.

When he arrived, Farah gave him a tour of the house and told him how beautiful the country was.

All the while, they were holding hands.

After, they watched the movie again and held hands again.

The movie ended at the end of the night.

Jake Sully thanked Farah for a great night. He took her to her home and she spent the night there.

When Farah woke up, she was so sleepy, she decided to just go back to sleep.

But the memories kept coming back to her.

She thought she was dreaming. She had to see Jake Sully again.

The next day, she bought a plane ticket to go back to Sydney.

But when she got there, Jake Sully didn’t know who she was.

When they went out, people at the bar recognized her.

They thought it was pretty cool that she knew Jake Sully.

Jake Sully told Farah to call him if she wanted to because he missed her.

But Farah told him that she wanted to see him again.

She wanted to spend more time with him.

The very next day, Farah took a plane back to Lebanon.

She missed him and she hoped that they could get back together.

She called him, but he told her that he wasn’t ready to go back.

She started crying and told him that she had to leave since she was so depressed over him.

As she was about to board the plane, Jake Sully saw her and asked where she was going.

She told him that she would come back one day and that she loved him.

He told her that he had to go and that she would be in his thoughts.

She was so happy and cried for the last time.

She cried so much, that her makeup ran all down her face.

Jake Sully went back home with a broken heart.

He never heard from Farah again.

When she was asked about her experience, she simply said, “I thought it was a movie, until I saw him face to face.

He was so beautiful.

I’ll never forget the way he looked at me.”