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Why do girls not want to date a guy who is too emotionally detached from them?

This is a popular misconception among guys that get rejected by women.

This misconception got triggered by being rejected by girls themselves.

Are you getting rejected because of being too emotionally detached from girls?

How to speak and act “manly”

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No matter how hard you try, girls will not really fall for a guy who is trying to be some kind of strong man.

The only type of guys who actually get girls in a relationship are the ones who are masculine, not only because they can pass off as strong guys but also because they have masculinity from within.

If you don’t have that inner masculine confidence but rather make up for it by not being “too manly” you will always be the guy who is unattractive and seen as insecure in a relationship.

How to open up a girl emotionally

Knowing how to open up to a girl emotionally is extremely useful if you are a guy who has been rejected by a lot of girls.

I will explain this from a guy’s perspective and then from a girl’s perspective as well.

I will then address a common misconception of how to make a girl emotionally fall for you and how to be an emotionally open guy.

How to be a masculine dude

The first and foremost reason why girls will not really fall for you is because of your behavior.

If you act masculine in a girl’s face she will see that as being mean.

It is only when you become sensitive and emotionally vulnerable will girls be drawn to you.

You have to find your own way to open up. Some guys are good at this, some guys are not.

In general, you will have to learn to be emotionally and sensitive if you want girls to get into a relationship with you.

What makes a guy attractive is how sensitive he is.

To gain this emotional sensitivity you have to practice it with yourself first.

How to be an emotionally open guy

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There are two main ways of emotionally opening up to a girl.

Emotionally open love connection #1:

Go to a casual drink or a coffee with a girl and you really feel comfortable with the girl.

This is probably the best way to emotionally open up to a girl.

The feeling of closeness and empathy when you are with her will create an emotional connection.

If you go out for dinner or a movie, ask the girl to pick you up, and then go shopping together and have a conversation about things she likes.

This will create an emotional connection.

A lot of guys hate this but I will be honest, I love it and it will get you a lot of dates.

Love connection #2:

Get a girl drunk, let her stay over at your house and it is like you both had been in a relationship since your childhood and she gives you a massage and cleans your house.

This is the best way to emotionally open a girl.

Emotional open love connection #3:

Get a girl drunk, let her stay over at your house and she has to wear a blindfold.

She has to be guessing which part of you to lick or touch.

You take the blindfold off and you think you are having a relationship with a girl.

Once you have done all these things, you get to choose which of them you want to keep doing with a girl.

There is no question of getting into a relationship with a girl because it will be all over.

I love the #3 method because I love dominating women.

Emotional intimacy:

We will start talking about intimacy in a future article but the key thing that every guy who wants girls in a relationship has to learn is to build intimacy.

As I mentioned earlier, girls will only be attracted to the emotionally open man and he will be attracted to her for being emotionally open as well.

To build intimacy you have to practice.

You will have to allow her to talk and share her emotions with you and let her know how you feel about things that have happened in the past and tell her how you feel about her.

There is no way around it.

A guy who has intimacy and emotional intelligence is more attractive.

If you do not have intimacy, but still want to have a girlfriend, then you will have to learn it.

Building intimacy:

Together, We’re Home

When you are in a relationship with a girl, you will only be emotionally intimate with her if you are emotionally open with her.

This means that you are emotionally available to her.

Emotionally open guys tend to be more emotionally available and communicate a lot with their partners.

Intimacy is not about having sex with a girl, it is about being emotionally open with a girl.

If you are not emotionally open, it will be hard for you to get emotionally intimate with a girl.

I have this saying about intimate relationships.

Have you ever taken the train to go on a special date with a girl and she didn’t talk to you for the whole journey?

If you don’t have the ability to be emotionally open with a girl, you will just be traveling with her.

You will be doing the things you are doing with her but you will not be emotionally connected to her.