A video is a type of content that has become very popular online. You can create your own youtube videos or use ones that are already created for you. By creating your own videos, you get to pick the genre, level, and context of the video.

Youtube offers a suite of tools and features to help you begin promoting your videos. This article will go into detail about some of these. We will also discuss how to make your first youtube marketing video!

This article will assume you have done basic html before (such as adding headers, paragraphs, images etc) and that you know what fonts look good. If you do not, refer to some easy html tutorials first!

Here we go- let’s dive in!

Disclaimer: I am no professional when it comes to making YouTube videos, only a novice at best. All of these tips are from people who claim they learned them through hard work and research.

Write a script

Most people start their video marketing efforts by creating a video that features them talking about a product or service. This is referred to as content marketing, because it creates information with enough emphasis on the product that viewers will want to learn more.

Content marketers typically use pre-made videos or ones created in a software tool to get their message across. By using these tools, you no longer have to be very artistic to create effective videos!

There are many free online resources for content creators to improve his or her craft.

Practice recording and editing

how to make youtube marketing video

More than half of all internet users in the United States use YouTube at some level, making it one of the most popular sites for consuming media.

YouTube offers very different settings for you to create your videos; there’s no set length limit either. This gives you great freedom to express yourself creatively and effectively!

Practice recording and editing as many times as needed until you are comfortable with the process.

Once you have recorded your video, now is the time to edit! Take your time to make sure everything is perfect before sharing.

There are plenty of free editing softwares available online that can help you achieve this. Many people also use special software like Adobe Photoshop or Premiere Pro to enhance the look of your videos more fully.

Invest in good quality filming equipment

how to make youtube marketing video

As we mentioned before, creating your video marketing campaign does not necessarily mean buying all of the flashy gadgets and gizmos that are marketed towards you. In fact, great YouTube videos use very little lusciousness!

Instead, invest in some decent filming equipment such as a camera, lens, and micrometers. A camera is essential for documenting your product or service!

A microphone is also important because it amplifies sound, allowing people to be able to hear you more easily.

Choose a good location

how to make youtube marketing video

Once you have picked your genre, it is time to pick a setting for your video! Finding a place to film your movie will determine how well your video comes across.

You want to make sure your environment looks authentic and natural. Avoid using too many lights as this may detract from that vibe.

Try filming in places where people normally hang out or are visible through the area. Look for buildings with open windows or doors so others can watch while you film outside!

Avoid shooting at night as most people do not use their computer rooms after dark. Most businesses close up shop early so there may be limited options available to you.

Use natural lighting

how to make youtube marketing video

As we mentioned before, filming in direct sunlight can actually be a bad thing if you are trying to get some beautiful outdoor or indoor footage.

This is because of how colors look when light is reflected off of them. Natural lights usually have more variations in color so, when editing your video, try to find less intense sources of light!

Alternatively, you can use studio lights which will give you more control over the intensity and color of the light.

Studio lights also make it much easier to keep track of the shadows and silhouettes due to their heavier amount of coverage.

Tell your story

how to make youtube marketing video

A video that tells a story is more engaging than one that is just listing off tasks, services or products. Your audience will give you much greater attention if you create a narrative with an underlying theme or topic.

Your YouTube channel is a place for people to get inspired, so use this medium to inspire them!

Tell stories about things you have experienced, talk about lessons you’ve learned, and include challenges/failures you’ve faced and how you overcame them.

Your online presence should convey who you are as a person through your writing and media coverage. When it comes to marketing videos, tell your own story!

You can even make your own movie and upload it onto YouTube. Many artists do this by creating films using their smartphone camera!

Running a business means there’s always something to do, which makes it hard to find time to focus only on you as an individual.

But self-care is important because without it, you won’t be able to properly perform your job. You’ll become distracted, unhappy, and unable to concentrate on other areas of your life.

Create engaging videos

how to make youtube marketing video

After you create your account, you will need to pick an appropriate video niche or genre. Yours should be clear and descriptive so that people can easily identify it as marketing related content.

You don’t want to use keywords for your video title, instead choose a fun or interesting one!

Your audience wants to watch someone else do something – they are looking to see how making things work is done. Using keywords in your video title is very boring and does not set up your product or service for engagement.

Try coming up with an entertaining way to introduce yourself and your business. For example, if his business helps you manage your money, then using the word “Money” as the topic of the video would be inappropriate.

A more relevant option would be to talk about “Financial Well-Being” or even better “Thriftier Living.” These are much more specific and unique than just saying “money management.”

Intermediate and advanced users may find some tips and tricks here. There are many free resources available online including YouTube tutorials. You could also visit thrift stores and get inspiration from there.

Distribute your videos

how to make youtube marketing video

After creating your video, it’s time to start distributing it! There are several ways to do this, but the most effective way is via YouTube live streaming.

You can use our free tool to make sure every aspect of your livestream is optimized and looks professional!

By using our tools, you will be able to create an account with us for FREE and then upgrade later. We love earning from these services so we want to help you out as much as possible.

Your stream will also have a channel URL that you can use to link to your new account which comes in handy. Once everything is set up, just publish and VABOOM! Your content goes live instantly across all platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and now, YouTube.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.