Three smiling young women in their twenties with a one year old child.

Your child is only 10 years old. He cannot even drive yet.

What can you give him as a gift to teach him that there are always more important things in life than material things?

Children get happy when they get things that make them happy. They tend to do better at whatever they do when they are happy. For them, happiness is all that matters.

If you want to make your child happy, try to teach him to appreciate the things he has.

Don’t just throw a gift at him, but make sure that he appreciates it.

If you want to have him appreciate stuff and be thankful for the things he has, here is a few things you can do.

1. Teach him to appreciate quality

macro photography of woman kissing baby head

Quality is an intangible property of a thing. As we see it, a material object can be both big and small.

But in terms of quality, you should focus on a material object such as your bike. It should be solid, workable, and reliable.

And it should look good too.

For a material object to have quality, the material used should be of good quality.

Now, the material used for your son’s gifts can be another matter entirely.

Some material objects such as toys are made from poor quality materials.

Some toys such as toy guns are made from poor quality material.

If your child was to play with such toys, they could cause him harm. Even though they are only toys, they could cause harm to your child.

Instead of buying such materials for your child, teach him how to appreciate good quality materials and objects that can last for a long time.

2. Teach him to appreciate the process involved in a thing

The process behind something that can be given to your child is as important as the thing itself.

So, as you teach your child to appreciate quality objects and their process of making, he should also be taught how to appreciate the processes involved in making those quality objects.

There are many different processes involved in making something as simple as a toy.

From the design to the making, there are many steps involved in the making of your son’s toy.

Teach him to appreciate the various steps involved in a thing that is to be given to him.

To teach him the processes involved in producing a toy that your son can appreciate, you could find toys made from scratch and give him the instructions on how it was made.

Help him to learn how to create his own toys so that he can appreciate the process involved in producing a toy that he could appreciate.

3. Teach him to appreciate what he has

A child who is accustomed to getting many gifts from a well-wisher can expect a new toy from a special person soon.

This could create problems for your child. If he gets a new toy almost every time he wants, he could become irritated at the arrival of a gift that has been a long time coming.

A child needs to learn to appreciate what he has. Don’t just throw stuff at him as he has a busy schedule.

Let him learn to appreciate the things he has. The little things that he owns can become his prized possessions and that can make him happy.

4. Teach him to think ahead

Woman and child touching faces

The way you teach your child to appreciate things and the things that he owns is by teaching him the value of time.

If he makes the time to appreciate and respect what he has, he would always want to cherish his things.

The things that are loved by a child have to be appreciated by the child.

Even after he becomes an adult, he would want to keep those things as a memory of his early childhood days. So, as you teach him to appreciate, teach him the value of time as well.

5. Teach him to value time

The more your child values something, the more it will be appreciated by him.

Certain people come into your life that will be with you forever, and as a result, you will form a connection with them.

The people that come into your life are bound to go away. But the people that come into your life are the best.

Whenever you get a chance, encourage your child to appreciate those people in his life, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other close relatives.

Encourage him to appreciate those people in his life so that when they go away, he will be left with good memories.

6. Teach him to express his gratitude

To teach your child to appreciate, express his gratitude to those that have given him things.

So many parents fail to show their gratitude to those who have helped them in times of need.

Be it parents, grandparents, aunties, and uncles, or friends, show your gratitude to those that have made your life easier.

7. Teach him that he does not have to spend a lot of money to have nice things

woman and a baby sitting on the ground

We have seen many parents spending a lot of money on buying toys and gifts for their children.

This practice is not always the best approach to teach children how to appreciate things.

Spending a lot of money on toys or a gift could create an unhealthy habit among children. It could lead to an inability to appreciate things.

If your child already has enough toys and he is not being able to appreciate them anymore, try to make him use those toys to create more things.

He could be asked to use the toys to make a vehicle, a flying vehicle, a walk-through, and many other things.

So, in the end, your child will be more grateful for the things that he already has.

So, this Christmas, do not forget to teach your child to appreciate what he has. And the best way to teach a child to appreciate is to make him play in his toys or use his toys to make other things.

And the best way to do this is to teach him the value of time, the value of enjoying things that are loved by him, and the value of learning to value what he has.