Creating a video is a medium that can take time to master. Luckily, you do not have to be very skilled in media production to create a meaningful video. With technology moving at lightning speed these days, it is easy to produce a decent looking video.

With that said, media production does require some technical skills. For example, editing software such as Photoshop or Premiere requires an advanced digital graphic design degree to use effectively.

Luckily, you are not limited to only creating videos using these programs alone. There are many free and low cost resources available online to help you make your first video quickly and easily.

By learning the basics of making a video, you will know what types of videos look professional and how to edit them. You will also learn important tools like YouTube!

This article will go over all of this and more! Read on to see how you can start filming now.

Narrow down your list of content themes

how to make video for digital marketing

When it comes to creating videos for digital marketing, there are three main components that make up this process. These components include filming, editing, and finalizing your video.

To make your YouTube videos more interesting, you must always be looking into new types of content. This can mean making Your Youtube Channel about baking, fashion, or anything else!

Your viewers will enjoy watching your videos if they see that you know what you’re talking about. By having various content, people will find yours very entertaining.

There are many ways to create engaging videos. You do not have to use all of them, but knowing at least one is essential for starting out as a YouTube writer.

This article will go over some tips on how to make your first video for digital marketing.

Plan out your video editing process

how to make video for digital marketing

When it comes down to it, filming a great YouTube video is not very different from any other type of filmed material. What makes a difference is in how you edit your videos!

Your editing style will determine the viewer’s perception of the content you are putting out into the world. Some people move quickly through the clips, getting the message across quickly, while others enjoy taking more time to make sure every element has meaning.

It is important to be consistent with your editing style. If you take too long to get through the footage, then your audience will begin to lose interest. On the other hand, if you go too fast, you may miss key pieces of information.

Research your topic

how to make video for digital marketing

One of the most important things you can do to improve your video marketing is research! Before investing time in creating your video, you must make sure that what you want to say and how you want to say it has been said enough times already.

Research online forums and sites where people talk about tips and tricks for digital marketing. You could also visit or tour different businesses’ social media pages to get some inspiration.

By being familiar with the field, you will know what tools and strategies are effective and why. That way, you can pick and choose which ones to use when planning your own videos!

And don’t forget to take notes – good ideas always come in clusters so write everything down before moving onto the next idea.

Blog post: What kind of content does your brand/organization produce?

Does your company run educational courses every month? Create a lesson plan using similar material and style as one of those lessons to create an engaging YouTube clip.

Does your company run conferences or events? Use this as content to promote a product related to the conference or event or to increase attendance. Or both!

What products and services do you offer? Create a short movie describing them and their benefits to draw attention from viewers.

Make a script

A script is an important part of making any type of video (be it a business, educational, product launch, etc.). A script is a narrative or story that you write down before filming your video.

For example, if your video was about how to do your makeup beautifully, then your script would be “Running our makeup looks today will be __________.”

The first word or phrase in a script is usually either an addressor or a topic. In this case, the topic is running beauty makesu.

Next, the next word/phrase is a verb. In this case, the verb is going to be “-ly.” This means to perform the action ON THE MAKEUP LOOKS being described.

So, the whole script could look like this: “Running our makeup looks today will be using bronzer as bronzers have different levels of warmth.

Practice recording and editing

how to make video for digital marketing

Even if you’re not a professional filmmaker, you can still make engaging videos by practicing recording and editing yourself. There are many free software programs that allow you to create your own video stories or even edit someone else’s!

Any device with a web browser (phone, computer) is able to access these apps, so you don’t need any special equipment to get started. Many of these applications also have cloud storage features which allows you to easily share your creations online.

There are several well-known brands such as YouTube and Facebook that offer easy tools to begin creating videos. By experimenting with different styles and genres, you’ll find there are new tricks every time you try to film something.

And don’t forget about sharing your work! Most of these apps now have ways to directly upload to social media sites like Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. They’ve built their popularity through offering simple, efficient ways to spread messages, connect with people, and gain exposure.

Invest in good quality filming equipment

how to make video for digital marketing

As we mentioned before, creating a video is not as easy as some may make it out to be! It takes time, effort, and lots of products to create your first video. Luckily, you do not need expensive production gear to start shooting videos!

Many companies now offer all-in-one camera systems that have lighing up and down recording capabilities, computer software designed to edit videos, and microphones with advanced features. This article will talk about some helpful tips for aspiring social media marketers who want to begin producing their own videos.

Tip number one: invest in good quality filming equipment

This seems like a very obvious tip, but many people forget this when they start trying to produce videos. You should never settle on an inexpensive piece of equipment if you are planning to put forth more efforts into your YouTube channel.

As seen above, most major digital marketing agencies have at least one professional grade camera mounted onto a tripod or held by hand. These cameras typically have large screens so you can easily view what you are filming without having to hold the device up constantly.

Furthermore, these cameras usually come equipped with various editing apps such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

Get your lighting setup right

how to make video for digital marketing

Lighting is one of the most important parts of filming videos. Your camera needs enough light to render an image of what you want to show, as well as adequate light to capture sound.

If your video has poor quality due to bad lighting, your viewers will need to invest in additional equipment or use lower-quality cameras to watch it!

When investing in lights, think about how much exposure you have on each leg of the equation. You should aim to have at least five minutes of good overall illumination, and every element in the room should be able to fully illuminate their own area and some part of the next.

Studio lights are usually better than external lights since they can be adjusted more easily, but if you don’t have access to those then either natural sunlight or “soft box” covers that help even out the brightness are okay alternatives.

Plan your shot list

how to make video for digital marketing

Starting with the topic and bullet point, make sure you’re very familiar with the field before jumping in. Before filming any of your videos, you need to know what kind of content you want to create.

It’s important to know that not every person will find your video interesting or relevant. You should have an idea of what types of videos look most like yours and then use those as examples.

By being well-informed, you’ll be able to give good comments and answers during recording time. Your audience can tell when someone is not quite understanding the concept so make sure you are!

Plan out your bullet points and keywords ahead of time to ensure everything is mapped out properly. This way, you’ll know what material you’ve run low on and can fix it at a later date.

Your tone needs to match your intended message and marketing style. If you sound too enthusiastic about products or services, people may feel biased towards them. Use language that is appropriate and clear.

Try to keep your messages short and sweet – one minute up, two down! People now have access to fast internet so your videos can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. They may also start to lose their attention after watching too many videos.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.