Creating animation videos is one of the most engaging ways to promote your business or product. People love stories, so creating an animated video (or movie) can really boost engagement and interest in your content.

You can use this medium to tell us about your products or services, offer testimonials, talk about leadership styles, or do some direct marketing. It’s perfect for educating the audience about things like health and nutrition, technology, or fashion!

It’s also a great way to connect with other people who have similar interests as yours, or are working on projects similar to what you have.

In this article, we will discuss how to make animation video for marketing. We will go through different types of animations, cover basic camera settings, and learn some quick tips for improving your animatic skills.

Make a good theme

how to make animation video for marketing

The style you choose as your animation video theme will play a big role in how well your video comes across! If it is too casual, then people may feel it is not professional or that you do not take your marketing seriously.

If the song is very upbeat and catchy, then some may find it distracting and hard to pay attention to the content of the video. Try finding a middle ground – use a genre or motif that is clearly defined, but that also feels authentic and natural.

Your audience will be able to tell if something seems forced or unnatural, so make sure to create an atmosphere that fits the material you are trying to get across.

Make a storyboard

how to make animation video for marketing

Now that you have your video concept, it’s time to start creating your animation movie! Start by making a storyboard – this is like an interactive flowchart that helps organize all of the components of your video.

The first step in making your storyboard is to choose a filming location. This can be done either virtually or physically depending on what type of content you want to include. For instance, if your video is about how to do your makeup beautifully, then taking some very close-up pictures of various products and positions would make sense. If your video is about how to clean your house, then taking frequent shots of your home being emptied will help convey that message.

After choosing your setting, it’s time to pick your characters! Who you are speaking to and what you are saying will determine which ones you select. Your movie director will need to agree before moving forward. You don’t necessarily have to use real people, but using fake people will cost you more money to license.

Practice recording

how to make animation video for marketing

A very popular way to animate your marketing videos is using animation! Creating an animated video can be tricky, however. Before you start filming and editing your piece, you must make sure you are able to record your own voice as well as do some simple posing and talking.

Practice recording yourself doing something easy like saying or singing a short sentence or two several times. Once you have mastered that, then move onto more complicated things such as giving a speech or answering a question!

Using a camera program such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Studio, go through the process of animating a still picture into a walking person.

Edit your video

how to make animation video for marketing

After you have gathered your clips, it is time to edit your new animation or film! While most people start with filming videos, this is not the right way to do it.

After you have filmed your individual videos, it is time to edit them into one longer movie! This can be done easily using software such as Adobe Photoshop or Premier Pro. These two programs are totally free to use.

In these editing programs, you can combine all of your videos into one large video file. The best way to ensure the quality of your final product is by starting with a short clip and then adding more onto it.

This will create an interesting narrative that flows well.

Create your final video

how to make animation video for marketing

Now that you have your script, are prepared with your props and wardrobe, and gathered some inspiration or notes, it’s time to start creating your animation movie!

Start by editing your draft into shorter segments or scenes. Your script is already a pretty good starting place because it includes important characters and settings, but now organize these pieces into separate scenes or mini-stories.

Once those stories are told, you can combine them into one longer story or keep them as individual scenes. It all depends on what effect you want to achieve and how well each scene flows together.

After all of this preparation, it’s time to actually make your film! Use a free software like Adobe After Effector use Google Chrome to create your first scene.

Publish your video

how to make animation video for marketing

After you create your animation, it’s time to actually publish it! When publishing your video, make sure that you use an appropriate length to describe how to perform the product or service. Your description should be one short paragraph focused on offering tips on the product or service.

Your audience will see the descriptions of your products and services, and then the short summary which includes the benefits of the product/service. If there are no clear advantages mentioned, people may choose not to invest in the product or service!

Publishing your video is the final step in producing your animated marketing campaign. You can now edit and tweak your video until you get the perfect look!

Edit: Once your video has been published, you can start editing! The best way to do this is using a free app like YouTube or Facebook to edit. These apps have all the features you need such as slow motion, voice over, and still pictures.

Distribute your video

how to make animation video for marketing

After you have completed filming your animation, it is time to start editing! The first thing you will need to do is begin editing your video down.

You can use software such as Adobe Photoshop or Premiere Pro to edit your videos. Both of these programs are very similar so we will go over some basic features in both of them.

In photoshop, you will want to organize all of your images and clips into different layers. This way you can move each layer easily without altering the other layers. You also get the chance to add effects to individual layers and combine multiple layers together into one image or piece of media.

Premiere pro has an option to create short cuts which make creating new edits super easy. By hitting control + T you will be brought up with the timeline tool where you can drag frames around and connect them together.

Both programs allow you to upload your files onto websites and services that pay to feature their products, this helps spread your content exposure more quickly.

Encourage commenting

A very common way to promote your business or website is creating an animation video or clip. While some may consider it cliché, there are many ways you can make this style of marketing new.

You can use your own voice as well as other people’s to create your animation piece. If possible, record yourself talking about how your product or service benefits others and what qualities it has.

Once you have that down, get some of them prepared and edit the pieces together!

Interlacing is another trick pro animators use in filmmaking. It works by breaking up time into discrete chunks, which creates the effect of faster movement.

Try experimenting with different styles to see what works best for yours. People enjoy seeing familiar faces in advertisements so if you can find someone else who created an interesting animation, then try editing those parts in.

Keep in mind though that even though these tricks work, not every person uses them professionally so you should be aware of that.

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