Creating a short marketing video is one of the most straightforward creative project types. You will need a camera, your computer or device with software that can edit videos, and a domain for your website or business where you can easily upload it.

With technology moving at such a lightning speed these days, there are many ways to create a short promotional video. YouTube, Facebook, and other popular platforms offer tools to create and edit small clips quickly.

You do not have to be an expert film maker to produce a powerful video! While some people may take time to learn how to make great videos, anyone can pick up quick by learning the basics of editing and filming.

This article will go over all of the steps necessary to create your own marketing video! There are even more advanced tips here if you’re already a pro filmmaker. But, this should get you started pretty quickly.

Write your script

how to make a short marketing video

A short marketing video is not like other types of videos that may take longer to create. They do not require dialogue or action, so there are no speaking or filming requirements!

This can be a good or bad thing depending on what you want to show off. If you want to showcase your product, then forget talking for this video.

You can use visuals and/or sound to get your message across. Or if your company has a slogan or theme, include that in the video as well.

Short marketing videos are great for showcasing new products or services. You will have to prepare yourself though, because they are very cut-focused and quick. It looks like someone was given a one minute warning and shot their movie!

Lengthy videos often drag on due to empty shots or waiting for activity. With shorter videos, it could be even harder to tell how much time has passed since recording was completed.

Practice recording and editing

how to make a short marketing video

After you have recorded your video, it is time to edit! The first thing to do is save the file as either an AVI or MP4 format depending on what software you use to view videos. Then, you can upload the edited version onto YouTube, Vimeo, or any other platform that allows you to create a channel.

On YouTube, you will then need to pick your paid subscription or plan level to be able to access some features. You can also choose to be displayed in limited profile mode instead of standard so people cannot see your whole profile. That way no one knows you are marketing for yourself until you let them know!

By using these platforms, you give your video a second life since someone else handles all the work of hosting and promoting it. Woo-hoo! They get credit for shaping and branding your message and you get credit for spreading it. Win-win.

Use a familiar setting

how to make a short marketing video

Making a short marketing video is less intimidating if you use a situation that you are already in to make your content. This can be doing an interview, showing off a product or service, or creating a classroom environment to discuss products and services.

Content marketing expert Caitlin Plevin says it best in her article “8 Tips To Boost Product Launch Success”:

“The number one reason people get nervous during a product launch is because they feel like they have to say something spectacularly profound and eye-catching.”

She goes onto say more powerfully, “You don’t!” I would even go as far to say that being boring is better than trying too hard!

Your audience will quickly figure out that nothing you’re talking about matters unless someone else wants what you have,” she adds.

Parse this through and you’ll realize that saying very little is actually a powerful way to promote a product or service. It’s just not for everyone.

Use natural lighting

how to make a short marketing video

Lighting is one of the most important part of filming a short marketing video. You want to make sure your light source does not change during the movie!

When filming, ensure you have good natural light. If there’s no sunlight outside, then use a white or gray card as a light source. And if there is sun, try to find a way to work with it (e.g., very early in the morning or late in the evening).

Camera settings

You do not need a professional camera to film a short promotional video! All you really need are quality setting and software to edit the videos. Here are some tips for improving the quality of your videos:

Faster shutter speeds – This helps reduce shaking caused by movement. A faster shutter speed also allows you to get rid of any unwanted blur due to movement.

– This help reduce shaking caused by movement. A faster shutter speed also allows you to get rid of any unwanted blur due to movement. Lower ISO values – An increased sensitivity can cause noise which distorts parts of the image. Having lower ISO values results in sharper images.

– An increased sensitivity can cause noise which distorts parts of the image. Having lower ISO values results in sharper images. More advanced editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro or YouTube Studio allow you to adjust many other features such as exposure, contrast, color balance, and more.

Focus on your message

how to make a short marketing video

A short marketing video does not need to be about an elaborate product or service. It can instead focus on your main message and promote something related to it. Your audience will know what you are promoting if you use appropriate keywords in the video title and the video itself.

Your potential customers will also understand the context of the video when they watch it because it includes them — and yourself!

A well-focused, entertaining short video is an excellent way to get attention for your business or brand. People love entertainment so why not make a movie to tell people who you are and what you do?

Intermediate computer users will appreciate a quick lesson on using Microsoft software such as Photoshop or Word. If there’s anything more popular than movies these days, it’s technology.

By putting together your own short promotional videos, you’ll win new fans and increase traffic to your website and social media accounts.

Include your audience in the video

A short marketing video is a way to connect with your customers or potential customers through the use of media. It’s very common these days for people to have a smartphone that can access the internet, so creating an online-only product is easy!

Making a short promotional video is a great way to promote your business or product. There are many ways to do it, but one of the most effective methods is by including your audience in the video.

Your target market will enjoy seeing their favorite products showcased, which creates hype and anticipation for what you have to offer. They may even create a desire to purchase like they did before watching the video!

There are two main reasons why this method works. First, content marketers refer to this as ‘hearable storytelling.’ The story being told is about your company, its products, and how beneficial they are for others.

The second reason is because it encourages interaction. People love to feel involved, especially when talking about yourself. By having them contribute, they feel connected to you and your brand.

Businesses should always consider themselves as influencers. Creating engaging videos gives you more opportunities to spread your message and influence others.

Tell a story

how to make a short marketing video

A short marketing video is not an in-and-out experience — it’s almost always accompanied by additional content that people read after viewing. Because of this, your message and its audience have time to really set down roots before moving onto the next thing.

Your potential customers are spending their time reading what you have to say and assessing whether or not they like it – so make sure your message comes across as logical, honest, and believable.

When creating your video, think about how you would want to be listened to and what messages you would want to hear. Then do that for your market!

Your message should be clear, concise, and focused on the main goal of the product or service being advertised. Your viewers will leave your video with all sorts of thoughts and ideas, so make sure these match up with the intended outcome of your campaign.

Keep it natural and focus more on speaking directly than onating about things. People watch videos to learn, so use those lessons to emphasize why your product/service is good.

Use clips or animations

how to make a short marketing video

There is a reason that most large brands have an online presence these days. It’s because people like watching content — it’s more engaging than just reading a text article.

Content marketing isn’t a one-time event, however. It involves creating repeated exposures to attract new audiences, which is where video comes in.

A short YouTube movie or clip can be your start of content marketing. You get to choose if you want to use them as an exposure or advertisement, but either way they are effective for sharing information and promoting products!

There are several reasons why videos are such powerful tools for marketers. They are easy to produce, cost efficient, and require no special equipment.

This article will talk about some simple ways to make a short business video using free software and/or websites.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.