Videos are very popular these days. With the explosion of technology, people have access to creating videos at lightning speed. You can make your own or find ones online that you could potentially edit or re-edit to fit your business’s needs.

Having a video marketing campaign is one of the most effective ways to market your business. There are many different mediums used for this, but none compare to having a business video!

Business videos increase consumer engagement and interest in your product or service. They also create perception about your brand and what kind of company you run. Most importantly, they strengthen trust in your business.

This article will go into detail on how to start filming and editing a business video. It will talk about the importance of content, media, and tone when filming and editing your video.

Once your video is completed, there are several ways to promote it. This article will discuss some of the best ways to advertise your video while keeping it relevant.

Make a list of topics to include in the video

how to make a marketing video

While creating a marketing video, there is one thing you must make sure you have covered. This is the topic or argument of your movie!

After that, the next step is to choose what style your video will be. Will it be shot at a studio with professional equipment? Or will this being filmed from your phone or computer take priority?

It is important to know which genre your video fits into before moving onto other parts of the film.

Write down your thoughts and ideas

how to make a marketing video

Writing the script for your video is the next step in creating a marketing video. While some people have great natural talent when it comes to writing, most do not. Therefore, you should consider investing in a good writer’s toolkit!

There are many ways to get quality written content, and the best way will depend on the audience that you want to reach and their level of literacy. Some companies make it easy to find professional help online or through community resources. Finding an appropriate balance of formal and informal modes of expression is important to ensure the right tone and perception among viewers.

When filming your video, try to use simple straightforward language and avoid too much jargon. This will be more appealing to the general public and may give your message more exposure. Use detail, but no longer than needed – a little bit extra invested time can save you money by ensuring better engagement. Avoid using cliché phrases and instead of saying ‘keep up the good work’, say something about how he/she did things well before and why they are worthy of praise.

After completing editing and review processes, the last thing to do is add the movie clip and soundtrack. You can hire professionals for this or learn how to do it yourself depending on your skill levels.

Narrow down your list to your favorite topics

how to make a marketing video

After you have determined what your website or product is, find yourself an area of the market that it is already popular in and then add some flavor by developing a story around that element.

By adding context to your video, people will connect more with it!

Try creating a short movie-style narrative about how successful companies use storytelling to promote their products. You can even use these stories as examples to create yours!

Then, choose a theme for your video (no matter if it’s educational, entertainment, motivational, etc.) and shoot your video using templates designed to fit that genre.

Research the market to find your audience

how to make a marketing video

A marketing video is any narrative or story that you create designed to promote a product or service. The difference between promotional and marketing videos is just length- it can be short or long, but both must contain content to qualify as a video.

A promotional video is usually more focused on establishing setting and scene for the product or service being marketed while a longer marketing video uses events and dialog to explain the benefits of the product or service.

Both types of videos use storytelling to achieve their goal. Product launch videos are a good example of this. They tell about the features and benefits of a new product through a well crafted narrative.

There are several different styles and genres of marketing videos depending on what type of product or service they are used for. Some examples include:

Television commercials

Product launches

Promotions (for products or services)

Howto guides/tutorials

Service announcements

Website introductions and trailers

You do not need special filming equipment to make a marketing video. Most people now have access to a camera with enough quality to produce satisfactory footage.

However, higher production value videos will cost more money to film and edit. General quality cameras are sufficient most of the time unless you really want very professional looking footage.

General settings like sun light, bright lighting, and close up shots help keep costs down.

Plan your shot list

how to make a marketing video

The next step in making your video is deciding where you will shoot your videos. This article’s tip will talk about some of the different types of videos and what settings are needed for each one.

First, determine if you would like to do a narrated video or if you want to include pictures or illustrations of yourself or others as part of the content. If you choose the second option, then make sure that you have adequate time to edit those pieces in!

You can now move onto the setting area. Pick a location that fits with the genre of your video and that feels comfortable for you. Are you more creative at night? Try filming during off-hours to allow your creativity free rein. Or maybe you are a busy person, so early morning or sunset are great times to film.

There are many ways to create a good marketing video! Doing something new is always fun and helpful in staying motivated.

Practice recording and editing

how to make a marketing video

Reciting or speaking without passion is not very engaging! The same goes for filming yourself doing something you already do every day. If you are trying to create engagement, challenge yourself to put more effort into it.

Start by practicing your own skills before moving onto other people’s videos. Then, once you have mastered that, you can move onto creating a video about something else!

You will probably start out using free software first, but as you grow more experienced you may invest in some better quality programs. There are many ways to learn how to use these apps effectively so don’t feel like you need to spend lots of money at the beginning. Some of the best apps are available via mobile app stores too!

Making a marketing movie does take time, and there is no quick trick to it.

Use a studio

how to make a marketing video

Having a marketable video depends mostly on having a decent filming location, good editing software, and of course, a budget!

Finding a reputable filming location can sometimes be tricky, but there are some general guidelines you can follow. Yours can be an existing space or one that you create through creativity or research.

Making your video in a well-lit area will help it look more professional and appealing. You should also make sure any decorations and objects in the room are appropriate for your message and style.

Editing software such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, or Windows Movie Maker is totally up to you, but not everyone uses all three so most people have at least one that they are familiar with.

Some people start off using free ones before investing in the paid versions which may offer additional features. However, no matter what type of editor you use, don’t pay too much attention to how many pre-made templates and feature sets you have access to.

The important thing to remember about editors is that even if someone else has a really cool looking film, none of us ever truly know exactly how they made it. So instead of being impressed by something that looks similar to another movie we knew how to do, learn something new.

Tell your story

A video marketing campaign without a narrative is pointless. Your viewer should be able to get some sort of insight or lesson from what you are saying and how you are saying it.

Your narrative can tell your audience, company, or product a story that helps convey your message. It’s not only something people like, but it’s also an easy way to add variety to your videos.

There’s no wrong length or style for a narrative video. Some brands even create separate narratives for different parts of their business!

In this article we will talk about two important components of any narrative video – setting and tone.

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