A growing number of people use social media sites to share videos and market themselves or products. Creating engaging, entertaining video content is an excellent way to draw attention to your business and get some engagement and shares.

With the rise of the internet and mobile devices, there are now more ways to create and distribute video content than ever before. You can easily edit your videos using free software, and investing in a good camera will take you very far.

By adding promotional videos to your YouTube channel, Facebook page, and other online platforms, you can increase traffic to your site and grow your audience. Many people begin their search for jobs by looking through company profiles and marketing materials, so making sure your profile looks professional and has appropriate up-sells and cross-sells is important.

Here are some tips for starting out as a video entrepreneur and promoting yourself via video.

Buy advertising on YouTube

how to invest in video and marketing

A very popular way to invest in marketing your business online is creating an account on YouTube and buying an advertisement or sponsored video. This is called investing in YouTube ads or paid advertisements on YouTube.

Most people start out doing this by paying per minute to make a video that can be up to one hour long. You pay per minute depending on how long you want to devote to your video and how engaging you feel while filming and editing your product or service.

The cost of these advertisements usually falls under $100 per month, but it really depends on what kind of videos you are looking to put up there! It all comes down to how much content you have and whether or not those videos are marketed already.

Create engaging videos

how to invest in video and marketing

A well-crafted video can be a powerful way to launch your business or product. Creating a video is not as easy as people may make it out to be, however! It takes time, effort, and lots of components to create a successful video.

The first thing you need to do is determine what type of video you want to create. This could be an introduction for your business or product, testimonials, how to’s, etc. There are many ways to create this kind of content so don’t worry about being too detailed upfront.

Once you have that completed, then you can start creating your video. You will probably need someone with good camera equipment to film your video. People who already use your products or services are a great source of this footage.

Make sure to ask if they would mind filming a brief review of their product before talking you into buying it. These pre-recorded videos can easily be modified and adapted to fit your company and brand!

Another important component is music. Find a balance between having some lyrics you can relate to (for more engagement) and having some silence (to focus on the message).

Invest in a good quality camera

how to invest in video and marketing

A decent quality camera will make a difference in how you market your business or profession. Not only does it have to work, but it has to feel comfortable to use as well. The more expensive the camera, the better it is!

There are many different price points for digital cameras. All of these can be found at low cost, mid-range, and high end. No matter what budget you have, there is always a way to get a respectable picture!

This article will talk about some pros and cons of each price range, and then we will discuss some brands that are worth investing in.

Message the audience with your content

how to invest in video and marketing

A second way to develop an online presence is through creating messages or statements that you want people to read. These are typically referred to as blogs, articles, or stories.

Most people have used writing as a tool at some point in their lives, so creating written material isn’t too difficult of a thing to do. Writing a story or article takes time though, just like filming a video!

It takes around 30 minutes to create a movie length film, which is about how long it will take to write a decent length article or video. Depending on how fast you go, you can make a few dollars per hour doing this. You would need to find a source of income for those thirty minutes however, otherwise it wouldn’t really be worth it.

Finding sources of income has been covered before in other parts of our site, but the main one I wanted to bring up here is Patreon. By supporting others on there, you get access to all of their creative work, including videos.

Link your videos together

how to invest in video and marketing

After you create your first video, it is time to start thinking about how to spread your messages even further. The easiest way to do this is by linking other videos into yours.

By adding links to other related YouTube videos or ones with similar content, your audience can now access more information. Yours could be an educational video, for example, that directly correlates with their lives or something fun and entertaining to keep them motivated.

Alternatively, you could make a sponsored link which is paid advertisement to promote a product or service.

Offer a subscription service

how to invest in video and marketing

One of the easiest ways to begin investing is in yourself as an artist or creative person. You can create artistic, literary, or marketing content that you offer for free via YouTube, Vlogs, blogs, and other platforms.

By offering your content for free, you are creating exposure for yourself as an artist, writer, or marketer while also generating additional income through subscriptions and advertising revenue.

For example, if you have a favorite movie streamer, why not make it easy for them to access all of your movies by buying a monthly streaming plan? Or if you’re famous for writing books, start accepting donations on your Patreon page or buy a few hard copies at auction to help support your work.

Use promotional videos

how to invest in video and marketing

A promotional video is an excellent way to get your name out there and to provide value to others. It can be done for your business or brand, for a product or service, or even for a cause.

By creating your own content, you will increase engagement with your audience, boost SEO (search engine optimization) rankings, and promote yourself as an influencer. Content marketing is also cost-effective long term, as you do not have expensive advertisements like TV commercials or billboards.

Instead, you create a piece of content that people are likely to share online via social media or YouTube. Some of these shares may lead to more traffic for your site or business, which can turn into new customers. Your followers may even look up your company by seeing the video!

There are many ways to use storytelling to create your videos. You can tell stories about how to use your services or products, testimonials from past clients, or studies about benefits of your services or what motivated you to take action.

Promotional videos are usually one to three minutes long but this length is too short unless you are speaking directly to someone who may want your products or services. Two to five minute videos are best if you are looking to raise awareness, recruit some followers, or both.

Lengthy videos give off more inspiring messages. They are better at capturing attention and keeping audiences’ eyes on the screen than shorter videos.

Encourage social media presence

how to invest in video and marketing

A growing number of businesses rely heavily on video marketing to promote their products and services. It is not uncommon to find companies that use YouTube as a major channel for advertising. By creating engaging videos, you can attract new customers and increase sales.

The most common way to begin filming online videos is by recording yourself talking about your product or service. This style of video is called an introduction video because it introduces someone to your business or company.

After editing the footage, some software will make it possible to edit the end notes which you include in the video.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.