With the explosion of digital media, with it comes the explosion of mediums to share your content through. Technology is moving at a lightning speed these days!

With all of this new technology, how do you know which one is going to be the most successful for your business?

There are many different types of online sharing sites that people use to spread their message. From YouTube to Snapchat, there are so many ways to reach an audience.

Video marketing is one of the newer mediums that have become very popular. By creating engaging videos that appeal to your target market, you can reap the benefits of video sharing websites.

This article will talk about some tips on how to start producing your own videos as well as what tools are needed for success.

Make a list of your products

how to have a successful video marketing

One of the most important things to know about video marketing is that you do not need very expensive equipment to start producing content. All you really need to get started is an Android or iOS device, free YouTube software such as YouTube Studio or Google Clipper, and some kind word for the product you will be speaking about.

Your device should have at least 2GB RAM (for better performance) and 16 GB internal storage space (more space means faster editing).

The software program you use to edit your videos can also make a difference in the quality of your videos. You want one with lots of features! Most people use Photoshop or Adobe Premiere Pro which are both quite expensive. There are many free alternatives like Windows Movie Maker, Sony’s Youtube app, and Google’s own quick-editing tool called Gcam.

Another key factor is having a strong knowledge base of the products you are promoting. If you don’t know what makes something waterproof then it is probably not worth investing time and money into advertising it.

Choose your marketing strategy

how to have a successful video marketing

Choosing how you will market your business depends mostly on what works for your company and your budget. There are many different ways to use video as an effective tool in digital marketing.

You do not need expensive software or equipment to produce engaging videos. Many free editing platforms have features that can create pretty impressive videos.

By creating your own content, you get to control the timing, length, and tone of it which helps mitigate issues with boring or inappropriate videos.

There are several strategies like social media posting, YouTube advertising, and filming live events that can be done remotely or at your workplace so you do not need special resources to begin producing content.

General tips such as using descriptive titles and including keywords are important no matter what type of video you are making.

Create videos

how to have a successful video marketing

After you have your destination, what is going to be your next step? Creating a video! This can be done through YouTube or any other medium (blog, magazine article, website content).

If you are reading this article, then you are already more than half way there! You have determined that having a successful online business depends heavily on marketing, so creating an informative, engaging video is a great start.

Your first video does not need to be for profit. Your could make your living as an artist by creating artistic, creative videos to put up on YouTube or elsewhere.

The only thing that matters in the end is that you enjoy making them! If you are no longer enjoying it after the initial push to create one, stop doing it until you feel like it again.

There is absolutely no wrong time to begin trying to develop your video marketing skills.

Create engaging videos

how to have a successful video marketing

After deciding how you will produce your video, what kind of content you will use and whether or not you will edit your own footage, the next step is creating interesting and engaging videos.

Making a short video with no sound is an excellent way to begin. Starting off with a longer film may be more effective in the future.

The best films weave together strong stories with rich imagery. They are also characterized by their luscious editing and music that add impact.

When producing our first video, we can choose from several tools that make the process easier. Many free software and apps have recording features as well as sharing options.

Some even allow for custom designs and features! When investing in paid services, make sure to research reviews before spending money.

Distribute your videos

Another way to use video marketing effectively is to distribute your videos outside of YouTube. Many people start their own channel by creating a profile on other sites like Facebook, Patreon, or Twitch.

These websites allow you to create an account so that you can upload content and gain exposure for yourself. Some of these sites even pay you per view or revenue for adding advertisements!

By distributing your content across different platforms, it becomes much harder to stop people from viewing your work. This helps in two ways: first, it increases your online presence, which is always a good thing; second, it gives you more opportunity to spread your message.

There are many ways to begin filming on other sites, but none compare to starting with nothing and producing our own content – this is one of the best tips in this article!

Making your own content takes time, energy, and lots of resources, but in the end it’s worth it.

Encourage commenting and sharing

how to have a successful video marketing

A second way to use your video content effectively is to encourage people to comment and like on your videos. This helps create engagement, as others will come across your material while looking for comments and discussions.

By adding comments and liking videos, you also increase the exposure of your account. The more views your get, the higher chance you have of being viewed or shared by other users.

This is another way to bring in new viewers that may not be familiar with you yet!

Your followers can leave comments for your videos and give feedback. If there was something they liked about the video or what you said, then it encourages them to do the same thing next time. They might even add an opinion or suggestion of their own!

Running a social media account means creating engaging posts and supporting others’ activities, so don’t forget these tips.

Link your videos to your website

how to have a successful video marketing

Now that you have created your video, it is time to brainstorm ways to promote it!

The first way to promote your new YouTube channel is by linking it to your existing site or channels. This will help people know where to find your content if they are interested in what you have posted before.

It also helps your current audience see an extended version of your show with additional features you may have included (like graphics or music).

By adding links to your website or other social media sites, you can increase traffic to your channel and grow your online presence.

Measure your results

how to have a successful video marketing

The second way to make sure you are investing in video marketing strategies that work is by measuring the effects they have. You can measure return on investment (ROI) via several different metrics, such as: increase in engagement, conversions, revenue, etc.

Measuring ROI is very important because it gives us an indication of whether or not this strategy was worth its cost. For example, if you spent money creating a YouTube channel but you do not see any growth in engagement or traffic then it was probably not worth it.

You should always be trying to find ways to improve upon your current videos and/or test new content, but also making sure you have enough of everything – stock footage, music, etc. That way, you do not run out!

Given that we know how much impact videos have on our users and businesses, we must ensure that every business has sufficient amounts of them for their clients to access them.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.