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Here are easy ways to make him appreciate you.

1. Be a lady

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The key to appreciating your husband is to be a lady. He needs to see a woman of class and refinement.

If you dress provocatively, he will go down on one knee and beg you to be his sweetheart.

If he sees that you wear the name-brand designer clothing, or if you have a sumptuous taste in music, then you will be looked upon as a worthy wife.

The truth is that most men cannot stand the way that their wives are dressed.

They consider it to be vulgar and unbecoming of a lady. Most men are extremely uncomfortable when their wives are covered with tattoos, heavy makeup, and designer clothing.

Men are supposed to be the givers and women are supposed to be the takers.

I know what you are thinking: “But how can I respect a man who cannot respect me.”

2. Don’t use the word “no” often

If your husband complains that you do not appreciate him, the best thing to do is to simply apologize for it.

When you simply apologize for not appreciating him, he will likely leave you alone.

The way to get your husband to respect you is to be a gracious woman.

Most women who complain that they do not feel appreciated are simply wanting an excuse for men to see how unappreciative they are.

If you see that you are constantly telling him that he is wrong, that he is worthless, or that he is not a good husband, then you will be seen as a bitter harpy.

3. Praise him all the time

Don’t criticize or complain about your husband. I want you to instead praise him.

Praise him all the time.

Tell him that you love him, you appreciate him, that you know that he is doing his best and that you want him to succeed.

If you keep up this constant praise and praise, then eventually your husband will start to feel that you truly do love him.

4. Never take him for granted

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Instead of being a saint all the time, always speak up when you see your husband doing something wrong.

You should always remind him of the many times that he has performed a wonderful service for you, the children, or your family.

Your husband will eventually be humbled and will learn that when he does something for you, he is doing it out of love and respect.

You should always say things like:

  • “How nice of you to do the dishes.”
  • “Wow, did you have to go to work today?”
  • “You must have had a long day at the office.”
  • “I’m so happy that you made it home safely.”

These little compliments will make him feel much better about himself.

5. Do the best you can

Men, you want to be the best at what you do. You want your wife to think of you like the best at what you do.

You need to keep up the momentum of hard work.

If your husband tells you that he wants you to do something, do it to the best of your ability. Don’t just get it done, but do it with your very best.

Make sure that you always put the best effort into all of your endeavors. You can’t expect your husband to do that if you don’t do it yourself.

6. Do everything with passion

All of your husband’s important work has to be done passionately.

When he comes home from a hard day at work and you are sick, tired, and unenthusiastic about his job, it will make him uncomfortable and it will make him resent you.

For his sake, and your sake, you need to go beyond doing your share and do everything with your very best.

7. Find out what your husband is really grateful for

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You need to know the reasons behind his gratitude.

If he is grateful that you do the laundry, then go out and buy a better machine.

If he is grateful that you cook, then learn how to cook a few of his favorite dishes.

You must know what your husband is really grateful for so that you can better fulfill his needs.

You should know the reason he is thankful.

You can do a few Google searches to find out the true reasons behind the way that he thanks you.

“I am grateful that you love me.”

“I am grateful that you helped out with the children.”

When you truly understand what he is saying to you, you will know how to be the most helpful wife in the world.

8. Do not hold your husband responsible for your happiness

Your husband is not responsible for your happiness.

He does not owe you anything and he does not have the power to make you happy.

He does not need to make you happy. If he does not do something to make you happy, then he needs to stop doing it.

If he continues to do something that is making you unhappy, then you need to respectfully and lovingly tell him that he needs to stop doing it.

You can tell him that you are unhappy with him and that you do not love him anymore. It is your responsibility to do this and only you have the authority to do so.

Do not become bitter and hurtful. Do not shut him out of your life. Do not start to actively seek other men.

Do not feel guilty about doing so.