A growing market of gamers has allowed game companies to create an avenue to spread their brand message beyond just gaming. Companies have found that filming gameplay videos and posting them on YouTube or other sites is a great way to reach new audiences. These videos are typically geared towards showing off a specific video game, but some focus more on marketing as well!

Video games can be expensive, which is why most people don’t start playing until they are already invested in the medium. With this comes a desire to keep up with the latest releases and tips for improving your skills. Many people begin reading about videogame development, strategies, and technology years down the road when they realize they want to pursue it as a career.

Marketing a videogame can feel like a maze of different paths to take. There are so many ways to promote a game- how do you know what works? It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options and no clear best ones. Luckily, there are some key players in the field that have done lots of promotional work and published books on the topic, making it easier to learn from them.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of community engagement, the reasons why being a gamer is important, and some quick tips for starting out as a videogame marketer.

Create a website

how to get into video game marketing

After you have determined that gaming is your passion, it’s time to start thinking about how to market yourself as an influencer! The first thing you will need is a great way to spread your influence. You can easily do this by creating or finding a YouTube channel!

After you create your video game marketing channel, you will want to pick a good domain name for it. Make sure to use your own unique style and brand so people know what they are getting when they visit your site!

It is important to establish yourself as an expert in your field before going into business with others. People will trust you more if you are known for educating others well. This will help you gain their confidence and respect. Your viewers will also feel more comfortable coming to you for helpful information.

Don’t forget to update your content schedule frequently! Stay active on your channel to keep people engaging with you and your messages.

Find your product or service

how to get into video game marketing

Finding what you want to promote is the first step towards becoming a video game marketing professional. You will probably have to do some research and experimenting to figure this out, but there are many ways to gain knowledge about yourself and the market!

There’s an app for that! The best way to start is by looking at other successful games and seeing how they marketed their products. Many companies launch new titles with an initial offering of a free trial before charging money for the full version.

By including this option in your own game, you can begin testing the waters. By having people test out your product for free, it creates word-of-mouth advertising which can be very powerful.

People love to talk about themselves and the things they enjoy so creating a way for them to spread the word about your product is a great way to get started. What kind of product? Anything really!

You could create a fitness game, a cooking game, or even a mind-clearing gaming experience. The only thing that matters is that your audience enjoys what you make and will tell others about it.

Write your blog

how to get into video game marketing

Writing is one of the most universal languages in the world, which makes sense given that it’s used to express yourself or talk about things you are passionate about. With video games having reached epic proportions around the globe, people have made significant money by writing online content related to gaming!

If you love videogames, then starting a YouTube channel is an excellent way to get into the marketing game. By adding rich media (like videos) and interactive features to your content, you can potentially reach more potential customers. You could even start making some decent income from it!

There are many ways to begin creating YouTube channels, so no matter what level of experience you have already, there’s something for you to explore. In this article, we will discuss how to get started as a gamer camera blogger.

But before we dive in, here are two important points to note.

Start small

Don’t try to be everything to everyone at once. Pick a niche area that you are familiar with, and focus on developing your talent in that space first.

By limiting yourself to just one area, you will also notice a drop off in comments and messages asking you to help others achieve their goal. Your audience will quickly learn that you don’t want to spread your wings unless and until you have mastered them first.

Buy marketing videos

how to get into video game marketing

A video that teaches viewers something is more likely to be watched than one that sounds like it’s telling a story with no end. Product launch trailers and how-to videos are great examples of this.

Content marketers use these types of videos to promote their products or services. They create them for others to view and then share the information within the video via direct discourse (talking about the product) or indirect discourse (discussing related topics).

Marketers often times pay special attention to detail and cover all possible questions before answering them, establishing trust and confidence. This looks very professional and thus helps market the product!

General tips: if you’re looking to start filming YouTube videos, here are some things to consider.

Make your videos educational and fun. People will want to watch you instead of another channel with only advertisements. Your content should tell a story and get people excited.

Don’t just talk about the products, show samples of what they can do. Add some entertainment value and your audience will connect even more.

Some ideas: play games using the product, put it in action, compare it to other alternatives. All of these add emphasis on the benefits of the product and draw conclusions.

How to Get into Gaming Gear Businesses

Another way to make money online without much investment capital is investing in gaming gear.

Create videos

how to get into video game marketing

Creating engaging video content is an excellent way to promote games! There are many ways to create your YouTube gaming videos. You can do it as yourself, with music you have access to, or even at a studio. Whatever method you choose, make sure to be professional and careful with your settings and features.

Starting off with just your phone camera footage will usually work best. If you have a computer attached to internet then you can use software such as Adobe Creative Cloud to edit more easily. More advanced users may also use other editing programs like Photoshop or Premier Pro.

There are several free tools that people have made to help produce great gameplay videos. These include things such as Ucam (for smartphone recording) and Videobox (for computer recording). Both of these have paid versions that offer additional features.

Distribute your videos

how to get into video game marketing

One of the most important things you can do as a video game marketing professional is to develop a social media presence. This includes creating accounts on sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, to name a few.

Running a gaming channel on one of these sites is an excellent way to promote yourself and your career. By sharing entertaining gameplay or product videos, you will gain followers and recognition for your work!

Not only that, but people who follow you may be interested in pursuing games as their own personal hobby or profession. That’s why it’s so valuable to establish a strong community around you.

By offering helpful information and tips to other gamers, you’ll win over some loyal fans. You might also inspire others to begin making their own content too.

Connect with the right people

how to get into video game marketing

Being in the gaming market means being involved in it, constantly interacting with others who are part of this vibrant community. By reaching out and engaging with like-minded individuals, you’ll be exposed to different ideas and strategies for marketing games.

People in the game industry are often very open and willing to share their knowledge and experiences with each other. They may even form groups or collaborations that can boost your career as a game maker.

By joining online forums, chatting at events, and contributing to YouTube videos, you can use these tools to connect with the video game marketing community.

As an aspiring gamer marketer, there are many ways to get more involved and learn from those with experience. You don’t need to go full time, but investing some time in the ecosystem is worth its weight in gold.

Do everything you can to boost your reputation

how to get into video game marketing

A lot of people start off as amateur gamers before moving onto more involved roles, such as marketing or business development. If you want to move up in the video game industry, this is definitely something you should look into!

Amateur players are often left with no way to market their games. They may even be paid very little money for the work they put into their products.

As an entrepreneur, you will need some type of income source. By being able to develop a niche product that appeals to many people, you have set yourself up for success in the gaming world.

However, before jumping into all aspects of marketing, there are two things that every gamer must do if he/she wants to make it in the field. These are influencer marketing and press coverage.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.