A few tips for how to end a marketing video are needed. Unfortunately, some companies seem to forget this important part! Thankfully, we have a fool-proof way to bring your video to a close.

In this article, I will show you two ways to really nail your last minute push before ending your video. These lessons don’t cost anything except for time, so there is no excuse not to try them out.

Give these a shot and see what works for you! Hopefully one of these tricks helps you in your quest to get more YouTube views. You can also check out our article here about how to increase view numbers on your videos.

Good luck out there, everyone else seems to struggle with this.

Be consistent with the ending

how to end a marketing video

The way to end a marketing video is really about being clear with your message and emphasizing key points. Make sure to emphasize the close!

Your closing should be focused on getting results and/or offering an action or call to actions. Yours could be for more information, a discount coupon, or even to buy something!

Your final shot can easily be the rest of the term “marketing” which means promoting products and services. So instead of saying “selling”, say “promote” or “market”.

And if you’re using direct speech, try adding some white space around it to make it feel less crowded.

Link to the video’s conclusion

how to end a marketing video

Many people begin watching your marketing videos with an intention of getting some information or learning something new, but very few manage that! Most viewers want to connect with the content, feel connected to you as a person, and/or believe that you can help them solve a problem or fulfill a desire.

That is why it is so important to have a final message during the end of the video. You may want to tell someone about your product, recommend a solution to a question, or just give an inspirational quote.

Your audience will leave the video either feeling accomplished, inspired, or informed, depending on what they get out of it.

Thank the viewer

how to end a marketing video

Now that you’ve spent time creating your video, it is time to say goodbye! Before ending a marketing video, you should always thank the reader or listener for watching your content.

If possible, include some links to their next piece of reading or listening material, and/or information about them (their business, job, etc.). If asked, include their name and contact info so they can view or hear more from you later.

And don’t forget to leave their feedback either online or via chat or phone. While not every person will feel motivated by what you had to say, there are sometimes hidden gems in comments – helpful tips or ideas you never knew you had!

Take special care with your farewell message if the viewer was part of an audience group. For example, if your video discussed how to do something related to blogging, then end by saying “Good luck out there!” instead of just saying “goodbye.”

This way, they get linked back to the article, the website, or both. And depending on the audience group, you might also get additional insights and comments.

Share another video

how to end a marketing video

A very popular way to end a marketing video is by sharing an additional video. This can be done for any reason, such as announcing a new product or service, celebrating an anniversary, or just because you really wanted to showcase your talent.

By adding another video that related to the earlier one, your audience will connect the two and understand the relation more clearly. Your followers and watchers of the channel will appreciate the link!

This technique is also helpful in creating backlinks to other videos or sites. For example, if you have a how-to video about making pasta dishes, you could include the recipe along with the final result into a longer, broader video called “Making Pasta Dishes”. You would then linked it to the original rice and noodle tutorial.

Your links won’t look too repetitive, since each piece of content comes under its own category – which helps increase visibility and page views.

Look at your video performance

how to end a marketing video

A lot of people start marketing videos by filming something they want to say or promoting a product that they believe everyone needs. It is great to give your audience a message, but you have to be careful how you do it!

If you are not sure if your video is doing its job, then there are some simple ways to check. First, make sure your TV screen is clear – sometimes people put aside their other commitments to watch YouTube videos while also checking email or texting!

Also, have you listened to anyone else’s audio while watching your video? If so, was what you heard easy to understand?

Was everything clear and crisp? Were there any errors in grammar or pronunciations? These are all important markers for ensuring your video does its work.

Is there anything wrong with the video?

how to end a marketing video

A lot of people feel that once you have finished your marketing video, you are done! There is nothing more to do except sit back and wait for views to roll in.

This isn’t true though. You can still make changes to your video and re-shoot it if needed after you have completed it. Changing a word here or adding an extra shot there will give your video new life and inspire different reactions from viewers.

There are several ways to edit a video you already made. The easiest way to do this is using a free software program called Windows Movie Maker.

You can use this to cut out parts of the video, add new shots or extensions, and combine two videos into one. All of these things can be done quickly and easily using this tool.

Record and edit the video

how to end a marketing video

The next step in marketing videos is recording your message and editing down this recorded voice piece. If you are very good with computers, you can do this yourself!

If you have access to a computer or smartphone then you already know what software programs like Adobe Premiere, YouTube, and Microsoft Office Suite can do. All three of these products can be accessed free online via Google or other websites as well.

By having these apps at your disposal, creating a marketing video is not too difficult.

Use a different angle for your video conclusion

how to end a marketing video

After you have finished filming your marketing video, it is time to put together your final product! The first thing that most people do not consider when editing their videos is the ending.

After you have filmed your main topic and body of the video, it is time to create your video cliffhanger or conclusion. This should be focused on promoting a sale or asking someone to leave their contact information.

Your viewer may also want to take some sort of action such as clicking on a link or buying something! Your content producer can quickly run into issues if they are not careful here!

There are three types of endings used in online media. A direct sell-out, an incentive appeal, and creating an argumentative claim. All three will help inspire your audience to take actions.

This article will talk about how to use a direct sales tactic at the end of your YouTube video.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.