With the explosion of digital media, it is increasingly difficult to get people’s attention. People are constantly bombarded with information, advertisements, and content all the time, making it hard for them to focus on anything longer than a few minutes at a time.

This is especially true for those who use social media heavily– there’s just too much data!

With that said, video has become one of the most powerful tools in any marketer’s arsenal. Not only does it hold an audience’s attention better than almost any other form of media, but it also gives you more opportunities to create engagement and connect with your followers/audience members.

There are several ways to include videos in your marketing efforts, from using YouTube as a source material to producing your own videos. In this article, we will talk about how to embed a pre-made YouTube clip into an email or landing page in Marketo.

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How to Add a Pre-Made YouTube Clip Into An Email Or Landing Page in Marketo

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Step 1: Find the URL of the YouTube clip you would like to include in your campaign

To add this video into your email or landing page, first you’ll need to find the link to the video.

Create a video layout

how to embed video in marketing cloud

After you have gathered your materials, it is time to create your video! The next step is to choose what style of video you want to make. There are three main styles for creating a business video: normal, documentary, and promotional.

A normal video is just like this one: You are talking directly into the camera with no background music or features attached. It is typically an interview or discussion format.

Documentary videos are more story-focused and feature longer introductions and endings. They often use dramatic music and advanced editing.

For more formal content, there is the promotional video. This type has very little natural light, and the settings are usually bright and polished.

Select a video

how to embed video in marketing cloud

The first thing you will need to do is select a video that you would like to use as an embed. You can pick from YouTube, Vimeo, or any other source!

This doesn’t mean just go onto those sites and find a new clip, there are some rules about using their content so it’s important to know what goes into accepting the terms of use for each one.

That said, most websites let you add whatever content you want to put in here so feel free to take advantage of this feature if you plan to upload your own videos later!

Now that you have selected your video, you will then need to choose where you want to publish it. This depends on the platform you are working with.

For example, if you are using Facebook then you will need to make sure you are logged into that account before setting up the post. If you aren’t, you won’t be able to access the settings section to set up the post! So, make sure you are completely logged in first.

With Twitter, you will also need to be signed into that account before being able to setup the tweet.

Insert video into post

how to embed video in marketing cloud

A very popular way to add rich media content to your marketing messages is using a medium that has now become ubiquitous – you know them, they’ve probably used them before, and most people have at least one of these devices with them right now!

Using an app or service like YouTube to create a video and inserting it into another site/message is called embedding a video.

By adding a layer of depth to your content, you increase its effectiveness by connecting with more emotions and concepts. This enhances engagement as well as perception of authority- feeling informed from a source you trust is a powerful thing!

And speaking about sources, the best place to find quality information is through videos. People enjoy watching them, so they feel connected to what you are saying and will likely look up additional info you provide.

This article will show you how to easily insert a pre-made YouTube clip onto your own website or other sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Mailchimp.

Link the video

how to embed video in marketing cloud

The second step is linking your YouTube or other streaming videos into your marketing campaign. This can be done by copying the link of the video directly from YouTube or using an online tool to generate it for you.

Once linked, add the URL to your email, social media, website, and messenger accounts to feature the content! Your audience will enjoy the movie while also getting information from Youorself or someone else associated with your company.

Personalize the video

how to embed video in marketing cloud

A very popular way to include videos in your marketing campaigns is using an app called YouTube. You can create custom playlists of videos that you have access to, and then add these into your various social media accounts as a rich content extension.

By adding this type of content to your posts, you increase the engagement of your followers and thus influence. By including links to the appropriate playlist entries, you also boost traffic to the linked page or site!

This article will discuss how to embed aYouTube video in Microsoft’s MarketingCloud.

Step 1: Pick Your Channel

The first step is choosing what channel you want to use for the video. It’s best to pick one that fits with your business and brand. For example, if your company sells fitness equipment, picking a workout channel like yoga or Pilates would be better than creating a music-focused channel.

Your choice doesn’t matter too much unless you plan to change it later. Once you upload your video, you can always switch over to another channel if you feel more fitting content has been chosen.

Distribute your video

how to embed video in marketing cloud

The second way to include a YouTube or other streaming videos is by distributing them. This can be done through an app, via software, or through what they call a link. A link will not require you to have internet access to use it, which is very helpful if you are somewhere with no WiFi.

You can choose to distribute through a website, mobile device, computer program, or even another tool like Facebook or Messenger. Make sure that you are able to test out each one of these areas first to see if it works for You!

Hopefully you now know how to embed a YouTube movie into Your posts using both free and paid tools.

Connect with your audience

how to embed video in marketing cloud

The second way to embed videos is by creating engaging conversations or interviews through blogs, social media, YouTube, etc. Your business can use this as an additional tool to grow your company.

By adding interactive content, you increase the chance of your audience responding to what you have to say. They may even share the video with others if it made them feel motivated.

Your business can use these tools to showcase its skills and contribute something new to the internet. You will also need to make sure that your copyright license is clear for any copyrighted songs or videos used in the interview.

There are many free ways to create a conversation-style article online, so do not worry about cost.

Build your brand

how to embed video in marketing cloud

As mentioned before, you can choose to be hands-off and use pre-made video content or you can create your own! The first way is great if you already have your feet set on starting off with a few videos, but it’s not the best option if you want to take your business to the next level.

By creating your own videos, you get the chance to include things like your company logo, pictures of products, and even stories that tell about who you are as an entrepreneur. These additions all add some flavor to the video which helps make it more engaging.

There are many free resources available to anyone to make their own YouTube videos. You do not need special software to produce high quality videos. All you really need is a computer and internet access and you are good to go! Many companies will provide you with free tools to help you edit and publish your videos.

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