A marketing video is one of the most powerful tools in engaging with your audience. With that said, designing a great video can be tricky! Luckily, you are not alone in this process as there are many online resources and tips to help you create yours.

There are several types of videos (vlogs, how-to’s, product reviews, etc.) so it helps to know the field a little before diving into creating yours. In this article, we will go over some basic concepts for designing a marketing video and then apply them to an example video using Photoshop.

We will also discuss some common pitfalls in order to ensure your video does not contain any and make sure to include enough content to keep people watching.

Write your script

how to design a marketing video

A marketing video is more than just a movie, it’s actually writing! You have an audience that has no idea what you look like or how you style yourself, so making sure your writing is solid and clear is important.

Your screenplay is a good analogy for creating a marketable video. The word “the” appears five times in the first sentence, and three of those instances are replaced with simple plurals (there, their, and us). This makes your message sound much more inclusive and believable.

Likewise, your marketing video should include only one main topic per scene. Your viewers will be able to connect the scenes together, and if they are not connected, then they may assume something was left out.

When writing your video, try to use natural speech instead of using automatic voice. If you can’t, at least use a British accent – people seem to understand English better when spoken with a British accent.

Produce a low-budget video

how to design a marketing video

A marketing video is not the next Disney movie or large production value piece of advertising, which can cost up to $2,000! It is instead a short (typically one minute long) promotional clip that features your product or service.

The goal of this article will be to show you how to create a marketing video using no budget at all! You will also learn some basic graphic design and videography skills for future use.

Use post-production tools

how to design a marketing video

After creating your script, it’s time to pick your platform and start producing! There are many free and paid software programs that can help you edit your video once it has been completed.

Some of the most common editing apps include Adobe Photoshop, YouTube, Facebook, and Slack. You can use these applications to cut out unnecessary scenes or add in new clips. Some of them also have built-in features like voice modulation and soundtrack matching.

These apps are very versatile as they don’t require you to be an advanced user either. Most people are able to find a tool that works for their needs which is what makes them popular.

Encourage viewers to click the link

how to design a marketing video

A marketing video should be designed to get your audience to do something. You can’t just want people to watch a movie that you wrote and produced unless it does more than that.

The viewer must feel motivated to take action after watching, so what you include in the video is very important.

You need to include enough information to make the viewer interested in clicking the link or pinning the article for later. Make sure to include at least the title, some small body text, and an easily accessible call-to-action (CTA).

Your CTA may be different for every video but usually includes actions like “learn more” or “buy now.

Use marketing videos as content

how to design a marketing video

A marketing video is not just for selling products or services. You can use your time efficiently by using videos for other purposes, like educating or motivating people.

Videos are great content that people enjoy reading and watching. They are also much more efficient than text due to the dramatic nature of visuals.

Most people are very familiar with the way advertisements work. This includes commercials you may have seen before getting into this article.

These ads usually contain large amounts of flashy pictures and music designed to appeal to your emotions. More often than not, these ads tell you how good an item is via superlatives and/or false testimonials.

This article will talk about some ways to create educational, motivational, and inspirational business videos that get results.

Focus on content

how to design a marketing video

The key to designing a successful video is making it focused on content. Your audience does not care about your career, or how you use Photoshop once in a while. They are interested in learning something new or finding out more information about them!

Your marketing video should tell someone important things that they can apply to their lives or learn from you as an expert. Or both!

Many of the videos I review start with telling me what products or services the company sells, or introducing a product line.

Create a theme and theme your video

how to design a marketing video

The term marketing videos are often times confusing. There are lots of styles, formats, and themes for what kind of content people want to see. What style of video is best depends on what you are trying to get out of it and what messages you want to send.

To make your video more effective, choose one main theme or message and focus on that consistently.

Your main topic should be clear from the beginning. Then, use visual and verbal cues to emphasize that message.

It’s hard to tell if this theory has actually been proven, but we believe there are eight major themes in business. One of these is how to design a marketing video.

Make it personal

how to design a marketing video

As mentioned earlier, marketing videos should be focused on creating an emotional connection with your audience. This is not going to happen if you try to sell them something or talk about things that have no relation to who they are or what they care about!

Your video should focus on offering solutions and tips that help their life or business run more smoothly. It should include examples of how you’ve helped people in similar situations as those watching the video.

If possible, include someone you know well who can vouify yourself and/or your message. If you’re able to connect on a person-to-person level, even better!

Make sure to narrate, voice over, read, speak, etc.- all with your own unique tone and personality.

Keep it natural and casual, but still professional and appropriate.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.