Creating a video marketing campaign is not for the faint of heart or novice marketers. That is why it is so popular today. You can create, edit, publish, and track your videos all from a mobile device or computer!

Most people start by creating an interesting topic they want to talk about and then filming the interview with someone who already shares that same interest. Then, they research free editing software such as YouTube to produce their final product.

There are many ways to make your video look more professional like using neutral color schemes, picking a good length, and investing in quality equipment. When investing in gear, think about getting fandamned products that work well and cost around $100-250.

Good luck out there! Keep learning and sharing this information with others to grow along with you.

Narrow down your list of content themes

how to create video marketing

One important thing to note is that even if you don’t have any money for filming or editing, you can still create great videos by using existing footage or apps such as YouTube.

By creating video marketing messages out of material that others have produced, you will save time and energy in re-creating things that people have already done!

This is an excellent way to use your creativity to produce engaging content. It also helps to keep it natural – be direct with the audience and talk about things that matter to you.

Your message doesn’t need to be very long either, one short sentence or a few bullets set off effectively are enough. Try writing a paragraph based on the following topic and bullet point.

Plan out your video schedule

how to create video marketing

After you have identified your target audience, determined their needs, and gathered important information about them, it’s time to create your videos!

The next step is creating your first video. You can now start brainstorming ideas and developing a draft before editing and formatting.

Once you have your initial idea, you will need to pick one of the following formats: short film, narrated video, explanatory video, testimonial video, or promotional video.

Short films are usually two to five minutes long while longer form videos typically run around ten minutes. A good length depends on your content – shorter videos will require more production value whereas longer ones may not.

Narrated videos feature only audio-only content with no visuals. This style works best for introductions and endings as there is less distraction. Explanatory videos use both sound and visual content to explain something. Testimonial videos ask people to describe their experience using the product or service being promoted.

Promotional videos promote an item or service. They often contain features and benefits of the product, and maybe even some comparisons to other alternatives.

After choosing your format, it’s time to determine how you want to organize and edit your video. For instance, do you want to use royalty free music? Or would you rather pay for your own songs?

Then, decide if you want to record yourself talking directly into the camera, or if you prefer having someone else speak for you.

Create your videos

how to create video marketing

The second part of creating a video marketing campaign is actually producing the content you have planned to produce. If you are reading this, then you probably already have an idea of what kind of content you want to create, but just making that effort in writing it down will help you feel more prepared when you start filming!

Making a movie is not as easy as some may think. It takes a lot of work and time to film a good length movie. So, unless you are very gifted at filmmaking or have lots of money to invest, try instead to focus on shorter videos with a topic that has enough detail to be understood thoroughly.

Your audience does not care about general concepts, they want to know how to do something! So, if you have a specific product or service you offer, make a short documentary introducing it and talking about how to use it for best results.

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Record and edit your videos

how to create video marketing

After you have gathered all of your materials, it is time to record your video! Luckily, there are many free and paid software programs that allow you to do just that easily.

Some of the most common recording apps include YouTube, Google Suite (Google Plus, Gmail, etc.), Facebook, and Windows Media Player. Make sure to test out each one before investing in their premium accounts so you know how to use them fully!

There are also lots of online-only resources to learn how to create videos. Many schools or departments will publish their step by step instructions for students to follow. These can be helpful sources of information.

Using a camera program such as Photoshop or iMovie, start filming and editing your new video. The order of these two things makes no difference but choosing one over the other does!

Once you have edited some of your clips, it is time to upload them onto your platform of choice! This could be YouTube, Instagram, or another site specific to your media channel.

Create your blog post based on the video content

how to create video marketing

Now that you have done some videos, they are not just for fun! Creating a successful YouTube channel is more than just shooting videos and putting them up online.

You will need to develop different skills such as writing, editing, marketing, and promoting. Plus, it’s hard to grow your channel if you don’t use social media, so knowing how to use all of those effectively is important.

But before you start trying to market yourself, you should think about what kind of content you want to create. Different types of videos can be used for different things, and finding out which ones are popular is a great way to get started.

Here are some tips for creating new video content.

Publish your blog post

how to create video marketing

After you have gathered all of your materials, it is time to publish your video! It is best to make your video in a comfortable setting with easy access to good lighting.

To create your video, you will need an editing software such as YouTube or Adobe Premiere Pro. In both cases, you can simply upload your material and start producing your video.

Some basic tips before you begin- don’t overdo it. A one minute video is enough to describe how to do something. Your description can be for a product or service, a brief explanation of things, or even a quick lesson.

Your descriptions can also be funny or motivational to draw attention. If possible, include a link to the product or service mentioned in the description.

Promote your blog post

how to create video marketing

After you’ve written an incredible article, it’s time to let people know about it. You can do this by promoting its content on different sites and social media platforms.

By using your internet presence as way to gain exposure for your writing, you’ll get more readers who will spread your message and help boost traffic to your site!

There are many ways to promote your blog post. You can write a short review of it on Amazon or other shopping websites, share it on social media, start a conversation around it on forums, and so on.

The most effective ways to promote your blog post will depend on your target audience, but overall, the trick is to create interesting content and be honest and authentic. If someone else has said something similar before, make references to that material to add weight to your own.

Interact with commenters on your blog to see what works for them. The best reviews ask questions and make comments, not just talk about the product.

Gain attention

how to create video marketing

As mentioned earlier, video is an excellent way to promote your business or product. However, before you start filming and editing your videos, you must first gain someone’s attention. This can be done through establishing rapport with others, talking about products related to yours, and offering practical applications of what you sell.

Your audience will not only watch your videos because they want to see your content, but also because they hope you will help them solve their problem!

When doing so, make sure to establish relationships – people watching your videos want to feel like they are being heard and understood. Add in some personality, relate to them as if you were chatting over coffee, and you have created a space for engagement.

Your charisma will shine through when you film and edit yourself, and you will draw more viewers that way. When recording your voice, use a microphone instead of earphones or headphones unless you are able to record clearly without any background noise.

Try recording in a room with natural light, and use a neutral tone and volume. Avoid using fancy studio equipment since these cost money which could be used for other things.

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