Creating marketing videos is one of the most effective ways to market your business or product. Videos can be done professionally with special effects and media production studios, but there are some easy ways to create your own video marketing pieces.

You do not need any formal training to produce engaging videos that convey your message. It is totally possible to make your own videos!

This article will go over all the steps necessary to give you the basics of creating professional quality videos. Then we will take it one step further and improve upon those initial skills by adding additional components like music and narration.

Creating your own videos comes down to having a topic you want to cover and then filming yourself talking about that topic. You can now add in some sound effects and music! This article has everything you need to begin producing your first video.

Make a good theme

The overall style of your video is an important part of what people will look for in creating their own videos. What kind of videos you want to create a link to depends heavily on your topic, genre, and audience!

If your goal is to make fun or playful videos, then doing so using a tone that matches that will help convey that message. If you are trying to get more insights into how businesses work, use clear and concise language with some emphasis on detail.

Whatever type of video you’re making, it should be relevant to your content and audience. And lastly, if you are able to do so, keep dialogue down to only necessary bits unless it makes sense for the story.

Choose your location

how to create marketing video

The first thing you will need to decide is where you want to create your video. This could be from the computer, phone or tablet. It’s best if you have at least one of these devices that can handle some basic editing software like Adobe Premiere, which most people do.

You don’t necessarily have to use those programs to produce quality videos, but they are very popular ones that most people know. If you’re more creative with Photoshop then go ahead and use that!

Whatever device you choose doesn’t really matter too much unless you’re totally novice when it comes to producing videos. Most people start by using their smartphone as a filming device and eventually move up to better equipment.

Prepare your equipment

how to create marketing video

Before you start filming, you’ll need to make sure everything is ready! This means checking that your camera has enough memory, making sure your computer has enough free space, and ensuring that your studio or location has adequate lighting.

You should also check that your headphones are working properly and can receive power from your device. If they don’t, then why not invest in some new ones?

Your microphone will pick up any ambient noise such as voices, music, etc., so these must be checked before recording. We recommend using a good quality, neutral-sounding voice for speaking purposes.

For more tips, read our article: The Best Headphones For Business Listeners.

Practice filming

how to create marketing video

After you have determined it is safe to start creating videos, you will want to practice your craft before moving onto more advanced strategies. Luckily, you can pick up some tips anywhere!

There are many ways to hone your video making skills. You can spend hours watching YouTube videos or reading through online tutorials, but another good place to look is somewhere people enjoy going.

Interviewing friends or colleagues in the field and getting their insight is a great way to learn. Many companies offer free content as well as paid courses via their marketing departments or internal media teams.

Reading other people’s blogs and finding out how they got where they are now is also a helpful tip.

Edit your video

how to create marketing video

After you create your initial draft of your video, it is time to edit!
You can now make changes to the length, content, theme, and voice of your video in many ways.

For example, if the video did not seem strong enough, you can add more introductions or explanations. You can also include additional stories or examples to emphasize important points.

You can also change the tone, genre, and/or format of the video. For instance, if the topic is scary, then maybe a horror story or experiment would be appropriate. If the topic is motivational, then perhaps some examples and illustrations will work better than talking about things.

Your viewer could also have different preferences, so try experimenting with the settings until you find one that works well for them.

Create your final version

how to create marketing video

A video with no content is not very interesting or helpful. You should always have at least one sentence or sub-title for your videos.

Your main body can be anything, but we recommend keeping it under 30 seconds as that is the average length people will spend watching YouTube videos.

After creating your main topic and bullet point, you now are ready to create your video!

Start filming by putting an appropriate amount of time into editing before adding any other features. Start recording around half a minute ahead of when you want your video to end.

Keep in mind that your microphone quality and angle do not matter too much unless you are speaking directly into it. Only worry about those if you cannot record yourself.

Distribute your video

how to create marketing video

Now that you have your script, are prepared for your video and have gathered some supplies, it is time to distribute your video!

Start by distributing your video via YouTube. You can use our free software or head over to YouTube directly to create and publish your video quickly.

After publishing, you will need to choose if you want to make your video private or public. If you select public, then anyone with the link can view the videos. Private videos do not display until you upload them which may require an account.

You will also need to pick a channel and call out groupings such as “Business” or “Marketing.” This article has more tips about creating a business channel.

Once all of that is done, you will need to confirm ownership. Make sure to check the box that says ‘confirm’ and not ‘transfer.’ This way you are confirming yourself as owner not transferring ownership.

Gain sponsors

how to create marketing video

A very common way to make your video more engaging is to add in some form of sponsored content or advertisements. This can be for a product, service, website, or what topic you want to discuss!

By adding in this type of advertisement, they give paid exposure to the sponsor’s brand/product. People love free things so most people will watch a video about a new shampoo pitch-by-pitch until it tells them how much it costs!

Gaining sponsorship from major brands can really help your business grow. Even if you are not looking to make large profits off your channel, having quality backlink and engagement can boost your online presence.

There are many ways to gain sponsorships such as: through influencer marketing, advertising on YouTube, creating blogs and lading them out, and even offering giveaways. Just remember that your videos should be related to the products you are trying to promote.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.