A marketing video is a great way to promote your business or product. Creating a video that appeals to people will boost engagement, interest, and circulation for your website or business.

There are many ways to create a video marketable content, but most start with filming yourself or someone else talking about products or services. Then you edit the footage and add some graphics or effects to fit the message of the video!

Marketing videos can be made using expensive professional equipment or free software such as YouTube. It does not matter what tool you use so long as you produce quality content!

This article will go into more detail on how to begin creating your first video.

Produce a high-quality video

how to create a marketing video

A marketing video is more than just a bunch of shots with no story. It is actually a very storytelling format that adds value for your audience, company, or product.

Having a narrative structure makes it easy for viewers to relate and connect with the content. You can use real people or cartoons as characters!

Your character should tell a story too. An example would be watching The Office how Michael, an employee at the paper company, constantly has stories to share. His personality comes through in his speech and actions.

The same goes for business videos. If your character does not seem invested in their own message, then what is being said will get lost. You want your viewer to be engaged by you, yourself, and/or your products or services.

Create a website

A marketing video is more than just a pretty picture or a few funny clips. It’s an interactive piece that can include both still images and videos.

A web series like YouTube channel or influencer profile is perfect way to start because you can easily edit and re-edit your content as time goes on!

Start by creating a free account on one of the many websites that cater to creatives such as Patreon, Clarity Press, and BlogPress. These sites offer paid plans with better features but they are all totally free to create an audience.

Once you have this base set up, begin brainstorming ideas and generating potential stories. Your internet self is probably full of things you’ve already written so use those to help get creative!

Finding inspiration online and from other media will give you lots of ideas for storylines and settings. You don’t even need much of a budget to start filming and editing.

Create a promotional video

how to create a marketing video

Creating a marketing video is not as difficult as some might make it out to be. In fact, it’s pretty simple if you use the right software and tools for the job.

There are several free and low cost softwares that can help you create your videos easily. All of these have enough features so you don’t need to purchase an expensive package just because you want more functions.

Some examples of free or cheap softwares include YouTube, Google Clipper, Powtoon, Lynda.com, and Viddy (for paid). You can also use our best website creation tool for a lot of free templates!

Just remember that though they may seem similar, each one has its own way of doing things, so do some research before picking any app up. Some people even manage good quality videos with only The GIMP!, which is another free image editing program.

Distribute your video

how to create a marketing video

After you have completed your marketing video, its time to spread it around! While most of this article has focused on using social media sites to publish your video, there are many other ways to distribute your video.

There are several free websites that let you upload videos and then distrbute them via YouTube or another site that pays for exposure fees. Or you can choose paid distribution services such as Revver, Tube Blitz, YouPorn TV, or YOLO (yet-another-site).

Whatever method you pick, make sure to give yourself enough time to see results! It may take some weeks before you start seeing returns from all of these distributions.

Create engaging videos

how to create a marketing video

A marketing video is more than just five minutes of your brand telling people what it wants them to know. It’s much more than that!

It’s actually a very clever way to convey a message, create attention for a product or service, and build relationships with potential customers.

Creating a marketing video requires great editing, graphic design, writing, and production skills. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ll go over some easy ways to turn your ideas into an actionable plan to create a marketing video. Then, we’ll talk about some helpful tools you can use to publish and edit your videos. At the end, we’ll also discuss how to promote your videos online so you can spread your messages across many mediums.

Get your marketing videos to your audience

how to create a marketing video

After you have created your video, it is time to create an environment for people to view your online movie. You can play your video through a website or app where people can access it.

You can also use a free YouTube channel to test out your film. This way, you will get feedback from all ages, cultures, and languages!

Making sure your followers and watchers see your movie depends on the platform you use. If you design your own site, you can add tracking software that automatically adds viewers as people visit your page.

At the very least, you should include a link to the video in another article or tweet so people can find it that way.

Tell your audience what to do

how to create a marketing video

The second way to create a video that tells people something is by telling them what to do or buying them an item or service.

This can be done through business videos, product tutorials, in-store filming, or just giving general health tips.

Whatever type of video you make, start with asking a question that implies a conclusion. Your answer should tell someone how to perform a specific action or complete a task.

For example, if your video is about how to bake a perfect chocolate chip cookie, your title could be “Baking My Best Chocolate Chip Cookie” and then your closing would be saying why these cookies are awesome and what recipes they work in.

Use videos to boost website traffic

how to create a marketing video

More people are using social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to share content than ever before. With over 2 billion monthly users, you can create your own channel and start sharing things yourself!

Marketing through video is an effective way to convey your business’s message and get more attention. Creating a marketing video is not as difficult as some may make it seem!

You do not need any formal training to produce a quality video. It is impossible to tell if someone has done their “homework” until they show it. By now, most big businesses have at least one employee that knows how to edit a video. They may even have their own personal campaign with all of the equipment needed.

There are many free editing software packages available online and through apps for mobile devices. Some of the most well-known companies will open up their tools to use for free or very inexpensively. The only cost would be in investing time into producing your movie. Many people upload already prepared movies or clips onto Youtube and then edit them in his/her tool of choice before uploading!

Video marketing is a powerful way to promote your business. Even if you are not quite sure what your company does yet, creating a short film about it could help gain exposure.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.