A well-crafted video can do wonders for your business. It is much more powerful than, say, an average Facebook post or tweet. When done right, a video can create a lasting impression that adds value to you as a person or company.

That’s the theory at least. In reality, creating a successful YouTube clip is very difficult if not impossible. That’s why most small businesses don’t bother.

You see, marketing via video is tricky. People are smart these days. They can easily skip a commercial break and end up quitting before you even get a chance to tell your product/service!

But there is a way around this. By using certain strategies, you can boost your video marketing success. You can start by looking into some easy ways to improve your videos. Then, move onto harder ways like editing software and filming tips. Finally, find a platform where you can share your videos and then stick to that site like a friend.

This article will go over all of those steps in detail.

Create your blog theme

how to boost your video marketing

When it comes down to it, people will not be watching your videos for engaging content unless they are interested in what you have to say. So why would anyone watch your video about dogs if they do not like or cannot stand animals?

The same goes for YouTube. If there is no dog related clip being watched, then nobody will really pay attention to your next one! The chances of someone clicking “View” on your product or service increase dramatically when you give them something they want or need.

Your personal style and tone of voice can play an important part in attracting new viewers. While some may call that fakery, fake smiles, fake conversations – we call it authentic engagement.

Develop your website

how to boost your video marketing

After you have done some research and determined that your audience is there, it’s time to start creating content!

Now that your site is live, you will want to start developing content to bring in new visitors, increase traffic from other sites, and promote engagement.

Your first step should be reading related material or doing an informational article on your site. Then, write an article of your own and publish it!

Try writing about things that are relevant to your community and trying different styles and formats to see what works for you. You can also link to another article, topic, or site to provide more information.

Interactive posts such as polls, questions, and comments are great ways to get feedback from your readers and establish strong connections with others.

Create your videos

how to boost your video marketing

A great way to begin filming and editing your YouTube videos is by creating yours! If you have an idea or topic that you want to discuss, then start filming and editing yourself!

You can use a camera smartphone app to create your video easily. Or if you’re more computer savvy, you can use Adobe Photoshop or other similar software to edit your videos.

Either method will give you very crisp and quality footage of you talking about your product or service!

Your audience will enjoy watching you organize, explain, and promote your products and services, just as much as we did writing this article for you to read.

Promote your videos

how to boost your video marketing

After you create your video, it’s time to brainstorm ways to promote it. You can use different platforms to share your videos with the world!

You can choose to do this yourself, or have other people help you along the way. Either way, don’t worry about what kind of content others have made that is similar to yours – instead focus on creating your own unique content.

Surf through YouTube to see how others have promoted their videos and pick some ideas you like. Some common tips are sharing posts related to your video topic, linking to important pages and products in your niche, and posting at times when there are most people online.

Offer a free trial

how to boost your video marketing

One of the most effective ways to use video for marketing is to offer a free trial! This could be through YouTube or Twitter, or even both.

By offering your audience a chance to try out some of your products or services before buying them, you can boost website visits and sales.

Many companies will offer a week-long free trial so that users can see if the product works for them and if it does, purchase a paid plan.

This is perfect for online courses and tutorials where students can get helpful information without paying a fee. Or maybe you’re an eCommerce business who wants to test the effectiveness of your new designs.

Connect with your audience

how to boost your video marketing

One of the best ways to boost your video marketing is to connect with your audience!

Running a YouTube channel is great, but if you are not interacting or listening to what your viewers have to say then how well you perform will drop.

You can take notes and respond to comments, you can do some questions – anything that keeps them coming back!

Another way to use this tip is to create an Instagram account for your business and add followers there as well.

Not only does it give your business more exposure, but it also helps promote your channel!

These two tips alone are worth doing in order to grow your online presence more.

Leverage social media

how to boost your video marketing

One of the most powerful ways to use your time effectively while still producing content is by leveraging the power of social media.

There are several excellent tools that can be used for video marketing. Some free, some cost-effective, and some extremely expensive!

The best way to determine which one is right for you depends mostly on your budget. If you’re in the market for more sophisticated software, there are many free alternatives as well.

Luckily, we have gathered some great tips here for you to try out! Read on to learn how to boost your video marketing via social media.

Run a contest

how to boost your video marketing

A very popular way to boost your video marketing is to hold a contest! This can be for anything from the best funny or inspirational clip to doing some sponsored work for someone else’s business.

The hardest part of this is picking a winner! Holding an online poll isn’t good enough, you need to choose a clear cut winner.

That’s where having another article or video as a tie-breaker comes in handy.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.