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A plant on the edge of the patio may have to be pulled. Remember, you cannot over-water the landscape and still kill your plants.

Even though they are drought-tolerant, overwatering can also kill a plant. The cardinal rule is once your plants have gone dormant, you should not water. So the best rule is to water according to your water table.

If your yard is on a hill, try to water every other week. If your yard is flat, your water table is low, and water your plants every two weeks.

The best time to aerate your lawn is in the spring. Aerating your lawn allows new grass seed to be evenly distributed throughout the grass.

This will give your grass a healthy start, and you will see better grass growth in the spring. You will also see an improvement in your lawn’s appearance.

To keep pests out of your garden without using pesticides, keep an eye out for springtime blights

California blooming like crazy after months of non-stop rains. Even deserts are covered with juicy bright flowers. The photo was made on Diamond Valley Lake a few days ago.

Blights can be bad news for all sorts of plants, but they especially ruin the appearance and yield of woody plants.

Look for new sprouts of brown or yellow leaves and cracks in the bark.

These symptoms usually occur within a few days of a blossom end rot infestation. If you see any of these symptoms, it’s time to take action.

If you are planting flowers, purchase flower seeds in large quantities.

If you purchase the seed packets that a lot of people buy, the seeds will be enough for your entire flower bed, but if you are planting many different varieties in different locations, you may need to purchase extra.

To cut back on costs, maintain your gardens year-round

Planting starts in the fall so that you are ready for a spring garden.

There is no reason to wait for the spring to plant your flowers, herbs, or vegetables. As each new season comes, your plants will start to come into their own.

If you are growing roses, keep an eye on your soil.

Roses require a lot of attention, but the average gardener may not have time to provide the same amount of care as they do.

Many common garden fertilizers will cause your roses to grow more slowly.

Water them when they are dry and fertilize them in the spring, not when they are in bloom. This will allow the rose to put forth the greatest amount of energy into blooming.

When you are pruning your rose bushes, you should cut back on the number of branches that grow above the rose bushes themselves.

The excess growth will feed the rose bushes as the foliage gets old and there is not much to hold the bushes up.

As new growth begins to appear, it will provide added support for the bushes.

Learn which plants will bloom at what time, based on their seasons

Gardener, in a fall garden. He is planting pumpkins.

If you’re trying to have a great garden, you should be familiar with how different plants in your area bloom.

This will allow you to select flowers that will attract the most beneficial bugs to your garden, helping to keep your plants healthy.

Do you have an overgrown or unattractive lawn? You can easily fix it yourself in a few hours.

You will need to gather some grass seeds and water. Soak the grass seeds in water for at least one hour, then spread them out on your lawn. Keep doing this, until you see fresh green grass growing.

It can be hard to keep a garden looking neat and orderly with the added stress of high temperatures.

There are several ways to help reduce the heat within the garden and maximize productivity.

Plant a few small trees to shade areas of your garden and plant cooling plants such as a Japanese maple or a gardenia.

By using these plants, you can increase the overall amount of shade available in your garden.

Make sure you mow your lawn regularly

If you let your lawn get overgrown, it will be harder to keep tidy and it will require more water to keep it looking good. If you need a new mower, try renting one from a lawn service rather than buying one.

If you do not already have one, invest in a rain barrel to use for watering your yard.

Rain barrels are easy to come by and they make an excellent addition to any yard. You can use the water that you gather from it for your gardens, or even to water your outdoor pets!

Remove all the old foliage from your plants that have finished blooming. If the plants were in bloom when the foliage was removed, your garden beds will look unattractive.

Additionally, it’s just a visual irritation to see a huge blank space in the middle of the flower bed. By taking out the old foliage, you can give your garden a fresh start and allow your plants to blossom in the space.

Think about adding some living branches to your flower beds

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Living branches can be kept trimmed back, or you can let them grow wild.

Living branches add texture and a sense of depth to the landscape, and the flowers they produce are stunning!

The colors are vibrant, too.

You can have them along a flowerbed, or intermix them with your perennials to brighten up your entire landscape.

Be sure to water your herbs daily. Most herbs prefer bright, but not very hot, sunny days.

If your outdoor space is shaded, consider watering your herbs late in the afternoon or evening.

If it is extremely hot, allow them to go without water altogether.

You can apply water to your herbs with a watering can, or use a spray bottle.