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Newborns, also called babies, are very much loved in our society, and so a good father is expected to give his baby the best care possible.

Every new father hopes for the safe delivery of his newborn baby. However, for some men, the delivery ends up in major complications, which result in grave consequences for both mother and baby.

Many social norms are relevant to this topic. If you haven’t thought about how to appreciate a newborn baby, it’s a good time to learn the art of appreciating babies.

Where to start?


As you’re coming from a biological standpoint, a baby has to be nurtured and cared for first 3-4 weeks.

A newborn baby isn’t able to eat solid foods at this time, so it’s very important to start feeding them solid food at this time, as the baby needs energy for eating.

If you are a first-time father, you might be curious what solid food can be given to a newborn baby.

The right food to give them would be apple juice. The apples are high in nutrients and that’s exactly what a newborn baby needs to eat.

The problem is, apple juice has calories, so make sure that you don’t give them the apple juice unless you are sure that your child can cope with the calories.

As soon as you feel that your child is fit to feed solid foods, give him or her the apple juice.

It’s important to make sure that your baby has a balanced diet, and it is best to buy the food yourself. This is because you can get much better information on what foods are good and which are not.

It’s also important to give your baby the necessary vitamins and minerals, which he or she needs. But when it comes to milk, especially mother’s milk, you should be careful as giving a newborn baby milk is considered harmful.

Instead, it’s better to start with an alternative of mother’s milk which is not dangerous and can be eaten.

A guide to appreciating newborn babies

Holding baby’s hand

It’s important to realize that when it comes to appreciating a newborn baby, it’s not enough to have a good relationship with your partner.

As a father, you should have a good relationship with your partner too, otherwise, you will have a big problem on hand.

To appreciate a newborn baby, you can adopt certain practices.

Here’s a list of the top ten things that you should do to appreciate a newborn baby.

1. Give the newborn Baby The Best TLC

When you’re playing with your baby, give him or her the most love possible.

A newborn baby has to be cuddled and nurtured in the same way that you would a baby that’s slightly older.

The best way to play with a newborn baby is to give him or her a lot of love and attention.

When you’re giving your baby a lot of love, he or she will also grow up to love you and your partner.

2. Give your baby a crying sample

The worst thing that you can do while you’re playing with your baby is to give it any form of fussing.

A baby needs to be nurtured, but he or she doesn’t need any form of fussing.

Give your baby a few long cries and he or she will soon calm down.

If you’ve followed step 1 correctly, it will result in your baby calming down, and that’s the ideal scenario.

3. Kiss your baby

All babies love kisses from their mother and father.

Kiss your baby whenever you feel like it.

If you kiss your baby too much, he or she will get embarrassed and that will turn out to be a big disaster.

Kiss your baby and he or she will begin to love you back.

4. Eat quality foods

It’s best to start feeding your baby nutritious foods from the very first day.

Some foods are recommended for babies to eat such as milk, fruits, and vegetables.

These are the best foods to feed your baby because they are good for the baby’s health.

Babies need milk from the very first day, but there’s no use in starting this from the day he or they is born.

It’s best to start feeding your baby with milk only when you feel that she or he is healthy enough to be fed milk.

5. Put your baby to sleep

baby lying on gray textile

Take care of your baby’s sleeping schedule by sleeping with your baby whenever possible.

If you are not able to sleep with your baby, place him or her in a cot, and have him or her close to your side.

This way you can have some sleep, and it will benefit your baby too.

If you have to have the baby on your lap, make sure that you’re using a pillow.

This is because having a baby on your lap will put too much strain on your shoulders, arms, and legs.

6. Make babies follow instructions

Make sure that you make your baby follow instructions.

Do not force him or her to do something.

Instead, when you ask the baby to do something, show him or her a little smile and follow it up with an, “Oh. I see.”