Over the past few years, there has been a constant stream of stories about how technology is taking over our lives to give us more time due to efficient use of software and gadgets. Some claim that we have gone too far with this digital dependence, though!

Many feel overwhelmed by all of these new tools and apps designed to help you do your work faster and easier.

Some say that we have become slaves to our devices because every hour, we need to check email, upload something online, look up a recipe or product, organize documents, and the list goes on.

And while it’s true that technology can be helpful in achieving your goals, using tech for less than one hour per day is very healthy.

You will find that most wealthy people are rich because they understand the value of relaxation and down-time. They know what things contribute to stress and add to it, so they make sure to only spend limited amounts of time doing them.

This is why having a smartphone with you at all times is not a good idea – you are constantly stressed out and distracted.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your level of device reliance without giving up efficiency. Here are some tips for staying productive without using much technology.

Online editing tools

how technology increases productivity

With technology becoming more prevalent, creating content has become way easier than ever before. You no longer need to have an expensive software package or computer in order to create your own little space where you can edit and organize your documents.

There are many free online editing apps that most people know about at least slightly. Some of the more well-known ones include Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Creative Suite, and Apple’s Pages and Numbers.

These programs may not be fully featured like some paid versions of office suites, but they give users enough control to produce quality work.

Google docs is one example of this. You can upload all types of files into it, and even add external accounts such as Dropbox to access them. This makes for easy backup and sharing of information.

Some features that are available with these apps include font embedding, track changes, comments, and direct linking which allows for faster collaboration.

Faster editing

how technology increases productivity

When working with Photoshop or other graphics software, you will often need to make changes to an image. These changes can be changing the color of an object, adding or taking away elements from an image, or even altering the shape of an element.

In earlier versions of Photoshop, these edits would mean having to either save a new copy of the picture, or use a tool that allowed for more advanced editing features later. Starting in version CS6, you now have a special tool called Content-Aware Fill which does all of this for you automatically!

Content-aware filling allows Photoshop to recognize parts of the image that are similar to each other and replace them with another texture or color so that it looks like its part of the original image. For example, if there is a leaf in your picture that is green, it will go into photoshop and find plants around that look like leaves and make them look like grass instead. This is very helpful as then you do not have to manually edit the plant photos!

This feature is very popular and has become quite the staple in most people’s daily workflow.

Faster development

how technology increases productivity

A faster web browser, computer or phone allows you to do your job more quickly. You can surf the net while writing to find an idea or information for your next article.

A fast internet connection gives you the ability to search far and wide without having to worry about being disconnected due to lack of speed.

Having a smartphone has allowed us to be connected at all times, giving us the opportunity to check messages, make calls, and browse the web from anywhere.

Fast computers allow you to work efficiently with less time wasted looking around for something.

These tools have made it possible to produce our best work quickly, which is what matters most.

Communicating with your audience

how technology increases productivity

As we mentioned before, staying in touch with your audience is one of the most important things you can do as an entrepreneur. With the ever-growing amount of tools at our disposal, it’s easy to start thinking that once you create your online presence everything will keep running smoothly on its own.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Running a business means there are always going to be people around you, which makes keeping in contact with others a constant challenge.

It’s not just about talking to someone face-to-face anymore, it’s also about sharing thoughts and information via phone call or chat app, or even sending an email.

And all of these interactions take time! Time that entrepreneurs don’t have quite so easily.

Taking your time

how technology increases productivity

A few years ago, people were talking about how technology was taking away our jobs. Now it seems like every major company is trying to hire professionals that are experienced in using computers as tools for productivity.

Technology can be very efficient at saving you time! That’s why most employers offer paid leave and/or tuition reimbursement. It may even afford you the opportunity to pursue your dreams or career opportunities outside of work.

There are many ways technology helps us save time. For example, instead of looking through each individual file folder, computerized files make finding what you’re looking for much faster.

It also makes organizing things much simpler, as everything is typically stored online somewhere. This way you don’t have to worry about getting rid of all your old paperwork and folders!

Lastly, technology has made it easy to accomplish tasks from anywhere. You no longer need to go into the office everyday to work. You can easily do your job from home while still staying connected.

The future of technology

how technology increases productivity

Over the past decade, we have seen an explosion in productivity-enhancing technologies that are easy to use. Gone are the days when you had to invest in expensive software or hire someone who was trained in using it to be productive.

Now, anyone can pick up almost any tool and get things done. It is not only affordable, but also accessible to most people. This has changed how society functions and how business operates.

Technology has made us more efficient workers by freeing our time so we can focus on other tasks. If you’re looking to improve your efficiency as a professional, there are many ways to do this.

Here are eight products that will change the way you work. Check out these powerful tools and see what you can add into your digital life for greater success.

Learning to focus

how technology increases productivity

In our increasingly connected world, we are exposed to distractions constantly. It is easy to get distracted by notifications, messages, and calls, and even worse, be distracted from what you were doing before due to an unexpected phone call or notification.

With technology moving at such a lightning speed, it can be hard to find that balance of using technology for efficient productivity and limiting access to it so it does not take over your life.

There are several ways to learn how to focus. You can develop self-control, time management skills, or start to recognize things that distract you and avoid them. This article will discuss some strategies to help you become more focused.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.