As we already mentioned, social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. It is almost impossible to go anywhere these days without seeing at least one item sponsored by or advertisement on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other such sites. Companies use this medium to promote their products and services, and it does not cost much to be featured there!

As companies have shifted towards using social media as a tool for marketing, users have also grown to expect content and advertisements when you log onto one of these sites. This can sometimes get annoying for those who do not like the style of advertising that is being provided, or the over-the-top nature of some ads.

Some people may even find certain types of ads overly provocative or offensive. These are just some examples of how powerful social media advertising can be!

There are several reasons why using video in ad campaigns is so effective. Not only is it more engaging than plain text or picture advertisements, but it can convey a sharper message with less noise. In addition, studies show that viewers tend to take longer exposures to videos than they do pictures or texts, giving your business more time to influence a sale.

This article will discuss some ways that using video in advertising can benefit your business.

Make videos that your audience is more likely to watch

how social media can affects video marketing

A video without a clear aim or purpose will not be watched to the fullest. If you have got a product that needs explaining, then do it!

Many brands seem to make very expensive videos with no explanation as to why they are investing in this content. It may sound cliché, but true – if you’re going to invest in an investment, then at least put some effort into it.

We understand that creating a video can be quite time consuming so we have compiled a list of tips for you to create effective, low-cost videos.

Create content that encourages your audience to click the “Subscribe” button

how social media can affects video marketing

As we mentioned before, video is a powerful way to connect with your audience and boost engagement.

But using social media for marketing means making sure your followers are able to view and access your videos at any time and anywhere.

That is why it is important to consider how different platforms affect your videos.

For example, some networks require you to have an account first to be able to embed their videos or use their linking tools.

Other sites may not allow you to link directly to the website you want to advertise because of advertising regulations or terms of service.

By being aware of these limitations, you can still produce engaging videos that are socially optimized.

Make use of marketing strategies that include quizzes

how social media can affects video marketing

As we mentioned before, using social media to promote your business or product can be done in many ways. A lot of companies mix their videos with advertisements or paid posts to make them more substantial and noticeable.

With so much competition out there, having unique content is important to stand apart from the rest. Luckily for you, creating engaging videos is an easy way to do this.

By filming yourself doing something fun or informative about your business or industry, you will create interesting content that people will want to see. Setting up a video diary or making a how-to video are great options.

Running a live stream or Q&A session is another way to add value to your viewers while promoting your company.

Encourage commenting and sharing

how social media can affects video marketing

As we mentioned before, content is one of the most important factors in effective video marketing. But how you present that content is just as important. If your audience does not feel encouraged to interact with your content, they will not!

As we discussed earlier, creating engaging videos is difficult. It requires editing advanced footage, writing good headlines and bullet points, finding interesting ways to be creative — the list goes on.

But there is something that can help you set your video aside and go crazy with creativity. This tool has been around for some time now, but it is still very popular.

It’s social media!

Yes, that thing people use to connect online and send messages to each other. What I mean by that is: if you are trying to create an engagement or viewership for your YouTube channel, then start posting on social media sites. Create posts about your topic, comment on others’ posts, and spread the word.

This way, your followers and watchers can either come directly from the site or through links and advertisements.

Link your videos to other social media sites

how social media can affects video marketing

While creating engaging YouTube videos is great, there are some extra features you can add to make them more powerful. One of these is linking your video to an external site or two!

Linking your video to another website is called embedding it. By doing this, you give credit to the author of the article (by linking back to their page) and provide a way for people to access that content easily.

This is very important as most online publishers have their own websites and forums they use to share information. They depend on followers/readers coming to visit their site to gain knowledge.

By including links in your videos, you help promote theirs! A popular way to do this is using a tool such as YouTube’s rich link feature.

You can pick any topic – even ones related to yours – and then include the link in the description box or as part of the narrative.

Use video in your blog

how social media can affects video marketing

While creating videos is not easy, it is totally doable if you are willing to put in some effort. Creating a YouTube channel is free, and their guidelines are very simple!

You can easily pick up how to make videos for your website or business by watching how-to videos online. By investing in your media presence through social sites like YouTube and Facebook, you will have an easier time promoting your products and services.

Most people enjoy consuming content that they feel is informative and entertaining at the same time. Using videos to promote your product or service will set them apart from the rest.

There are many ways to use video marketing to boost your site’s exposure. Posting quick clips onto your website or using software to create blogs focused on educating your readers about your product or service is one of the best strategies.

People love to see themselves as smart and knowledgable, so sharing tips and tricks with other individuals feels good.

Record and edit your videos yourself

how social media can affects video marketing

After you have gathered enough content, it is time to record and edit your video. Most companies will provide you with software or tools to create your YouTube videos, but this is not very helpful if you are not familiar with these programs.

You should definitely be comfortable using such software before creating videos for your business. Some of the more advanced apps require some technical knowledge, so make sure to look up how to use them prior to filming.

There are many free editing softwares available online that can help you produce our videos. Many people also upload their own footage onto social media sites like Instagram or Facebook and then edit the piece together in a similar app or tool.

By doing this, they get to take credit for the video while adding additional touches to make it their own.

Use a video editing program

how social media can affects video marketing

Having a way to edit your videos is very important as it impacts how well your videos are received and whether or not people want to watch them.

There are several free, easy to use video editing software programs that can be used to create and edit short videos. Some of the most common ones include YouTube, Google, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

By using one of these apps, you will have access to all of the features they offer for free! It’s great because you don’t need to pay anything extra to get more functionality.

Google and Adobe both offer ways to download their app so that you do not need to go through online streaming services to use some of their tools.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.