This article will talk about how much you should be charging for your marketing video. It is important to remember that your price does not only include paying for filming, editing, and production of your video, but also covers the cost of advertising it.

Most people start off by asking themselves what their budget is before starting to look into investing in marketing videos. However, this is the wrong way to go about it!

It is extremely difficult to create an effective marketing video within your budget unless you are very good at producing multimedia content. By creating too many expensive videos, you will lose momentum and need to reevaluate your budget.

This can be tricky as marketers are usually paid per hour to produce content, so they may feel pressured to keep working even when there isn’t enough money left for other projects. In these cases, they may be able to ask for extra compensation, which is another factor to consider when determining your pricing.

However, don’t make more than you would normally want to earn with this service because someone else could take over the project or the job could get outsourced next time. A better approach is to aim to spend just above your average spending level, but no more than twice that amount.

Price your marketing videos based on the following factors

how much to charge for marketing video

Pricing is an important factor in determining how successful your video will be. It’s one of the most crucial parts of creating success with YouTube videos, but you need to make sure that you know what kind of videos are popular so you can determine how much to charge for yours.

This article will talk about some key things that influence price of your YouTube videos including: length, market value, competition, and audience size.

Creative quality of the video

how much to charge for marketing video

Even though you might not have all the fancy production equipment, that doesn’t mean you can’t produce great marketing videos.

It’s totally fine if you don’t have very much money, but you should be aware of your budget so you don’t go overboard with filming and editing.

The main thing about producing creative content is having enough motivation to create it. If you’re never inspired to make something new, then what use is it?

You could spend hours creating an amazing film, but no one will watch it unless it’s worth watching. So how do you know whether or not your movie is worthy? By thinking about the types of movies and TV shows that people enjoy and see how much they cost.

There are lots of ways to market your business, and most seem to work at least slightly. What we suggest is to pick one area that isn’t working for you and try experimenting in another.

Marketing strategy

how much to charge for marketing video

The price of your video is also dependent on the type of content you are creating. If it’s an introduction or testimonial video, then your audience does not need high quality footage.

A lower budget option that works just as well is to use YouTube videos. By using free resources, you increase your exposure while still leaving room to invest in more professional filming equipment.

Running a cost-effective marketing campaign means spending money on production gear but only up to a certain level – not expensive enough to look cheap, and not too rich so that it becomes difficult to compete with others who have spent extra to look sharper.

Testing various prices can help determine what is within your budget and what is not!

If you do decide to spend more money on filming, make sure to evaluate whether or not the additional investment was worth it.

Does your film look good? Does it convey your message clearly? Are there ways you could have used the movie to showcase your product or service even better? All these questions matter because they factor into how effective your film will be.

Your experience and skills

how much to charge for marketing video

As mentioned before, you will need to determine how much time you can commit to marketing videos and what budget you have to work with. It is very common to be timeshare between several other responsibilities at a company, so having extra money available can help facilitate creating content.

If you are not experienced in making video advertisements, there are many resources online that can teach you this art form! There are even some great free sites where you can test your hand at producing content. Many of these sites allow you to add paid features as you grow more skilled in filming and editing videos.

By practicing and experimenting with different styles and genres, you’ll find one that fits you well and can be saved as a draft version until you feel confident enough to edit it fully.

How much the client can afford

how much to charge for marketing video

As mentioned before, marketing videos are very expensive! This is due to many factors, such as the script, filming, editing, voice talent, graphics, etc.

The more components you have, the higher your price tag will be. The average cost per video is around $500-1000 depending on the length of the film. More professional films can cost up to $5000!

This is why the first thing that most marketers do after creating their own videos is to look into free resources or low budget videos.

After doing this, they then ask themselves how valuable their content is. If it’s not too important, they will probably go cheaper than if it was crucial to their business.

General tips

As mentioned before, the initial investment to make a marketing video comes down to paying attention to detail and having an understanding about video production.

However, aside from those two things, there aren’t really any hard and fast rules when it comes to pricing videos. People differ in what they feel is worth what so each one has its own special price.

What the video will do for your business

how much to charge for marketing video

Many businesses seem to forget that videos are a powerful way to promote their company and services. They spend lots of money to create a video, but they fail to advertise it or push it live.

This is very unfortunate because marketing videos can boost traffic to your website, increase online sales, and strengthen relationships with clients.

It’s hard to believe how much power one short YouTube clip can have. With the right market research, you can determine how much to charge for this content and benefit from its success.

Here are some reasons why marketing videos are so important and what benefits they offer your business.

Length of the video

how much to charge for marketing video

The second factor in how much you should be charging for your marketing videos is length. Obviously, the longer the video, the more expensive it will cost to produce and market.

However, there’s another way to look at this. If you assume that one minute of advertising costs around $3.50 per view, then your price per minute must be less than $3.50!

The average one-minute YouTube clip has three million views, which means its price per view is about $1.00. Therefore, your price per minute can be up to half of what it actually is!

That being said, we recommend producing short, fun videos with engaging content. These are perfect for SEO because they keep viewers engaged and surfing away!

Lengthy reports and educational videos can become expensive if you include enough production value. We suggest staying within budget for these types of videos unless you have very large income margins.

Content of the video

how much to charge for marketing video

Even though you do not have much time to make your marketing video, it is important to know what kind of content you should include in it. You can choose whether or not to be formal, casual, funny, serious, emotional — anything that fits with your business and market.

Your message will more likely get people’s attention if the content is interesting and engaging. If your audience does not care about your product, they probably will not watch your video!

Some tips: as mentioned before, use keywords, but also try to create some context around these keywords. For example, instead of just saying “buying shoes helps save this planet,” say something like “Finding good quality footwear that are durable and environmentally friendly is very difficult.”

Many people start listening when someone calls them out or accuses them of something. So why not use that power for your own benefit? Why not call out companies for their poor environmental practices? Or how about telling your friends and family about an organization that makes life better for others?

By educating yourself and those around you, you will begin to change behaviors which will hopefully inspire others to take action as well.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.