A content marketing video that is too short or nonexistant is detrimental to your business. If you have spent time creating an interesting article, slideshow, promotional video, etc – it is very important to get into detail and actually use it!

You will want to invest some time in editing your content and establishing a presence on various social media platforms. Your audience will be looking at this content, so make it worth their while!

It is not enough to put together an article with no pictures or music, then cut the video down to just your message. This is boring for your readers and does not convey value of your product or service.

Content should tell someone something, but also draw them in and motivate action. Creating a video that is only about promoting your products or services is pointless. You would not watch such a thing unless you were paid to.

Luckily, there are rules of thumb on how long a well-edited video should be. By sticking to these lengths, your video can become very professional and helpful for your business.

Exact length of content marketing videos are hard to determine

Lengthy content can be boring for your audience, so how long you should let a video is dependent on what type of product or service you are trying to sell.

If your product does not require much explanation, then shorter may be better!

Your target market may already know very well what your product does, making it difficult to see why someone would want to buy it. Take Mandy’s example above – she markets weight loss products, so her target audience probably knows about most of these by now.

She could easily make a one minute YouTube movie that was completely out-of-this-world motivational, but her audience might just skip over it. They have likely seen many similar ones before!

Instead, she makes a longer movie (one hour) with less flashy features than most others. This gives people more time to watch and process the information, and also allows them to give it a few days before deciding if it is worth buying.

Lengthy content doesn’t mean boring, however. People enjoy watching movies that take hours to get through because there is a lot of action.

Exact length of content marketing videos differ based on the market

how long should a content marketing video be

Lengthy content can be for an introduction to a product or service, A brief testimonial video showcasing a product’s features might be one minute long.

Feature additional products similar to the ones in the testimonials or describe how to use the product more thoroughly, if it is available.

A longer animated video telling the story of a company’s rise to success can focus on individual contributors as well as leadership qualities.

Content with no clear goal will not inspire action.

Test to see how much content your target market is interested in

how long should a content marketing video be

Lengthy videos that contain lots of information with interactive features are great ways to use video content to promote your business.

Content marketing has become very popular in recent years because it works! The average person now has access to a wide variety of media, including YouTube.

Most people already feel overwhelmed by the amount of content available to them via social media, mobile apps, and online shopping sites. They want more guidance on what they should be reading or watching next.

With this trend coming about, companies have incorporated content into their advertising strategies in order to draw in new customers. By using content as an tool to spread your brand’s name, you will stand out from the rest.

What is the maximum length for a content marketing video?

The number one factor in determining the length of your video is testing how many minutes your audience wants to watch.

Your viewers may not like spending too much time listening to you, so make sure your video is short but informative. Use basic graphic design and easy navigation to focus attention on the content instead of the interface.

Some websites limit the length of their articles due to copyright issues, so make sure yours does not. Check out our article about why writing a good article is important to know before creating a video.

General tips

Our personal preference is 1-2 minute videos, however we understand that some brands need longer than that.

The length of a content marketing video should be based on the following factors

how long should a content marketing video be

What your audience wants to see

Length: This depends on the size of the company, what kind of message they want to get across, and how much time people spend listening to their podcasts or watching their videos.

Hypothesis: Testing different lengths to see which one works best is an excellent way to determine the ideal length for your video.

Introduction: Most companies will start with shorter videos (500–1000 words) and then test longer ones (more than 1,000 words). By doing this, you can figure out what length video gives you the most exposure while still keeping people engaged.

How to choose the correct length of a content marketing video

how long should a content marketing video be

A very short video is usually only focused on an image or two- three minutes are the limit for this type of video.

Very short videos are great if you just need to make a quick statement or promote a product or service.

You will probably find one of these videos in your Instagram feed or YouTube channel.

They are entertaining, flashy, and attention grabbing which makes them perfect pick up tools for your audience.

But unless the content inside matches the length of the video, then it can be hard to listen to anyone beyond the initial appeal.

Content takes time to create and edit so don’t cut any corners when creating yours!

Too many people use short videos as a way to get rid of their workload but they should work harder to keep up with what others consider normal production quality standards.

It is not difficult to produce a good looking, well edited piece of content that takes more than three minutes to create.

And while three minutes may seem like a lot, there are ways to test the length of your own content to see how much time each part requires.

Lengthy content does not mean boring content, instead it uses timing and space to add depth to the story.

Make it engaging

how long should a content marketing video be

Length is only important if you want to say something about your product or business! If you are trying to get people to leave the video, then longer is better. People love entertainment so offering an entertaining length movie or show is the way to go.

Content marketing videos that are too short could be seen as deceptive or even fake because they do not give enough information. Your audience may feel cheated since they spent time watching your film and for nothing.

Too long can backfire though. When your film is one hour long, people will stop watching after 40 minutes. They will assume there isn’t much of value in your content and skip over the rest.

We recommend sticking within a minute of average listening time for your video. This will make sure everyone has time to process what you have to offer before moving onto the next thing.

Ensure it is informative

how long should a content marketing video be

A content marketing video that lasts longer than 30 seconds is great for adding value to your business or brand. It can be a direct testimonial, an explanation of a product or service, or even a how-to tip.

Content marketing videos with more than one minute are very common now. It seems like every major company out there has their own YouTube channel with short sponsored videos.

By creating engaging, watchable content, you will reap the benefits of lengthy videos. Your audience will keep coming back if they see something new from you!

And since most people these days have limited time, shorter videos may not be effective in generating traffic and engagement for your business.

You should strive to create content that is around one minute long at the least unless your message requires more detail.

Focus on your content theme

how long should a content marketing video be

Recent studies show that most people are spending less time watching television, so creating engaging videos to promote your business’s products or services is no longer a luxury, it is a need!

With the explosion of social media sites like YouTube, people have lower expectations for how long it takes to get their video recommendations. Your company can benefit from this by developing creative ways to use digital media to communicate your message and business purpose.

Many businesses rely heavily on direct response advertisements or commercials which ask you to do something- you buy the product! With a regular commercial, your body learns the exact same thing over and over again.

Content marketing is different– instead of having an event to purchase, your audience comes to you. You give them informative information about who you are and what you offer, then ask them to take action – connect with you or find someone else you help.

How long should your video be? The average length is one minute, but some very successful brands have gone as short as 50 seconds while others hit the two-minute mark.

Just because other companies have done it doesn’t mean you have to! It is important to know your own brand first before experimenting with new lengths.

Once you have determined the length you want to go for, focus on your main topic and goal per level of engagement.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.