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There are multiple definitions of long-term goals.

One of the more common definitions is 30 days. This is the magic number because, after the deadline, the goal is clearly in sight.

The average person thinks it will take only 30 days to achieve their goal. That’s almost exactly true.

But don’t stop there. If you look at the research on how long it takes to achieve any long-term goal, you’ll find out that it is around 90 days.

Why does this take so long?

Roadmap planning using a physical kanban roadmap.

That’s where Sinek comes in. In a world of social media and the fast-paced life that we live, our attention is scattered.

We have many goals, we are not able to focus on any of them, and it is hard to set a specific deadline.

Sinek brings his entire life to the table to prove that there is no magic number. If you need to accomplish a long-term goal in less than 30 days, it is not going to happen.

It is not a challenge, it is not “I will get it done” and it does not take 30 days to put things in motion.

People think that the goal needs to be specific and measurable, but it doesn’t. We need to have the right mindset to achieve this.

We need to believe in ourselves and in what we want to accomplish. It needs to be a clear and very realistic goal that we can accomplish.

Understanding what we want to achieve

We need to first understand what we want to achieve in life. If we start with this step, there will be no roadblocks in getting us where we want to go.

You will be able to focus on the right strategy. It will not take up too much time. The strategies you pick will be appropriate.

You won’t need to work hard to achieve the goal. It will feel so natural.

It is the same as getting into shape or becoming a great guitarist. You see it and you just do it.

This is why it takes 90 days to get a result. There is no time for procrastination and if you do not start today, it won’t be done for another year.

You can complete many short term goals in a short time period

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You’re already accomplishing something long-term.

But you’re not doing it fast enough.

Most people will take a big step and think they’re halfway there. But it’s not even close to being there yet.

In fact, you’re just doing something as small as “getting started.”

What’s actually possible to achieve is far bigger than a single move.

When you start doing the little things you need to do every day, you’re almost always getting very close to the finished product.

Most things you’re doing are big steps that are taking you a long way. But they’re not as easy to get done as you think they are.

Just like most people, you’re not completing anything that’s taking you halfway. You’re actually making progress.

The progress is going far beyond “getting started” to where you want to be. It’s now almost complete.

That’s the bigger challenge.

Do the key things you need to do right now

In other words, you’re getting close, but it’s not over yet.

What are the last few steps you need to complete to reach your long-term goal?

The answer to that question determines whether you’re halfway there or not.

“Hands down, the most important thing you can do to actually see your big goals realized is to become obsessed with your goals.

Focused, hardworking, and fearless about achieving your big goals, you’ll achieve more of them in the time it takes to walk one mile than many other people will achieve in their entire lives.” — Jack Canfield

You can make HUGE strides by making big, concentrated progress. It takes only a few seconds to take a few minutes.

A few things can happen when you take a few seconds or minutes to make a big effort.

You make huge progress.

Or you don’t make big progress.

Most people don’t make it to the “big picture.” It requires more than that.

Once you realize that the process of making progress is a lot like putting blocks together, it’s not rocket science to figure out how to make short, focused progress.

You just need to identify the right focus and focus on the right things.

The same will hold for your long-term goals. When you focus on your goal and take small, focused steps every day, you’ll realize that you’re moving very close to the finished product.

You won’t need to guess when you’re halfway there. You’ll know.

But you have to act on it now.

Don’t wait any longer

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If you want to see your long-term goal done, you have to get started now.

If you want to be halfway there, you have to take a few actions now.

If you want to be three-quarters of the way there, you need to take action now.

You can’t do any of it later. You need to take action and make huge progress right now.

Before you know it, you’ll be halfway to your goal. You’ll see where you’re at, but you won’t be happy.

You’ll be going backward and you’ll never reach your long-term goal.

So take action today and create the difference you want to see.