Over time, technology has improved our daily lives to a significant degree. It has made it possible for us to connect with people anywhere at any time, and have easy access to vast amounts of information. While some consider this as a negative effect of technology, I believe there are many more examples of how advanced technologies improve quality of life.

There is no doubt that we live in an increasingly connected world. From social media sites like Facebook to smartphone apps, you never really “switch off” from technology. This is great if you enjoy using tech, but what about those who feel overwhelmed by all the gadgets?

This article will talk about seven ways that technology has changed society for the better. Some of these changes occurred very slowly, while others happened much faster. However, none of them occur without having an impact on individuals and cultures around the globe.

Here they are:

1. Health & Fitness

We are living longer due to better health and fitness. With every passing year, we find new ways to stay fit and healthy. Technology plays a large part in helping us do this!

From fitness trackers such as FitBits to workout programs such as YouTube videos, fitness has never been easier or faster. If you need help getting into shape, try looking through your own accounts to see what you can add to your routine!


Greater equality

how has technology improved society

One of the greatest things about our society is how equal everyone seems to be. No one lives in an exclusive or wealthy area, nor are there very rich or poor people. This feeling of “we’re all in this together” has benefits that go far beyond making us feel good.

It creates a sense of community. We watch out for each other because we want the same thing – better neighborhoods, safer streets, more money to spend. These changes strengthen our trust in each other and create a lasting bond.

Greater equality also brings about change. People who were once excluded can now participate, which opens up new opportunities. It breaks down barriers and allows them to become part of the system instead of being on the outside looking in.

On the opposite end, people who have never experienced poverty may find it hard to understand why others would choose to live that way. They may even think it should be allowed to continue so those with money can keep enjoying themselves while others struggle to make ends meet.

More freedom

how has technology improved society

We live in an era where technology is constantly changing how we interact with each other, and the world around us. It is enhancing our daily lives by giving us more options and possibilities than ever before.

This is not limited to just for entertainment purposes either; it has allowed for people to connect with others and express their thoughts and ideas much more freely.

It also allows them do so at any time and from anywhere. Gone are the days when you needed to be connected to a computer or smartphone to use tools like Google Maps or pay your bills.

Not only that, but due to the ease of access most people now have, they can easily watch or listen to content that was never possible before. This gives individuals the chance to enjoy content that might be outside of the norm or even controversial.

Overall, I think society has become less oppressive as people are given greater freedoms. They are able to speak their mind without fear of being punished or censored.

Less government

how has technology improved society

Over time, technology has allowed for ever-expanding communication networks as well as tools to organize and control such networks. This has led to less need for centralized leadership or governance of individuals and groups.

As we know, not every individual shares the same moral values or political ideologies. Technology makes it easy to connect with likeminded people, which helps promote diversity in our communities.

By using technology, we can avoid having to rely on outside sources for information that may be biased. For example, by posting pictures and statements about how great certain companies are, we can create an environment where only positive reviews exist.

The same goes for social media sites. By creating accounts that appear authentic, people will trust what you have to say.

New discoveries

how has technology improved society

We live in an era where technology is constantly improving our lives, from how we communicate to what we eat. Even medicine has made great progress with new technologies such as X-rays, CAT scanners and MRI’s.

New technological advances are happening at a rapid pace, which only helps us to thrive and make life more comfortable.

This article will discuss some of the ways that technology has improved society, starting with something most people use every day…the internet!

The internet has transformed our daily lives by allowing us to connect with others, search for information and do business online easily and quickly. It also allows us to consume media content easily, including listening to podcasts and music.

Many educational institutions have adopted digital education methods due to its ease of access and lower cost. This article may help you find other examples of how technology has changed society.

Better education

how has technology improved society

Education is one of our greatest resources, we know that now more than ever. Since the beginning of civilization, learning has been crucial to progress. Ancient civilizations like the Babylonians and Egyptians had schools where children were taught their letters and how to count.

These early educational institutions played an integral part in society by helping to produce stable rulers and keep power in certain groups of people. It also allowed for social mobility, as educated elites could rise through the ranks faster due to literacy.

However, these days this isn’t always the case. In many developing countries, access to quality public schooling is limited to only the wealthy. This inequality is something we must work towards correcting.

Education should be free, accessible to anyone who wants it, and every person needs to learn how to read and write. Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere around the world. Many governments are spending huge amounts of money on educating young students, but they are only teaching them what they want to hear.

This doesn’t help them nor does it improve our chances at lasting change. We need informed leaders who can connect with others, and there is no way to achieve this without education.

Schools exist to teach kids about the past, present, and future, but some focus more on giving you a job and keeping you addicted to consumer goods while other lessons are overlooked or ignored.

Self-driving cars

how has technology improved society

Way back in 2009, Google announced that it would be developing self-driving cars for use on public roads. Since then, many other car companies have picked up where they left off to make this dream a reality. In fact, several major automakers now offer fully autonomous vehicles!

Self-driving cars are not new. We’ve seen some limited testing of them before, but now there are products that can drive themselves with little or no input from human drivers. This is very exciting because we as humans tend to underestimate how bad our own skills are when it comes to driving!

There has been significant controversy about whether these driverless cars will actually increase road safety or if they will only cause more accidents due to people being distracted by them.

That said, technology always seems to solve previous problems through making things better so I believe overall traffic safety will improve thanks to robot drivers.

Online shopping

how has technology improved society

One of the most significant changes that technology has brought us is online shopping. Gone are the days when people would need to visit a store to find what they wanted or needed. With every major retailer offering their own e-commerce sites, you no longer have to go out to search for something new.

In fact, with all of these websites having their share of customers, many will now be doing business exclusively through the internet. It is very easy to compare prices across different sellers and stores, which can help guide which ones are the best fit for your budget.

Another benefit of buying online is that it usually does not require going into a physical shop. You can stay home and purchase what you want without being influenced by advertising. Many retailers offer coupons and/or rewards programs so it is also worth looking into whether or not those apply to your favorite brands.

Online shopping has become such a popular way to do business that some locations close down due to lack of traffic. This could potentially be bad for the community as well as the individual businesses!

If there are less tourists in your area, perhaps use this opportunity to start investing in some goods to bring back memories.

Digital currencies

how has technology improved society

Recent developments in technology have allowed for an entirely new way to transfer value from one person to another. Bitcoin was the first successful digital currency, which comes with some significant benefits over other methods of payment.

A digital currency is simply a digitized form of money that uses cryptography to verify transactions and keep records secure. Bitcoins are no different than dollars or euros, except they were designed and engineered by someone who had a passion for monetary systems.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not issued or backed by any government or central bank; instead, they are created and validated through what is referred to as “mining”. Businesses or individuals who want to make a Bitcoin transaction must go through a process of validation before credit is given. This process requires computer processing power and electricity, producing a very valuable by-product – energy!

These miners are compensated through the cryptocurrency they help create in terms of payments or rewards for their work. The more people use bitcoins, the higher the value because more people are investing in them, so they are becoming increasingly popular. Companies have even adapted strategies to rely heavily on bitcoin for business operations and finance.

Another benefit of using cryptocurrencies is the ability to stay anonymous. Because there is nobody but you holding your personal coin supply, it does not associate your identity with anyone or anything else. It also makes tracking spending difficult, since you cannot follow the trail of coins.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.