Recent developments in technology have given us infinite possibilities to improve our lives. From making and sending messages more quickly, to giving you access to the whole world via the internet, technological advancements are happening at a breakneck speed.

Many people refer to this as The Information Age because of all the different information that can be accessed through computers and smart phones. This is especially true now with the availability of almost unlimited apps for every platform.

There are many ways technology has improved society, but one of the biggest is by lowering overall costs. Due to software being designed to do things already cost effectively, there is no longer a need to spend money on expensive equipment or services that older versions had.

Newer generations grow up using technology so effectively it changes how they live their life and what fields they are trained in. A few examples of this are doctors having access to diagnostic tools such as x-rays, engineers having software to design buildings and cars, and students being able to learn from anywhere and any device. All of these benefits come largely due to advances in computer science.

This article will talk about some other ways that technology improves society and will include an example of how I used technology to help me achieve my goal.

Video games

how does technology improve society

In his book, The Game of Life, William James described gaming as an activity that requires you to use your imagination and motivation to be engaged in it. As such, gaming can help develop the mind and body!

Most people enjoy video games, there is no denying this. However, some argue that too much exposure to videogames may have negative effects on individuals.

These potential negatives include things like addiction, poor social skills, and lack of focus and attention. Because of this, several governments have restricted how many hours gamers are allowed to play per day or week.

Luckily, technology has improved upon these limitations. There are now ways to limit how long someone spends playing videogames by limiting their access to them.

This article will talk more about why this is important and what tools exist to do so.

Online shopping

how does technology improve society

Over the past few years, online shopping has become increasingly common. With every major store having their own e-commerce site, it is no longer necessary to go to a mall or local stores to find what you want.

There are many benefits of doing most of your spending through the internet. Not only can you do almost all of your shopping from the comfort of your home, but you also earn points towards rewards, you help small businesses by buying them products, and you save money in transportation costs.

Many experts agree that we will see more and bigger savings due to online shopping as time goes on. The cost per item is typically much lower than at a brick and mortar location, which helps account for this.

Online shopping gives people who have busy schedules an opportunity to spend time shopping without needing to leave the house.

Online dating

how does technology improve society

One of the newer developments in technology is online dating. This has allowed for people to connect with others outside of the traditional way of meeting, like at a bar or coffee shop. With the rise of social media, creating your profile now not only includes listing your hobbies and career paths, but also including what you like to do and who you are liking on apps such as Facebook and Instagram.

Online dating brings an element of anonymity into the equation which can help people feel more comfortable when trying to meet someone new. It also allows for people to be able to look up profiles without being surrounded by other people, giving them more privacy.

Overall, using technology to facilitate meetings and get to know people is a great thing. People have different ways of doing things so offering alternatives to face-to-face encounters is important too.

Social media

how does technology improve society

One of the most important things that technology has done for us is create an interactive community. With the ability to connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere, we have never been more connected as people.

It’s easy to get distracted by all the different apps, sites, and gadgets that offer quick rewards, but what I believe we should be focusing on more than anything else is how to help others.

By creating communities through social networking sites like Facebook, you can contribute towards helping your friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers in need.

You can make announcements, share experiences, spread knowledge, and give encouragement — all from the comfort of your own home.

Social media isn’t just about posting pictures of yourself and talking about how much you love eating, it’s about connecting with other people and supporting them. It’s about being aware and giving back where you can.

Online classes

One of the biggest ways that technology is changing society is through online education. Many universities are offering courses via online platforms, which have become very common. This way students do not need to attend campus or travel for educational opportunities.

Online learning has grown in popularity due to its cost-effective nature. Students can now stay at home and focus on schoolwork without having to pay expensive transportation costs or eat away from home.

For teachers, this also allows them to reach more people. They do not need to go to many campuses to meet with students, they can use software to create interactive lessons and videos and share it with anyone!

Overall, online education is becoming widely accepted as an effective tool to promote student success.

Science of humor

how does technology improve society

In fact, there’s a very specific psychology theory that explains why we find some things funny. It’s called the science of humor, and it was first described in 1908 by Dr. Robert M. Burch. He coined the term “humor theory” to describe his findings while he was studying medicine at Johns Hopkins University.

Since then, many psychologists have studied this area to see what factors are needed for something to be considered humorous or not.

One important factor is how much one can relate to someone else. For example, if you heard about someone getting hit by a bus, would you laugh? Probably not. But if you saw someone get run over by a bus, you might chuckle for an instant before thinking, “Oh no! What happened?!”

This is because you recognize yourself in the other person – you feel like they could experience the same thing as you do. A related concept is empathy, which I discussed in a previous article here.

Another key element is surprise. If your friend told you that they were going out for pizza tonight, but instead they announced that they had just bought tickets to the circus, that wouldn’t make you laugh too hard. On the other hand, if she said she was buying a pair of shoes, but then opened up her shirt and showed you a necklace, you would probably burst into laughter.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.