Doing video marketing is not easy, nor does it come with guaranteed results. The best way to do video marketing is by creating content you will love that offers helpful information people are looking for. Your audience will quickly learn about you and your products or services through those videos!

There are many ways to create engaging videos that appeal to your target market. It’s important to know who your audience is before starting to produce content. Are there certain types of videos your company should make? What formats work well for you?

Producing high quality videos can be quite time consuming. Starting off on the wrong foot could cost you valuable money if you don’t recognize how to take care of business.

Create your video marketing strategy

how do you do video marketing

One of the most important things to know about videos is that they do not have to be made for YouTube. They can be any length, done at any time, and with no goal other than to make you feel relaxed and confident.

With that said, it is important to know what kind of content people are sharing online. If you’re not sure where to start, our best advice is to pick a genre or area of business that you are already connected to (for example, if you love writing, write a book! Or if you are very artistic, design some logos or advertisements! etc.) and just brainstorm from there.

Another tip we have is to ensure your own personal style in life before trying to create a movie or advertisement.

Choose your theme and content

how do you do video marketing

Choosing your video marketing topic is like choosing what color shirt to wear with your jeans- you want to know if it goes with everything! If you have never done any videos before, start small and do something simple that can be modified or extended upon.

Finding your niche video market depends on two things: finding an interesting topic you are passionate about and creating engaging content for those who will watch it.

If you’re not sure where to begin, try making a short YouTube clip using someone else’s material. Create your own unique version of it to test your style and influence.

Your personality comes through in the way you present yourself, talk, laugh, and touch on important issues, so make sure to showcase these qualities in your videos. What makes you feel good about yourself? Invest time into developing this talent.

And don’t forget to keep posting quality videos – better than just throwing together some clips with no plan.

Produce great quality content

how do you do video marketing

Most people start doing video marketing by making YouTube videos or posting Snapchat stories. While creating entertaining, engaging videos is a starting point of any successful business person, it will not set you apart from others.

The way to succeed in video marketing is producing high-quality content that teaches something new or expands on something other people have already said. Your followers and customers will give you credit for investing time in educating them while at the same time promoting your product or service.

Content doesn’t need to be long to make an impact. Some people begin their day with a short message telling themselves how they are going to take good care of themselves and then stick a “Good Morning” clip into their smartphone camera recording themselves eating breakfast.

There’s no reason why more complicated content can’t be shorter than two minutes and there’s plenty you can do to develop this skill if you don’t yet.

Create engaging videos

how do you do video marketing

The second way to do video marketing is to create your own content. This can be done through creating a YouTube channel, filming a short film or making a live stream on Instagram or Facebook.

You could also produce a podcast or talk show! All of these require you to make yourself available to upload recordings frequently and put in time to prepare your content.

But don’t worry, it all comes down to producing quality material that people will want to listen to or watch. Creating videos that appeal to your target audience is the key to success.

Running a livestream requires less preparation than filming a movie but still needs adequate equipment as well as an internet connection. As long as you are comfortable with using media tools like Youtube, then this is not a big deal.

Producing a podcast takes more effort than other types of online content if you are not familiar with recording software yet. But once you get the hang of it, it does not take too much longer.

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Most importantly, your audience does not matter. If you are passionate about what you are putting out there, then people will follow you and connect with you. Your followers will give you feedback which helps improve your videos for next time.

Your peers may even start their own business via watching your videos or being inspired by you. It is never too early to begin preparing your business launch.

Distribute your videos

how do you do video marketing

Starting at the end of this article, you will learn how to do video marketing! While some may consider doing video marketing easy, it is not. It takes time to develop your talent as a social media influencer, content creator or filmmaker.

To be successful, you must know what tools are needed to produce engaging, entertaining videos that appeal to your audience.

And don’t assume everyone has access to those resources. If you want to spread your message and inspire action, you’ll need to make sure you include access for all levels.

That means investing in the equipment and software necessary to create your videos, as well as providing them for free so people can try out the tool before buying (or even using) it professionally.

But beyond the technical stuff, there are two other important things to consider when thinking about how to do video marketing…

1. Create quality content

This sounds very basic, but I see too many marketers who are trying to get YouTube views by creating mediocre junk-value videos.

Their aim is simply to make money from advertising, rather than giving their followers/viewers something valuable they can take away from the video.


Producing low quality content comes across as fake or disingenuous – leaving viewers feeling cheated. At best, it leaves people confused and discouraged; at worst, it makes them angry.

Connect with your audience

how do you do video marketing

The second way to do video marketing is by creating helpful, educational videos that appeal to your audience. Your potential customers will watch you use your skills or products- they’ll want to learn from you!

By adding short, informative videos to your YouTube channel, you can create an online presence that people will admire.

Your followers will look up your videos and read your comments – it becomes another place for them to connect with you.

They may even start talking about your business like a friend would, so be careful who you share your secrets with!

If someone asks you how to do something related to your business, drop what you are doing and give your best tips. It’s worth it because you’re being paid to teach others!

And don’t forget, you can still add some style to your videos. Use color theory, play around with shapes, include decorations and trims – all of these things contribute to making your videos more attractive.

Offer a service

how do you do video marketing

One of the most popular types of online content is video. People love watching videos! There are many reasons why, but perhaps the biggest one is that they offer an interactive experience.

You can add voiceovers to make your videos more interesting and engaging. And while it may sound cliché, people really do enjoy listening to their own voice. Fun fact: Yours sounds pretty good too!

By offering other services or products through the channel you create for yourself, you increase exposure which could lead to more traffic and business.

Running a YouTube channel is not as difficult as some might think. There are plenty of free tools out there that help you manage your channel, produce content, and promote what you sell.

Most importantly, there are ways to earn money from your channel! We will go over all these tips in this article.

Measure your results

how do you do video marketing

A lot of people talk about video marketing, but few actually do it. People say they’ll start filming this week, then nothing ever happens. Or they launch a YouTube channel with no videos!

If you want to see true success with video, you have to be willing to measure what is working and make changes to improve upon that.

You can’t just speak about doing things without any proof that it works or that it doesn’t work.

Start by looking at metrics such as how many views your videos get, comments left and received, shares on social media sites, etc. Then, compare these numbers to past months to determine if there has been growth in engagement.

It may take some time for the trends to become clear, but once you have, make an effort to test different strategies based on those benchmarks.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.