Recent technological advances have us constantly thinking about how to integrate them into our daily lives. From smartphone apps that help manage your day, to self-driving cars, to robotic assistants who can talk and interact with you, technology is moving at a lightning speed.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of these new innovations, though. What changes do I make to my job because someone told me they are needed for success?

And what if this innovation threatens my current career or position? Will I be let go because of it? Or will I use it as leverage to improve my own employment status?

We live in an era where anyone with a smart phone has access to powerful information. People have conversations with each other via text message, chat applications, and even voice calls made through Google Duo or Facebook Messenger.

In fact, according as one source mentioned, 90% of people under the age of 30 uses some type of media (phone, computer, tablet, etc.) to search for, read, listen to, and/or watch something digital every single week!

This overabundance of accessible knowledge is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, we enjoy having so much content available to us at any given time. On the other hand, we feel like there is always something we need to learn or master next.

As human beings, we crave understanding more than anything else.

Technologies improve quality of life

how do technological advances influence us

Recent technological advancements have improved our lives in ways that we often take for granted. You can find any number of examples of this throughout the world.

From food production to transportation, medical treatments and diagnostics, the way we live has advanced due to technology.

These advances not only help us survive longer, but they also increase our overall happiness by giving us more time to focus on other things.

We’ve already mentioned some benefits of new tech here, so let’s look at several others!

Healthy living is made easier with the use of gadgets and gizmos. Medical professionals are using them to diagnose and treat conditions, and you can too.

Here are five reasons why recent technological developments make you healthier than ever before.

5 Reasons Why Emerging Technology Is For Your Health

Now that you have all of those snacks under control, read on to learn about how emerging technologies can boost your health and wellness.

You’ll want to be sure to add these tools to your collection if you’d like to see true changes in your fitness and nutritional routines. Here are 5 top reasons why.

Reason #1: Diagnosing Conditions More Accurately

Trace minerals such as zinc, iron, magnesium, and copper play an important role in nearly every body process.

Technologies make us more efficient

how do technological advances influence us

Recent technological advances are making our lives less labor intensive, which is what we as humans require to live. Technology has made our daily tasks easier, so we have extra time for things that matter to us.

For example, technology makes it easy to complete work quickly because of rapid prototyping and software that does most of the heavy lifting for you. This cuts down on human resources needed to produce your desired product or service.

Engineers use computer-aided design (CAD) tools to create prototypes faster, thus reducing production costs. And since much of the work is done for you, you do not need highly skilled professionals to operate them.

We’ve all heard stories about someone who barely knows how to use Microsoft Office and yet earns a good living using their skills in designing documents. Due to the availability of online editing services like Canva and Google Docs, even users without formal training can now edit and publish designs easily.

Technologies make us more comfortable

how do technological advances influence us

We become less uncomfortable with technology as time goes by. Technology makes life easier, smoother, more efficient.

We spend most of our lives in front of screens, so we develop ways to adjust, adapt, and get along with that format.

This includes learning how to manage your phone calls, messages, emails, and other apps; creating space in your life for social media, email, and messaging; and figuring out which tools are worth investing energy in and which you can do without.

On top of that, tech companies create products that feel intuitive and easy to use, which helps contribute to this trend.

They design software and services that feature features and functions that have already been perfected by before. This cuts down on potential confusion or need to research what parts of the product exist and work.

Overall, technologies give us an increasingly comfortable existence.

Technologies make us more creative

how do technological advances influence us

Recent developments in technology have given rise to a phenomenon known as ‘tech-savvy’ or, simply, technologists. People who are now considered tech savvy use advanced technologies for productivity and creativity.

Designers and art enthusiasts increasingly rely on software such as Photoshop and Sketch to achieve perfection in their craft. Technology has also allowed for new mediums that were once limited to the very few – like graphic novels!

Writers and artists alike have access to vast resources of free content through blogs, sharing websites and social media sites. Starting from scratch is quite common due to this accessible information.

This isn’t always helpful, though. Some say that over exposure to too much information can distract you from what really matters.

Overall, I believe we’re just becoming more educated about technology. It’s giving off positive vibes that influence people in productive ways.

Technologies allow us to be more self-reflective

how do technological advances influence us

Recent technological advances have given rise to an increasing amount of data about ourselves. Online profiles, chat logs, social media postings, and other digital traces help us understand who we are as people.

This is different from simply having access to information about yourself that you keep in your head or write down in diaries. It’s using technology to externalize these concepts so that they can be observed, analyzed, and integrated into ideas about oneself.

We use this information to identify things like personality traits, motivations, and emotional states, which then influence how we behave.

Furthermore, advanced technologies make it possible to observe and quantify our behaviors and reactions in real time. This allows for early identification and intervention to prevent bad decisions or actions.

Technologies allow us to be more social

how do technological advances influence us

Recent developments in technology have given rise to what some call “social media” or, simply put, platforms that let you connect with people and share information about yourself and the world around you.

These technologies make it easy to keep in touch, exchange knowledge and experiences, and stay connected to loved ones. They also give you an avenue to express your thoughts and feelings and create conversations that matter to you.

And we are spending less time alone than ever before. A study conducted by Harvard University found that we now spend half of our time online (an average of eight hours per day) and half of this time engaged in something other than work-related activities.

More than one third of all working adults use digital tools for work outside of office hours. For example, they might check email at night, look up info for projects during off times, or upload documents from home.

Furthermore, nearly three quarters of workers feel that using technology has made them closer to their colleagues, while over two thirds say it has helped them maintain relationships with family members back home.

Technologies allow us to explore our dreams

how do technological advances influence us

We’ve already seen how advances in communication technology have empowered people to stay connected, but what about exploring other dreams? Technology has given you access to virtually any idea or concept you want to exist. You can create them online and then make them a reality.

Online platforms like YouTube give anyone with an idea the opportunity to show it to the world and get feedback. All it takes is someone believing in your talent to help you hone it and launch yourself!

There are many ways to use this power for good. What if we used that energy to bring back the lost art of sewing? Or to strengthen communities by encouraging more social interaction through chat apps? Or to create new skills that could pay off in the future?

These are just some examples of how technologies enable us to pursue our dreams.

We should embrace technological advances

how do technological advances influence us

Recent developments are making our lives easier in ways that we never imagined. Technology is moving at a breakneck speed, leaving us with no choice but to either get out of its way or be overwhelmed by it.

At times, these new technologies seem almost magical, creating seamless experiences that enhance our daily life. For example, you can now order groceries online and have them delivered directly to your home!

Other technology makes us feel more connected. The ability to stay connected via mobile phone has become integral to modern day living. People once relied on landlines for communication, but today everyone seems to have their own smartphone with them everywhere they go.

Still other advancements improve upon basics like communicating and searching for information. Computers made sense before smartphones, but now there’s hardly ever a time when one isn’t available.

The important thing to remember about all this technology is that it was designed to make our lives better. Just as cars were not meant to veer off roads and planes were not intended to plummet from the sky, many of these advanced tools were not created to do things that hurt people or property.

However, this doesn’t mean we must praise the innovations every time they appear. In fact, there are times when these newer technologies are what cause the problems. When used improperly or without appropriate caution, technology can easily interfere with others’ live… and theirs is often less fortunate than yours.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.