A marketing video is a way to convey your company’s message and what you offer to your audience. It can be for any number of things, but most importantly it will help promote engagement!

Engagement is one of the biggest benefits of having a business online. People enjoy engaging with others so why not use this tool to promote yours?

By creating videos that are well done, you increase the chance people will want to see your content, read your posts, follow you, etc. And if they feel connected to you, then they may purchase or at least try out what you have to offer!

There are several ways to start developing your YouTube channel, so we will go over some tips here. These include filming, editing, investing in needed equipment, and more.

Make a list of topics that would make sense

how do i start a marketing video

Starting with an introductions, your next step is to choose a genre or topic for your video. This will determine how you structure the rest of the video!

You can use our quick tips below to help you pick your niche and get started quickly. But first, what is the difference between marketing videos and promotional videos?

That’s a great question! A promotional video is usually shorter than one full week or even a few days. They are typically focused on products or services so they try to keep the content short and sweet.

Whereas a marketing video is slightly longer (a few minutes long) and not necessarily about a product or service, instead it should be designed to promote your business and brand.

Your marketing video could include talk about your company, its products, or just a general message related to your field.

Narrow down your list of topics to 1-2

how do i start a marketing video

A few years ago, if you were able to make a marketing video that had some music in it, people would praise you for your creativity and storytelling skills.

Now, with the explosion of digital media, we have YouTube, where anyone can create a video and put it up online. It’s not only easy to produce a video, but it’s also free!

That being said, creating a quality video is not as simple as filming something and putting it up. When investing time into making a video, there are things needed to be considered.

Many of these things have nothing to do with you as an individual, but everything about how videos work – they are stories told through pictures. Therefore, knowing what angles to use, what messages to convey, and how to organize all of this information is important.

Research your topic

how do i start a marketing video

Starting with a good topic is important, but so is doing adequate research. You do not want to start filming without knowing what you are talking about!

Before recording your video, you will need to determine if your idea has been done before. If it has, great! But even if it has, that does not mean people have filmed it or published it online for everyone to see.

Your material can be copied and reused, just make sure you give appropriate credit to where it came from.

Running a small business means there’s always something to keep you busy! If you feel like you’re running out of ideas, try looking through YouTube videos related to your field. You may find some tips and tricks that have never been seen before.

Find a good location

how do i start a marketing video

Before you start filming, you will need to find a decent location for your video. You do not have to use it for business, just make sure you like the setting.

It is best to pick a place that feels natural to you. Make sure there are no distractions such as other people or objects coming in from outside.

Keep an eye out on potential locations by going during different times of day and at various distances. If possible, try walking up and down the street to see if there is any clear window viewings.

Plan your shot list

Starting to create videos is not difficult, but it does require some planning. Before you start filming, you need to have a plan for what you will be creating your video about and how you will structure the content.

You should also know who your target audience is and whether or not they are familiar with your business. If yes, then your message can be about more general things, like marketing strategies or tips, if no then perhaps something related to their profession could work better?

After having this preparation done, you can begin setting up all of your equipment and getting ready. Then, you can focus on writing and editing your video!

Planning out your video and doing research to see what works for your competition is very important next step in production.

Prepare your promotional materials

how do i start a marketing video

After you have done some research, gathered your supplies and prepared your space, it is time to start filming!

Start by picking an interesting location or setting up in a place that feels comfortable for you. Many people begin with their house since it is usually where most of them spend their days, but you can do this outside or in a room assigned as your own.

After you have found your initial location, then it is time to prepare yourself. Make sure your look is polished and put together. You want to feel relaxed, natural and confident while recording.

Running a video marketing campaign takes time so be patient and persistent! Keep posting videos every week and eventually your channel will grow and get more attention.

Dress the part

how do i start a marketing video

Starting to create videos is not for the faint of heart or those who are nervous about filming in front of people. If you’re more than comfortable editing your own pictures, creating engaging footage can be even easier if you’re already doing it as a job!

Films have stories that audiences relate to, so why should marketing videos be any different? What sets great marketing videos apart from just plain advertisements is their element of storytelling. Your audience will want to watch longer films if they feel involved in the story.

To tell your tale, you’ll need to dress the part and prepare ahead of time. Don’t come dressed like someone who could take night classes at a community college – invest in some decent clothes and do research to know what looks good and is believable as you for your intended use case.

Also, don’t overdo it with special effects and flashy graphics – keep it natural and simple unless you’ve got professional level equipment. Rely on using products yourself to achieve the look you want instead of paying too much for fake ones.

Practice marketing videos

how do i start a marketing video

Starting to create your own video advertisements is not for the inexperienced. If you are very comfortable with creating pictures and videos, then start trying your hand at it!

There are many free resources available to anyone who wants to try their hand at making a campaign or promotional video. Many of these sites offer easy tools to get started, and some even have paid versions that can be accessed by pro users.

Some of the more well-known free tool providers include YouTube, TikTok, Blumerator, and Storyline. There are so many different apps and platforms like these, there’s one sure to fit any need.

In addition to giving you the opportunity to make your first video, most offer beginner level help in improving your video content and SEO strategies.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.