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As a man, we are conditioned to think that all we need to do is be strong and defend our woman.

That is wrong.

First and foremost, your girlfriend does not owe you her time.

As a matter of fact, she owes you nothing.

Do you know how many girlfriends stay in relationships with guys who neglect and disrespect them?

Young stylish woman on the beach Pandawa, tropical and magic island of Bali, Indonesia.

It’s a big number.

When we first start dating we tend to think that the person we are dating is going to do everything for us.

That is not true.

Now don’t get me wrong, we all need a girl or a woman that loves and cares for us but we should not be saying the word “love” and expecting it to be a four-letter word.

A girl should not be expecting her boyfriend to do everything for her.

I know that you know she shouldn’t but if it feels good, it feels good.

We men often have a problem with this.

We expect the woman we are dating to do everything for us.

We should not expect anything from her, not even sex if she doesn’t think she needs us or she does not want to spend any time with us.

A woman should be telling you that she wants to spend time with you and spending time with you

That is the only way she will know if you are what she wants in a man.

The same goes for your family.

You are a man.

You do need to spend time with your family.

As a matter of fact, you should probably spend most of your time with them.

One of the big issues with guys and time is that we overindulge and do all the fun stuff.

We go out to the bars and go out dancing.

The result is when we get home we have a headache.

Do you want to have a headache?

Take out the trash or take out the dog poop.

What you do not want to do is make your life complicated by overindulging

Gearing up for a phenomenal sunset.

Some of us are in relationships where we want to show our girlfriend and her family and friends that we can drink all night long and not get drunk.

That is not a healthy thing.

I understand that in the past you may have had a time when you were responsible and never had a hangover.

I also understand that you want to show your girlfriend and her family and friends that you are not a true man if you do not drink.

I know because I’ve been in that same situation.

How many guys have you ever seen at a bar and had six shots or eight shots and they are not drunk?

The answer is very few.

Guys have no business getting drunk at the bar.

That is not how you impress a woman.

Many men do this but they are not winning a women’s heart because they are blowing everything in their life with alcohol.

The problem is we men are weak and we tend to think we need to drink to show the world we are manly.

No, you don’t need to drink to show your girlfriend you are manly.

Show her you are manly with actions not with drinking

I would rather have a man that is clean and sober and does things to take care of his family and other responsibilities.

A man that drinks is a man that does not take care of his responsibilities and that is not a true man.

Many times women push the drinking thing on the man.

I am not talking about drinking here but when we go out to the bar, the women force us to buy them drinks.

You don’t have to buy the woman a drink, but if she gets a drink on her own, do not turn your head and be like “let me get you a drink.”

Show some respect for yourself and the woman you are dating

Women love to drink but they also love a guy who takes care of them.

So I will talk about ways a man can take care of the woman he is dating without being a beer pong star.

When a woman is in love, she wants a man who will go to the movies, take her dancing, to dinner, or a nice dinner, or to a fun day in the park with a picnic.

A man can do all these things.

The problem is that guys are too selfish and think they do not want to do these things.


A man has got to do what a man has got to do.

A man does not have to go out and buy a woman expensive gifts.

We are not into material things.

We just want to have a woman that we enjoy being around.

A man’s job is to make you feel like a woman and make you feel loved.

Show her you love her by taking care of her.

Men have to learn to go beyond their self-interest.

The next thing is to cook for her

Hanukkah meal on dinner table

Women love to eat.

If you show her that you love to cook and have the time to do so, she will feel loved and have a man that takes care of her.

If you show her that you love to cook for her, show her that you love her with her favorite meal.

I will talk about how to cook this once I get into the areas of being romantic, but I want to get into this before I talk about how to fix up a car.

You can learn how to cook and to get good with a grill.
This shows her that you are taking care of her and being thoughtful.

For example, my family gets together with my brothers and my dad, and all cook food for the same thing.

The rule is to only cook what the lady wants.

Cook for her so that she will have a good time.

I know some guys think the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach, but that is the way to a woman’s mouth.

If you are a man that has a good mouth and can cook she will be more likely to date you because you have to be a good guy and treat her well.