Disney is reportedly more interested in the so-called Web3 than ever before, and the company is trying to employ a corporate attorney with experience in “emerging technologies” and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The job post was posted on Disney’s official jobs website on Friday. A hybrid approach is being offered for the post of “Principal Counsel – Corporate Transactions, Emerging Technologies & NFTs,” which means the individual will have to spend some time in Disney’s physical offices but also have the option of working remotely.

The duties of this new role being created by Disney include offering guidance on the “full product life cycle” and assistance for the organization’s international NFT products. The attorney will also need to ensure that Disney’s NFTs abide with local, national, and international regulations.

Performing proper due diligence on the platforms, blockchains, and other third-party providers that the business will use for the development and distribution of its digital assets will be another important task for Disney’s NFT lawyer.

A minimum of five years of expertise in jobs involving complicated business transactions and prior employment with a global law firm are requirements set out by Disney. Additionally, any prior experience dealing with assets and solutions connected to web3 is seen as an advantage.

Disney has already made a name for itself in the Web 3 market

This role could be a sign that Disney is prepared to take its strategy and presence in the web3 arena more seriously. The company posted job openings in February of this year for other web3-related posts, such as “Culture Trend Marketing Manager” and “Sales and Digital Market Director.”

Since the debut of digital collectibles on VeVe, an app-based marketplace for high-end digital assets, the firm has been quietly making its impact in the industry.

The “Golden Moments” unique collection, which included the NFT known as the “Partners Statue,” which showed a golden statue of the adored company’s creator, Walt Disney, holding hands with Mickey Mouse, has so far been sold by Disney.

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This NFT was only produced in 4,333 editions, and in November 2021, they were accessible on VeVe. Disney+ offered a complimentary 12-month membership to anyone who purchased the NFT. In addition, well-known digital artists have produced a number of NFT collections for Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel.

According to reports, Disney is also exploring the metaverse’s vast array of opportunities for its theme parks sector, including the development of a virtual experience for those who would like to visit these renowned destinations without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

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The corporation made a big effort to show its interest in this emerging market by filing a patent for a virtual world simulator last year. The patent said that Disney has “no current plans” to create any goods or services using this intellectual property, yet things seem to be moving in that direction.

Mike White is appointed head of Disney’s digital initiatives

Disney named Mike White as its Vice President for “Next Generation Storytelling and Consumer Experiences” in February of this year. Bob Chapek, the company’s CEO, was replaced by White to lead the company’s web3-related activities.

However, Chapek said in a message, “Mike will build our overarching vision and strategy for the consumer experience across these new narrative worlds. The storytelling that will characterize our metaverse presence will of course come from our creative teams.

“Mike will quickly put together a structure and put processes in place to prioritize and allocate resources, explore partnerships, and facilitate knowledge sharing,” he said.

White has reportedly been employed by Disney for 11 years following almost 10 years at Yahoo, where he held a variety of tech-related responsibilities. Soon after that, he started working for the Apollo Group, which is the parent business of a number of private colleges and other institutions of higher learning.

Thanks to Alejandro Arrieche at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story

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