Simply put, the right brain is the creative side of the brain, which is also called intuition and creativity.

Thinking that the left brain is smarter and more logical, and the right brain is for logic and reason, is simply not true.

While the right brain is more subtle and shows up at times, even behind the scenes, when it does show up, it is almost always worth listening to.

The left brain is the big picture thinker, which is actually just part of the right brain

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In fact, creativity and intuitive thought are the common denominators among both the left and right sides of the brain.

You have heard of people that “see things differently,” which are typically right-brain thinkers.

Just as an example, you can see a person take off running, or a wall that is a giant maze, but you have to think about it a little before it registers in your mind.

If you were to read about it, it might make sense, but chances are you would be thinking “There is no way that is possible,” or “It can’t be that simple.”

So, the difference is, the right brain thinker is more in tune with the workings of the brain and can make sense of things the left brain cannot explain.

Because the right brain is more intuitive, it is why right-brain thinkers are often perceived as being creative and innovative.

But at the same time, they are also more logical and practical in their decisions.

They are creative and innovative in that they can look at a situation and think outside the box, but can see things that others may not see.

Creative and innovative in their thinking is not a curse, but a blessing

It is the quality that many aspire to have, and try to develop, but are usually not able to.

I am constantly amazed at the individuals that I work with that have this quality but are often seen as being more “out there” than most.

They are usually the ones that most can not understand, as they seem to understand things that others cannot.

Unfortunately, this quality is not as commonly developed in most people, and so it is often unseen by most.

Another quality that is possessed by many right-brain thinkers, is their ability to look at a problem from several different perspectives.

Often, because right-brain thinkers think more logically and abstractly, they can look at a problem from several different directions and can come up with several different options, before making a decision.

This is very different from people who tend to only think about the problem from the point of view of their own viewpoint.

If you are right-brain thinkers, you have probably thought about this issue and all of the angles that it has to offer, and have looked at it from all of these perspectives.

Again, this is something that many people cannot do.

What are creativity and intuition, and how can you develop them?

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To become a creative and intuitive thinker, you have to start doing the things that make you creative and intuitive in the first place.

By doing things that make you feel creative and intuitive, you are already growing your right brain.

Below is a quote from Carl Jung:

I am a creative, intuitive, and thinking human being.

Even if you are not, you can still become creative and intuitive, and start to develop your right brain.

The most creative people I know are not necessarily the best thinkers or communicators, they are simply people who are in tune with the idea that is inside of them, and can express it in whatever way they feel is appropriate.

We have to start practicing the things that make us feel creative and intuitive to develop them.

The things that make us feel creative and intuitive, can be anything, and oftentimes they are things that are not “reality-based.”

But you can develop them anyway.

That is the idea behind the things I have covered so far in this post.

By putting the effort into practicing, it will allow you to see the potential in yourself, to see the part of you that is not yet fully developed.

These people are most likely right-brain thinkers.

This is a term that was originally used to describe creative thinkers, because of the emphasis on the creative aspect of their thought processes.

Since right-brain thinkers do not have the same amount of control as left-brain thinkers, often their thoughts are not completely rational.

The left brain deals with reason, facts, and a scientific way of thinking

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It is a logical process, and therefore, logical thinking is the foundation of it.

It also requires logic and knowledge to form an opinion and evaluate a situation.

I personally think that it is still true to some extent, but there is a large difference between the two.

Right brain thinkers often have a non – logical foundation.

They are based on intuition and thought processes that often stray from reality, which is why they are sometimes referred to as being not so logical.

These people often have not been well trained in logic and reasoning, and they tend to experience life through different lenses than other people do.

They often feel like they are in another world, and are not caught up in the linear mindset of reality.

These people can be on the other side of the spectrum and think that they are rational thinkers because they use logic and reason, but this is usually just their comfort zone.