The rise of the counterculture in the 1960s meant that a new crop of hippies came out of the closet.

Though these people might have been considered second-class citizens before their presence made it difficult for them to find jobs, they certainly made up for it.

The jobs mentioned below are in no particular order.

Best jobs for hippies

Information technology specialist

Hippies love to learn, so it comes as no surprise that they’d love the computer and information technology field.

It’s the world’s fastest-growing and most rapidly-expanding industry.

About 12% of all jobs in the U.S. are in this sector.

Jobs in the field include network administrator, data center specialist, database administrator, network administration, technical support, network applications, software system design and development, and system security analyst.

Other creative jobs

Hippies don’t just love learning. They also love making things and can find great satisfaction in crafting.

For example, there are knitting, weaving, embroidery, and other crafting jobs, as well as writing, illustration, and computer programming.

Graphic design

Hippies want to look good, so they’d probably make great designers.

Of course, being a graphic artist doesn’t necessarily mean you have to specialize in graphic design.

A graphic design job could just mean that you are a master of graphic design.

Graphic designers do a wide variety of jobs, including art direction, copywriting, and photo editing.


Perhaps most surprisingly, hippies are great videographers.

It seems like videographers are getting a bad rep these days, but most vloggers enjoy doing it for the adrenaline rush of making a video and the satisfaction of watching it go viral.

Games designer

Games are a great way to engage people with learning and fun.

People love playing games, so it’s no surprise that computer programmers create games.

Games designers create and maintain online games or work on video games.

There’s nothing wrong with being a graphic designer in the world of hippies. If you want to have fun and you have an artistic flair, you can become a graphic designer and help hippies become more marketable.


Perhaps the most surprising thing about hippies is that they love real estate.

It’s obvious to everyone that hippies love to travel, but, surprisingly, they’d want to become real estate agents.

Hippies indeed love to travel, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also like staying in one place for a while.

Architecture and exterior construction

Working for Charity Organizations

Many hippies have a love for architecture, and they might consider working as an architect, interior designer, or structural engineer.

Antique and exotic dolls

Hippies have an interest in collecting things, so it’s not a huge surprise that they’d also have an interest in buying and selling antique and exotic dolls.

Costume designer

Hippies are always up for a good party, so it’s not surprising that they’d like to work on a costume design team.

Costume designers might work with producers, directors, writers, and actors to come up with innovative costumes for an upcoming movie.


A lot of hippies like animals and would make great veterinarians.

Human resources manager

Hippies are likely to be into helping others and to enjoy interacting with them.

This would make them great human resources managers.


Typography is a big part of the design world.

Typographers are the people who create typefaces.


Because hippies are usually interested in living in places near the water, it would make sense that they’d enjoy building boats.

If you like to be on the water, you might be good at building boats.


Hippies are usually interested in learning and teaching others.

They also have an interest in psychology, spirituality, and possibly art. If you like to teach others, you may be good at being a speaker.

Culinary arts

Hippies love good food.

Maybe they would like to be cooks or bakers? It’s hard to say.

Graphic designer and art director

Hippies usually love having a good time.

So it’s not surprising that they’d be into doing graphic design, art direction, copywriting, and photo editing.


Hippies have a passion for art.

They’d probably enjoy learning how to take photos.


Hippies love to play and create.

They would probably be interested in making some animation.


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Hippies love to express themselves through art.

They would also probably enjoy working with illustrators or making some comics.

Tour guide

Hippies are often interested in discovering and telling stories about their local area. This would make sense if they would consider becoming a tour guide.

Bakery owner

Hippies like to have fun.

They would enjoy starting and running a bakery.


Hippies like to express themselves through style.

If they could design their own house, that would probably make them pretty happy.

Postal worker

Hippies have an appreciation for all aspects of society.

This would also make sense if they would consider being a postal worker.