As we mentioned before, video is one of the most engaging mediums. Businesses are now creating more content using YouTube as a way to connect with others and grow their audience.

But how do you use this powerful tool for your business? Here at The VidZone, we have compiled some tips and tricks to help you begin creating effective videos with a purpose.

This article will focus on helping you create an educational video that engages your viewers while also offering value. It will talk about different types of videos and what makes them work or fail, along with strategies and exercises to apply it to your own business.

To make the best use of these concepts, remember three things: know your product, know yourself, and be clear.

Develop a marketing plan based on the following topics

b2b video marketing strategy

Creating engaging videos is not a one-time event. You will need to repeat this process over and over again, potentially in different formats, media, and markets.

That’s why it is important to have a video marketing strategy that keeps reoccurring. By doing this at the same time of day, every week, you’ll be keeping up with your game!

Your marketing strategies should be linked together for success. For example, if your main focus is social media engagement, then developing an SEO optimized website or increasing online follower numbers on social channels are going to help you achieve that goal.

You can’t just jump into making YouTube videos without having a way to get more traffic to them. So linking all these ideas together under one umbrella is efficient.

What about content? A lot of people start writing blogs but don’t do anything else to promote them. Having a separate department that creates content for you will take away some of the stress.

Create a marketing plan based on gaining customer awareness

b2b video marketing strategy

A strong video marketing strategy is not about having a lot of videos, it’s not even necessarily about making lots of different types of videos, but rather creating more content that people are willing to watch.

By this we mean content that people are seeking out via search or social media, product related videos for your business’s site or competitor sites, how-to, event coverage, etc.

Your job as the marketer is to create value for your audience by producing and curating interesting, informative content.

Create a marketing plan based on selling to your audience

b2b video marketing strategy

So how do you use video to sell? That’s what most people get wrong. You don’t need a big, flashy video with dramatic music and voiceovers; that kind of video is boring!

Instead, pick an area where your audience is already spending time online, and add some value to it. Produce a short, casual video focused on this new content – creating a link between yourself and their daily routine.

Then, invest in good quality filming equipment (keep the budget low) and smart posting strategies to make sure your videos go live at a time when everyone else is also sharing material.

Your potential client will see your video first as others will have created it for you. At that stage they won’t know who you are or what you offer, but there may be one thing they find interesting – the free information you have available.

Create a marketing strategy that focuses on your target market

b2b video marketing strategy

A lot of businesses get too focused on creating engaging content for everyone, which is great, but this can be expensive!

If you want to see results with b2b video marketing, then focus more on educating your potential customers about products and services.

Your audience will or has already heard some things like these so now you have an opportunity to add onto what they know and gain new knowledge for them.

You can do this by producing educational videos or teaching someone else something. This will make your product or service look better because you are adding prestige to it.

Your followers and watchers will admire you for helping others succeed. At the same time, people will view you as an authority in your field due to your expertise.

These individuals may come back to you for help or advice related to your field. You could even start up a business with yourself as the owner.

Develop a marketing campaign based on the following topics

b2b video marketing strategy

Market yourself as an expert or a specialist in your field to gain more business

Running an online business means marketing, and doing it right is important. You will be investing in yourself, your products, and your service, so you want to make sure that you are spending money on things that work!

The first way to do this is by developing your own unique brand or identity. What people say about you is very important, so take time to focus on improving your personal branding.

You can also develop and strengthen your community leadership skills by joining organizations, participating in events, and getting involved in your local area.

Another way to boost your biz image is to start creating content using, editing, and publishing videos. This can be done for your website, YouTube channel, or both!

Last, become familiar with all of the different types of video marketing. Find ways to use each one to promote your company and career.

Create a video marketing schedule

b2b video marketing strategy

After you have done your research, gathered your resources and picked your timing, it is time to actually create your videos!

Start with shooting some test footage or a short introductory clip of your business or product. Take your time to edit and produce your first video very carefully so that it does not hurt instead of helping your image!

After editing your initial piece, it is time to find an online platform where you can share your content. Many companies now offer free accounts or small paid plans for you to use in order to publish posts and upload videos.

By using their service, you get to focus more on doing what you do best- creating content! Some of the most popular sites are YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. You can pick any one of these as your medium and spread your bizness through them.

Narrow down your marketing goals

b2b video marketing strategy

After deciding what kind of content you will create and how you will promote these pieces, it is time to figure out what your main goal for video marketing should be.

Most businesses have multiple purposes they want their company to achieve. They may want more traffic to their site, increased sales, or just general media exposure.

By defining your primary purpose, you can then work from there to determine the rest of the things that need to be done to reach that end state.

For example, if your business’s main goal is to increase website visits, then promoting your products on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook is good next steps.

You can also start creating videos focused on those sites on different topics to get more engagement and attention.

Develop a blog based on the following topics

b2b video marketing strategy

Become familiar with other people’s blogs

Reading through other person’s blogs is one of the best ways to learn how to do business online. Reading their success stories, mistakes they made, and strategies they used to grow their businesses can give you some tips and tricks for your own site.

Many successful bloggers will let others know about new products or services that help them succeed in their craft, so check out those posts!

They may even giveaway their favorite product or service as a way to promote it. An example of this would be Alyssa Milano, who has done several giveaways on her social media pages by using her celebrity status.

By giving away what she loves, she gets attention for it and helps promote the product for the winner.

Blogs are a great place to find such giveaways. You could also create your own by offering a free tool, coupon, or tip related to your field. This could be an essential item like a book or notebook, training material, or device usage tips.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.