As mentioned before, videos are a powerful way to promote your business or product. They can be used for direct sales, marketing strategies, or just because they’re fun!

The key is to use them effectively. That means creating engaging content that people will want to watch.

YouTube is a great place to start gathering audience material. You can create YouTube videos using their software, third-party apps, or through HTML you design yourself.

There are many ways to edit your video once it’s completed. And if you’re more creative, you can make your own videos as well.

This article will go into detail about some of the best b2b vertical video examples online and how you can take what they do and apply it to your business or website.

YouTube is a great platform for b2b video marketing

b2b video marketing examples

With all of the different ways you can use social media to connect with your audience, business videos are some of the best tools in your arsenal. Creating a business video and posting it on YouTube or another site is a powerful way to boost engagement and awareness for your product or service.

Business videos come under their own genre on most sites. This gives users more opportunity to find what content they want to watch.

By creating engaging videos that teach people something new or help them solve an everyday problem, you will draw attention and eventually conversations surrounding your products or services.

That is how you start building relationships with your potential clients.

Tips for creating a video marketing campaign

b2b video marketing examples

Changing up your messaging is one of the key components in successful video marketing. What you say will influence whether or not people watch your videos!

As we mentioned before, making your own content is the best way to use video marketing to promote your business. But what kind of content do you make?

Tip: Be creative! Find ways to convey your message through storytelling, anecdotes, experiences, etc. Write down ideas about products and services that you can incorporate into your videos.

Another tip is to keep it fun! No one wants to watch a funny video where your voice is serious, and vice versa. Pick an area of your business that doesn’t have too much competition and create a recipe book or guide using those products. Or, if your product offers daily discounts, create a quick tips article every day to feature its benefits.

And don’t forget to mix it up! Use different camera angles, focus on different areas of the product, and take breaks for other things like talking about your dog or giving a brief summary of the main topic.

Link your video marketing to your website

b2b video marketing examples

After you have created your YouTube channel, it is time to start creating content! While there are many ways to do this, one of the most effective is linking your channel to your website or eCommerce store.

When someone views a video posted on your channel, they will be directed to your site/store for more information. This is very important as we discussed before how powerful that link can be for your online presence.

By including links to your site in the videos yourself or others create, you increase the chances of people going back to your site to read or purchase something.

This is especially true if the person viewing the video is an internet user who has seen the linked item mentioned before. They may feel compelled to visit your site because you have done so already.

There are two main reasons why having such a link makes sense. First, using media to promote a product or service means setting up a direct connection with your audience, which is a great way to connect with them.

Second, letting your potential clients know about the products or services you offer through your site or other channels gives them exposure, which helps you build your brand.

Focus on content your clients will find informative

A great way to use social media to promote your business is to focus more on creating content you want to watch yourself. Create videos that apply to your niche or field, but that people outside of your industry could look at and learn something from as well.

Your followers and potential customers can’t help but notice the quality content you produce, so make it count by investing time in producing engaging videos.

Start recording short one-on-one conversations with others in your field and see what kind of reactions you get. Then, start incorporating those concepts into other material to create even better content.

Running a YouTube channel is not only a way to advertise for your company, but also a way to inspire and motivate others. Your audience will keep coming back if they perceive that you care about what you are teaching them, and that you will constantly be improving yourself.

Create videos that inspire action

b2b video marketing examples

A video with no features is kind of boring. You might as well not have made one! Thankfully, creating a business video does not require you to make a speech or show your products. There are many great tools available these days for free or very little money that can help you create an effective business video.

Most businesses now have a smartphone they take pictures with. Most people use those photos later for social media postings or to be edited and posted onto YouTube. Why not turn those wasted shots into additional income?

Take some time to look through your existing photographs and edit them to make business videos. Or, if you’re more creative, search for inspiration in themed areas such as nature, food or toys to develop new ideas.

Whatever you pick, make it clear and concise and focused on your product or service. The best way to ensure this is by practicing before filming anything significant.

Tell your story through videos

b2b video marketing examples

A business story is always interesting to hear, but telling it can get boring for the listener. With a business video, you are able to tell your audience “the story” of what you do through action or narration.

Your listeners will enjoy listening as they feel like they are part of the process! Product demonstrations and interviews are great ways to use storytelling with business videos.

By adding stories into your marketing material, you create an engaging experience that people want to see repeated exposure to. Your followers and watchers will eventually connect all these stories together to form a picture of who you are as an entrepreneur and person.

Business stories are important because they give your audience more understanding about you and what you offer. Having interactive content such as videos helps boost engagement and interaction.

Use videos to showcase your products

b2b video marketing examples

A very popular way to use video marketing is to create product demo or how-to videos. This is great for showcasing what you can do with a certain product, whether it be a new smartphone or blender machine.

By creating a clear and concise video that focuses on personable demos of the product or technique, they become more engaging to watch. People love learning about things so this creates an interest in the viewer.

Your audience will also give you higher quality attention compared to people who are distracted by commercials while watching TV, for example.

There are many free resources available to anyone to make their own Product Demo Videos. Many of these have you writing the script and then providing tools and features as decorations.

Encourage viewer participation

b2b video marketing examples

A video that does not include any calls to action or interactive features is a still image with no content. It may be interesting, but it’s not very engaging!

Interactive videos are more compelling than non-interactive ones because they prompt your audience to take some kind of action. You can ask questions, suggest products or services, invite comments or reactions, etc.

This is what makes them different from just plain old advertisements. People enjoy talking about brands, so by incorporating conversation into your marketing material, you open up new possibilities for engagement and interactions.

By adding an interactive feature to your b2b video, you increase its effectiveness. Make sure to consider how best to use this tip in your next business video project.

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